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Frank Bright The Holocaust

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1 Frank Bright The Holocaust
By Paul Le Vine and Michelle Legge

2 The Holocaust The holocaust was an event in WWII that involved the Nazi Germans capturing and killing Jewish men women and children. It Started in 1938 and finished in 1944 and there were about 6 million Jewish people made victim of it

3 The Nazis They were a political group in Germany that came into power in They were lead by Adolf Hitler Their symbol is known as the swastika and their full name is the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.

4 The Camps The march into Auschwitz was never going to be the most warm welcomes but what they did was un-dignifying and wrong. The Jewish men and women were marched into the camp then their heads were shaved and their clothes taken off them. They were then given just a grey dress if you were a woman and grey trousers if you were a man. People who were too sick to survive were thrown in ditches with the dead to die.

5 Revolts Many of the Jews who did revolt did not survive but they still made a huge impact upon the Nazis. In birkenau at one of the four crematoriums the Jewish prisoners there smuggled gunpowder and made little grenades made of metal shoe polish cases.

6 Frank Bright’s Story: the beginning
Frank Bright was born in 1928 and spent his early years in the capital of Germany (Berlin) and both his dad and his uncle fought in the first world war on the German side. But because they were Jewish as soon Adolf Hitler came into power he removed their names from war memorials.

7 Frank Bright’s Story: schooling
But in 1935 Frank began to attend a Jewish school in Berlin but like other Jews could not attend an “Aryan” school witch was just one of the restrictions on the Jews during Hitler's dictatorship. And in 1938 the family moved to Prague and there he attended another Jewish school where all the students had to wear the Jewish star

8 The Jewish star

9 The Jewish star The Jewish star was forced on Jews during the Nazis rule and was used as a form of categorisation of people like branding a cow or marking something so it stands out from everything else.

10 Frank Bright’s Story: Berlin
Frank said that he could remember the Nazi propaganda featuring Jews that were portrayed as being evil and rich to foster hate

11 Frank Bright’s Story: Berlin
He also remembered the amount of segregation like a reserved bench for Jews witch made them feel venerable which was what the Nazis wanted

12 Frank Bright’s Story: Prague
When he moved to Prague he started school there but in 1942 the school was closed and some of his class mates later were sent to Auschwitz or shot.

13 Frank Bright’s Story: The camp
In 1944 Frank and his mum were sent to Auschwitz but later Frank was selected to work at a slave labour camp Frank worked producing aircraft propellers. He was very poorly treated and had very little to eat and few clothes.

14 Map of camps

15 Map of Nazi occupied areas

16 Frank Bright Unlike many Frank Bright survived the war and has been able to spread his story to others

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