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By Kaviyanjali Rasalingam 2P

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2 By Kaviyanjali Rasalingam 2P
Facts on Foxes By Kaviyanjali Rasalingam 2P

3 Foxes usually hunt on their own.

4 Foxes have very sharp teeth.

5 There are 12 tipes of foxes in the wold.

6 Foxes are nocturnal.

7 Facts on Badgers Slide 2

8 Badgers are usually found in Asia and Europe.

9 Badgers legs are 5 inches long.

10 In Asia Badgers have longer noses than the UK’s Badgers.

11 Badgers eat Hedgehogs and snakes.

12 Facts on Hedgehogs Slide 3

13 Hedgehogs are omnivores, which means they eat meat and plants.

14 Hedgehogs have spikes on their backs to protect themselves.

15 Hedgehogs are not picky eaters, they eat: worms, snakes, frogs, lizards, insects, flowers, milk and leaves.

16 Thank you for watching my slide show I hope you enjoyed it!

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