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De Lisle Catholic Science College

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1 De Lisle Catholic Science College
KS 3 laboratory Separating mixtures De Lisle Catholic Science College Science department

2 Separating mixtures menu
Virtual laboratory: Separating mixtures menu Dissolving Filtering Evaporating Distillation

3 solute solution solvent
Dissolving model solute Dissolve solute solution solvent

4 Filtering filter paper cloudy liquid filter funnel filtrate (clear)
glass rod filter paper cloudy liquid filter funnel filtrate (clear) Label diagram

5 How does filtering work?
Filtering model How does filtering work? insoluble particles are unable to pass through the tiny holes in the filter paper filter paper Start filtration solvent particles dissolved particles insoluble particles

6 Filtering and dissolving key words
Explanation solid that will not dissolve solid that will dissolve liquid that will dissolve solids liquid with dissolved solid solid that has dissolved clear filtered liquid solution that is ‘full up’ Key words Insoluble Solute Solution Saturated Solvent Filtrate Soluble Insoluble Soluble Solvent Solution Solute Filtrate Saturated

7 Heat Heat Evaporation model
What happens to the dissolved solid particles? dissolved solid gets left behind and forms crystals solvent vapour dissolved particles some solvent particles Heat

8 Distillation using a Leibig condenser
thermometer Add labels 100OC Reading? cooling water jacket steam dissolved solids get left behind What happens to dissolved solids? boiling inky water distillate (pure water) What is in the bubbles? steam

9 Evaporation and distillation key words
Explanation change from a liquid to a gas change from a gas to a liquid an evaporated liquid (a gas) purifying a liquid by first evaporating then condensing a distilled liquid Key words Condense Vapour Distil Distillate Evaporate Evaporate Evaporate Condense Vapour Distil Distillate

10 Fractional distillation
How does fractional distillation work? it can separate a mixture of liquids that have different boiling points the mixture is slowly heated until the liquid with the lowest boiling point starts to boil off from the mixture this liquid is collected by condensing it

11 De Lisle Catholic Science College
KS 3 laboratory De Lisle Catholic Science College Exit Thank you for your visit to our virtual laboratory

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