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QLogic storage networking solutions for HP

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1 QLogic storage networking solutions for HP
Juergen Ketterer Sr. Business Development Manager, HP EMEA QLogic Corporation May 2007

2 Agenda Objectives QLogic networking solutions overview
FC Host Bus Adapter Virtual Connect Fibre Channel for c-Class BladeSystems MSA1000 SAN Starter Kit EVA iSCSI Connectivity Kit IP Distance Gateway Product overview Use Cases Ordering information Competitive comparison Key takeaways and call to action May 2007

3 HP 4Gb FC HBAs from QLogic
HP Model FC1142SR FC1242SR FC1143 FC1243 AB378A AB378B AB379A AB379B AD300A HP Part Number AE311A AE312A AB429A AE369A QLogic base model QLE2460-HP- SP QLE2462-HP- QLA2460- HP-SP QLA2462-HP- ISP2422 (ASIC only) Ports 1-port 2-ports Bandwidth 4Gb Bus Type PCIe PCI-X 2.0 HP Supported Operating Systems Windows, Linux & NetWare HP-UX & OVMS HP-UX & OVMS HP-UX, Servers ProLiant ProLiant & Integrity Integriy & HP9000 QLogic adapters are supported with all HP StorageWorks and selected 3rd party storage targets HP MSA, EVA, XP & Selected EMC, IBM, HDS QLogic adapters work with all SAN interconnect providers Brocade, Cisco, McDATA, QLogic QLogic adapters lead in virtualization VMWare, Windows Virtual Server, VSAN from Cisco May 2007

4 HP 4Gb FC HBAs from QLogic
Performance leadership 45% faster response time with MC Exchange through optimized driver design 38% higher HBA performance scalability in VMware environments Best in class reliability Unified file for driver and firmware avoids incompatibility issues during upgrades „It just works“ – Common comment from QLogic HBA customers Market leadership May 2007

5 Virtual Connect Fibre Channel For c-Class BladeSystems
Ethernet Modules + Virtual Connect Fibre Channel Modules + Virtual Connect Manager May 2007

6 Comparison between all SAN interconnect solutions for c-Class BladeSystems
HP SAN Virtual Connect HP FC Pass-Through Brocade SAN Switch for c-Class Brocade Access Gateway Cisco SAN Switch for c-Class Ease of management / Change readiness SAN interoperability McDATA connectivity Installation complexity Cost May 2007

7 MSA1000 SMB G2SAN Kit Simplicity without Compromise Easy to Buy:
One part number to buy to get started Ships in one box Easy to Install: One page installation poster Install Wizards – less than 25 mouse clicks HP DAS-to-SAN (DTS) Easy to Manage: SANsurfer Express - One application to manage HBA, Switch and MSA Easy to Upgrade: High Availability Kit available May 2007

8 MSA1000 SAN Starter Kit G2 MSA1000 Small Business SAN G2 Kit AG525A
Description NEW SKU HP CPL Enhancements MSA1000 Small Business SAN G2 Kit AG525A $8,999 * New Wizard w/VDS 1.1 * 4Gb 10-port switch * 4Gb HBAs * A/A firmware MSA1000 SMB High Availability Upgrade G2 Kit AG526A $6,749 *4Gb 10-port switch *4Gb HBAs HP QLE220 4Gb PCI-E SMB Adapter AG527A $529 *4Gb vs. 2Gb HBAs May 2007

9 EVA iSCSI Connectivity Kit A cost effective way to convert DAS storage to a centralized EVA SAN
Enterprise WAN/LAN Low Cost Servers - Remote - FC SAN Low Cost Servers - Local - Cost and simplicity are the drivers for iSCSI adoption EVA Array Servers with FC HBAs May 2007

10 EVA iSCSI Connectivity Kit
Improves SAN Utilization and drives EVA storage demand Manage iSCSI and FC servers from a single CV interface iSCSI is ideal for moderate IOP applications via the MPX100 Improve data protection and adherence to corporate policy for regulatory and business continuance needs May 2007

11 IP Distance Gateway Objectives:
You will learn about the new HP IP Distance Gateway product for EVA systems, how to identify & qualify opportunities and how to provide a low-cost BC/DR solutions for your customer. May 2007

12 Fibre Channel and distance
Fibre Channel standards specify nominal distances between switch elements that are less than the distances available in an IP Network. Short-wave less than 500m Long-wave less than 35Km Since Fibre Channel and IP Networking technologies are compatible, tapping into a more affordable and available IP service can dramatically reduce the monthly cost of wide-area links and extend the maximum distance between Fibre Channel sites May 2007

13 DR Over Distance Technology
$$$$ Technology Limitations SONET, FICON Very high cost for installation, maintenance and equipment Dedicated native FC Very limited distances even with long-wave transceivers Costly FCIP Some performance trade-offs Brings advantages of easier data management, better storage utilization and flexible scaling to an wider selection of customers $ May 2007

14 HP IP Distance Gateway 2x 1GbE Ethernet ports
2x 2Gb Fibre Channel ports HP StorageWorks mpx Manager High performance 35K IOP/s 320 MB/s Multipath support Supported with EVA 3000, 5000, 4000, 6000, 8000 May 2007

15 Use Case - Remote Data Replication for BC/DR purposes between two EVA systems
Customer Problem: Low Cost Replication via CA Need to provide CA replication capabilities to all EVA systems at a lower cost Solution: HP IP Distance Gateway with FCIP The IP Distance Gateway provide FCIP over WAN at a third of the cost of other solutions. WAN CA CA Headquarters Remote Site May 2007

16 Use Case - Remote Data Replication for BC/DR purposes between two EVA systems
Identify the opportunity Look for customers who have already an EVA system installed and who have postponed the implementation of Continuous Access due to the high cost of the FC IP interconnect solution Ask the customer if new business continuance and data protection regulations have been implemented in their company Ask the customer if his business can accept downtime due to a disaster on the primary data center installation Look for customers with existing legacy FC IP solutions like the SR2122. Most likely they suffer with heavy performance problems May 2007

17 Use Case - Remote Data Replication for BC/DR purposes between two EVA systems
Qualifying questions Do you need to lower the costs for data protection using remote data replication with CA? Do you need to reduce the time to complete your remote data replication between two EVAs? Do you need an FCIP technology that is tightly integrated into the EVA system solution? May 2007

18 Use Case - Remote Data Replication for BC/DR purposes between two EVA systems
Provide the solution The HP IP Distance Gateway allow the connection between two EVAs over remote distance at a 1/3 of the cost of comparable solutions from Brocade or Cisco. Within a redundant configuration these cost savings count times 4x (4x units required) Despite the price advantage the IP Distance Gateway offers similar performance as today‘s FC IP solutions from the B- and C-Series In comparison to the legacy SR2122 product the data throughput is drastically improved. 35K IOP/s vs 15K IOP/s for write performance The tight integration into the EVA system allow for a centralized and efficient management of the BC/DR solution May 2007

19 Typical configurations
single-path connectivity single-path connectivity with redundant fabric Dual-path connectivity with redundant fabric Recommended HA configuration with redundant IP network May 2007

20 Use Case - Bridging heterogeneous SAN Islands
Customer Problem: Incompatible SAN Fabrics Due to E-Port interoperability or problems with name server scaling multiple SANs within data centers are not connected. Solution: IP Distance Gateway with NL-Ports Eliminates E_port issues with FC-FC Routing. Router NL_ports appear to servers like generic target LUNs. Provision storage across heterogeneous fabrics NL_port NL_port May 2007

21 Use Case - Bridging heterogeneous SAN Islands
Identify the opportunity Look for customers that have been involved in merger & acquisition activities that need to bridge SANs from multiple vendors Look for expensive and under utilized SAN devices like large array systems, VTL and Tape Libraries that need improved utilization Find customers that have different SAN fabrics installed from Brocade, Cisco, McDATA or QLogic May 2007

22 Use Case - Bridging heterogeneous SAN Islands
Qualifying questions Do you need to connect different SAN islands from Brocade, Cisco, McDATA or QLogic? Do you need to share storage devices across SAN islands? Do you want to further consolidate and simplify your storage infrastrucure? May 2007

23 Use Case - Bridging heterogeneous SAN Islands
Provide the solution The IP Distance Gateway uses FC N-Ports that make devices on different fabrics appear like standard server ports. This way avoids incompatibility issues between SAN islands from different vendors The IP Distance Gateway provides SAN extension at a third of the costs of comparable B and C Series solutions The solution allows to maximize the utilization of existing storage resources The IP Distance Gateway protects the investment in current platforms May 2007

24 Ordering information AG680A HP StorageWorks IP Distance Gateway includes 1 unit, shelf, brackets and documentation AG680A#0D1 Factory Integrated for EVA AG681A HP StorageWorks IP Distance Gateway Upgrade includes 1 unit to mount in existing shelf and documentation AG681A#0D1 Factory Integrated for EVA May 2007

25 HP FCIP Offerings Product Cost Cisco MDS9000 Director
Module only £20,035 x 2 = £40, Without chassis Cisco 9216i Including FCIP license Brocade MPR400 £32,908 x 2 = £65,816 £22,978 x2 = £45,956 IP Distance Gateway £5,205 x 2 = £10,410 Brings advantages of easier data management, better storage utilization and flexible scaling to an wider selection of customers Note: Prices are based on HP CPL, May 07 May 2007

26 Competitive Chart 320 MB/s 30,000 May 2007

27 Key takeaways The HP IP Distance Gateway allow for the most competitive EVA based BC/DR solutions Lowest cost Market leading performance Tightest integration The HP IP Distance Gateway allow for cost effective fabric sharing between different SAN vendors And not to forget... QLogic shall be your #1 choice for: High performance and reliable FC HBAs Change ready Virtual Connect FC for c-Class BladeSystems Integrated MSA1000 storage for SMB Low-cost server connectivity through the EVA iSCSI kit May 2007

28 Win a Microsoft Xbox 360! What do you need to do?
Go and sell an EVA solution with either the iSCSI Connectivity Kit or with the IP Distance Gateway The first three closed deals will be awarded with an Xbox (Reseller need to name the person who closed the deal) Metrics: Date of shipment from DNS Arrow to the reseller Schedule: May 17th – August 17th (3 months) John Ward of DNS Arrow will notify QLogic about the winners May 2007 Note: Recipients of the incentive are responsible to declare taxes according the local laws

29 Call to action Call your EVA installed base customers and identify new opportunities for BC/DR solutions with the HP IP Distance Gateway Make the HP IP Distance Gateway your default choice for any BC/DR solution with EVA in order to gain maximum competitiveness in this market segment Contact your friendly QLogic partners for more help Juergen Ketterer Sr. Business Development Manager, HP EMEA phone: Graham Norbury Technical Account Manager, HP EMEA phone: May 2007

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