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Videography Principles, Techniques and Conventions

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1 Videography Principles, Techniques and Conventions

2 Framing & Composition Framing is where you position objects of interest.

3 Rule of Thirds Look to frame points of interest at the points of intersection

4 Rule of thirds Watch the video -

5 Although sometimes you may want to frame in the center!
Lines of Travel

6 A very well used example is the station platform to draw your eye to the point where the train will appear or a scene is taking place. Examples: A brief Encounter, Once Upon a Time in the West, Harry Potter The Rule of Thirds is often thought of as a simplification of the Golden Ratio And takes account of lines of travel as well –

7 Poor composition Watch for objects such as signs and plants sticking out of peoples heads!

8 Angles Use a low camera angle to make subjects look imposing
Use a high camera angle to make A subject look vulnerable. Quick video -

9 Lighting Lighting can be used to add depth to a subject or frame
Used to add mood Used to add meaning Special effects (such as a car driving past) You need to use time of day for natural lighting or use light sources that are around you if indoors. Try moving lamps and see what effect you get.

10 Shot Types POV – point of view from the subject Two shot
Extreme Close UP - ECU As well as – medium shot, close up, wide shot, long shot, mid shot……… and so on More info here - Also don’t forget cut –ins and cutaways as these can be very useful in post production And put these together - (3mins in)

11 Camera Movement There are many types of camera movement including: Pan
Tilt Track Follow Arc Zoom Crane Use these to add interest or suspense along with the other techniques Combine shot types with movement such as POV, pan, track, wide, CU Examples of tracking shots

12 Lead Space and Head Room
More here Especially important with moving subjects so they don’t look like they are bumping into the edge of the frame.

13 The 180 Degree Rule

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