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1 4 3 4 3222 27 Mean = 4.8 Median = 3 Mode = 2. Correlation measures the strength of a relationship between two variables.

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1 1 4 3 4 3222 27 Mean = 4.8 Median = 3 Mode = 2

2 Correlation measures the strength of a relationship between two variables.

3 Positive Correlation 0 < R < 1 No Correlation R = 0 Negative Correlation -1 < R < 0

4 Correlation does not imply causation

5 “75% of kids who smoke have parents who smoke. Does this imply that if a child smokes then the parent is more likely to smoke?”

6 Correlations can be misleading!!!

7 A person wearing red is 129 times more likely to be gored by a charging bull! But what is the base rate?

8 98% of Americans have internet access available. Sprint has a “Nationwide Network” The average temperature in Oklahoma City over the past 100 years is 63.4 degrees. (and each year has been within 1 degree of that average)

9 Consumer spending on prescription drugs has doubled since 1980. 85% of all car accidents occur within 10 miles of the home. 10 times as many people die each year by plane crashes than train crashes.

10 During the Spanish-American war, the death rate for soldiers was 9 per 1000. The death rate for civilians in New York City was 16 per 1000.

11 1 minute2 minutes Fluffy O’s Cereal Gives a body Energy!! 10 5 ??

12 Earnings


14 Even when the scale is fine, graphs can still be deceptive


16 As you can see, Bob earns substantially more than Joe Joe’s income Bob’s Income

17 Is it really a two to one ratio that’s being displayed?

18 Percent of US income going to federal taxes


20 Tylenol is used by 90% doctors for their own aches and pains! So are Asprin, Ibuprofen, and Bayer!

21 When Dewey was elected Governor in 1942, the minimum teacher’s salary in some districts was as low as $900 per year. Upon Governor Dewey’s recommendation… the Legislature in 1947 appropriated $32,000,000 out of state surplus to provide an increase in teacher’s salaries. As a result, the minimum salaries of teachers in New York City range from $2500 to $5325.

22 1) Stanford is the #1 program in psychology 2) I am the only (and therefore #1) student at Stanford studying Decision Errors Therefore: I am the top student studying Decision Errors in the country.

23 Group A: IIIIIIIVV Group B: IIIIIIIVV Is Group A superior to Group B?

24 The average American sleeps 8 hours a night The average American sleeps 8.2 hours a night The average American sleeps 8.2339 hours a night

25 “Currently there are 4 million Americans with Alzheimer’s Disease. By the year 2020 it could be 20 million.” This new calling plan can save you 30% over AT&T’s rates!

26 Obfuscation Studies

27 Obfuscation: deliberately increasing the complexity of a piece of writing without changing the content

28 Have you ever changed the words in an academic essay to make the essay sound more valid or intelligent by using complicated language? 75% When you write an essay, do you turn to the thesaurus to choose words that are more complex to give the impression that the content is more valid or intelligent? 66%

29 Step 1:Take a normal string of text Step 2: Replace every noun, verb, and adjective with the longest thesaurus entry. No replacement if original word is longest If multiple words are of equal length choose highest alphabetically Change ‘a’  ‘an’ etc. to keep grammar

30 “The primary academic goal I have set for myself is to use my potential to the fullest. Your college represents an institution abundant with academic resources. During my undergraduate years I intend to use those resources to obtain knowledge about my career field, and I hope to fully explore my career field.”

31 “The principal educational aspiration I have established for myself is to utilize my capabilities to the fullest. Your institution characterizes an institution plentiful with educational resources. Throughout my undergraduate existence I anticipate to exercise those resources to acquire information about my occupational discipline, and I hope to completely investigate my occupational discipline.”

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