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Creative use of space – engaging the community Trevor Payne Director of Estates & Facilities Barts Health NHS trust.

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1 Creative use of space – engaging the community Trevor Payne Director of Estates & Facilities Barts Health NHS trust

2 Barts Health – our sites Royal London Hospital Mile End Hospital Newham University Hospital Whipps Cross University Hospital The London Chest Hospital St Bartholomew’s Hospital Plus four health centres and 69 community health premises

3 Size & Scale £1.6Bn turnover 15,000 staff Largest single PFI investment (£1.3bn) in the NHS Largest Healthcare construction project in Europe Grade 1 listed assets dating back to 1123 We treat more patients than visitors yearly to British Library or Tate Gallery 191,000 KW hrs of power – same as 34,000 standard UK homes Use enough water each year to fill 270 Olympic sized swimming pools 44% of the estate is PFI

4 Age Profile of the Estate 50%+ >30 years 30% built before the creation of the NHS

5 The Estate SiteGIAHectaresBed Nos Bart’s campus142,000m 2 3.46250 Royal London campus247,000m 2 4.88747 London Chest campus17,000m 2 1.61103 Whipps Cross campus90,964m 2 17.86589 Newham campus53,000m 2 10.4452 Mile End campus31,000m 2 3.8764 Various leased properties outside main campus sites >12,500m 2 n/a0 Occupied space with no lease/license in NE London >1,300 m 2 n/a0 578,375m2 across 4 London boroughs: City of London Tower Hamlets Newham Waltham Forest Largest NHS Trust footprint Micro version of the NHS – old & new 280+ buildings 4 Health centres in Tower Hamlets: Spitalfields Health Centre (leasehold) Steel’s Lane Health Centre (freehold) St Peter’s Centre (leasehold) Leopold Street Clinic (leasehold)

6 Poor health and health inequalities in East London have remained relatively persistent Map shows historical poverty mapped by Charles Booth in 1898 Map shows hot spots of areas with high risk of diabetes, known to be linked to deprivation, in 2011

7 Overview of health issues in East London 1 Newham is the 2 nd most deprived borough in England, City and Hackney the 4 th most deprived, Tower Hamlets the 11 th most deprived, Waltham Forest the 15 th most deprived out of 152 in England. 2 At birth 2008 – 2010 3 Rate per 1000 live births 2008 – 2010 4 Per 100,000 population aged 35+ directly age standardised rate 2008 – 2010 5 % of people on GP regulators with a recorded diagnosis of diabetes in 2010/11 6 Crude rate per 100,000 population 2008 – 2010 7 Crude rate per 100,000 population 2011. Chlamydia screening coverage may influence rate IndicatorsNewham Tower Hamlets Waltham Forest England Average Life expectancy (males) 2 76.276.777.478.6 Life expectancy (females) 2 81.181.481.982.6 Infant death 2 Deaths from smoking 4 249300221211 Early deaths: heart disease and stroke 4 1151068667.3 Early deaths: cancer 4 112135114110.1 People diagnosed with diabetes 5 New cases of TB 4 124615015.3 Acute sexually transmitted infections 7 167317431359775 Key: Significantly worse than the England average Not statistically different from the England average Significantly better than the England average Source: Association of Public Health Observations, Health Profile, June 12

8 Sustainable Healthcare? Life expectancy in 1948: Men 66 Women 70 In 1948 NHS spend was 2.4% of GDP Life expectancy in 2009: Men 78 Women 83 In 2009 NHS spend was 9.8% of GDP

9 Future health pressure




13 Six Facet survey Risk register Estate strategy Space Utilisation Models of care Technology Flexibility in design/operation Future proof Know your Estate

14 1885

15 33 Queens Square

16 Teenage Cancer Trust



19 Proton Beam Cyclotron and Gantry Gantry 3 floor metal structure Cyclotron 200 tonnes 1.7 MW energy

20 20

21 Leading By Design - Generative Space Health Design Leadership Space/Environment HealthCulture Generative Space Life Enhancing Systemic Sustainable A place to flourish

22 Future flexibility

23 Links to the community – fuel poverty initiative. London has the highest fuel poverty rates in the UK Tower Hamlets is one of the worst affected areas in the UK with 330 excess winter deaths and a variety of associated health issues. Fuel poverty currently costs the NHS £850m a year through the treatment of winter related diseases caused by cold homes. For every £1 spent on improving the heating in a home the NHS saves £0.42.

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