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Quiz on star life cycle.

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1 Quiz on star life cycle

2 Using the quiz … Click through the quiz to see the questions and answers. Remember it is MUCH better to try to think of the answer, before clicking to read it.

3 1. Name the process which generates energy in a star
Nuclear fusion : light atoms joining together to make heavier atoms Answer

4 2. Which two elements are involved in nuclear fusion in a star?
Hydrogen and helium Answer Next question

5 3. What force prevents a star blowing apart for most of its life?
Gravity – this is an attracting force acting on all the material of the star Answer Next question

6 4. In simple terms, why must a star eventually "die "?
It will use up most of its hydrogen (this makes it lighter so there is not enough gravity to keep the gases together) Answer Next question

7 5. A dying star starts to swell up
5. A dying star starts to swell up. What is the name given to a swollen star? A red giant Answer Next question

8 6. Some stars collapse again and then explode
6. Some stars collapse again and then explode. What is the name given to an exploding star? A supernova Answer Next question

9 7. What is left after a red giant has expanded and cooled completely?
A white dwarf Answer Next question

10 8. What is left at the centre of a supernova explosion?
A neutron star – or possibly a black hole Answer Next question

11 9. What is left around the site of a supernova explosion?
A nebula ( a "cloud" of gases) Answer Next question

12 10. What might happen next to the gases making up a nebula?
They can be drawn in by gravity and start a new star Answer Next question

13 11. Where did all the elements which make up the people on Earth come from ?
Elements are only made by a series of nuclear fusion events in a star, they spread across the Universe after supernova explosions . So all the atoms in you have been through a supernova explosion! Answer Next question

14 12. Will our Sun become a red giant or a supernova?
A red giant : only a very large star can turn into a supernova, the Sun is a medium-sized star Answer Next slide

15 That was the last question. I hope you got all the answers correct !
Try again Exit quiz

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