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Carbon Footprinting Tom Cumberlege Public Sector Manager.

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1 Carbon Footprinting Tom Cumberlege Public Sector Manager

2 Carbon Trust Carbon Footprinting Carbon Management Agenda

3 The Carbon Trust – who are we and what do we do? We are an independent company set up in 2001 under the Government’s Climate Change programme. Our mission is to: Accelerate the move to a low carbon economy by working with business and the public sector to reduce carbon emissions and develop commercial low carbon technologies.

4 331 Public Sector CM partners 215 LAs 48 NHS orgs 68 HEIs

5 Services available to Public Sector Carbon Management Invest to save Carbon Surveys Online Networks Issues exchange forum Business Outreach Support 10 pilots Partnership for Renewables Commercial onsite renewable energy projects (1-10MW) Carbon Trust Enterprises Salix Finance Design Advice Advice for new build and refurb Low Carbon Cities programme CT / EST support to city-wide carbon reduction Energy Tech List Procurement guidance Bespoke support 50:50 funding

6 Carbon Trust Carbon Footprinting Low Carbon Procurement Agenda

7 Global Carbon emissions Source: Worldmapper, SASI Group (University of Sheffield), Mark Newman (University of Michigan) Territory size shows the proportion of carbon dioxide emissions emitted.

8 Carbon Footprints…. The total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual, organisation, event or product

9 GHG Protocol provides the generally accepted approach emissions reporting Emissions Scope Parent Company Subsidiary ASubsidiary C 100% 51%30% Employee air flights + travel Outsourced activities Supply chain Scope 2: Electricity indirect Scope 3: Other indirect Purchased electricity Waste products Ship fleet Gas burner Gas boiler Truck fleet Scope 1: Direct Organisational boundary Subsidiary B GHG Protocol (WRI, WBCSD) approach

10 Carbon emissions through the supply chain Raw materials Distribution Use Disposal Manufacture Primary production to raw material ready for use Purchase of raw materials by manufacturer to finished product Leaving production facility to purchase by consumer Retailing, purchase by consumer through to disposal as waste Disposal, recycling or landfill Production of aluminium Sugar farming & refining Drinks production Packaging Transport from factory Refrigeration Can collection Recycling or disposal of can Supply chain StepsCola example

11 Supply chain emissions reductions

12 Organisational footprinting and product footprinting Supply Chain Organisation UpstreamDownstreamUse, Disposal Product / Service Range Emissions Scope Organisation Footprint Product Footprint

13 Carbon Trust Carbon Footprinting Carbon Management Agenda

14 Buildings energy Business Mileage Scope of the Programme Buildings energy consumption Procurement, Waste Management, Transport, Water, Staff Commuting Local Partnerships with Public Sector Partners, Business &Communities

15 Carbon Management - The process Building the team & determining the scope Setting the baseline and goals Identifying the risks and prioritising the opportunities Designing a cost effective strategy Complete with budgets, targets & success metrics Mobilise the organisation 1 Set baseline, forecast & targets 2 Identify & quantify options 3 Finalise strategy & implementation plan 4 Implement the plan 5

16 LACM Progress to Date… Total - Over 860,000 tCO2 savings identified p a Phase 5 – Over 7000 tCO2 per council p a Total - Over £70M savings identified p a Phase 5 – Over £700k per council p a

17 Top 10 Projects – No surprises 1.) Heating controls & zoning 2.) Lighting upgrade & controls 3.) Voltage optimisation 4.) Server virtualisation / rationalisation 5.) Printer rationalisation 6.) Variable speed drives 7.) Cavity & loft insulation 8.) Waste management & recycling 9.) Fleet management & alternative fuel cars 10.) Procurement policy; equipment & new build Staff engagement campaigns / monitoring

18 Your input….. Project Lead(s) – 2 days a week Director level sponsor Councillor sponsor Chief Exec sign-off Key stakeholder representation Our input…. Technical & change mgt consultancy support Knowledge sharing across a nation-wide programme Ongoing Carbon Trust account management The tools, best practice and mentoring you need to take the pain away


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