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Thrill Is Gone This is a standard minor blues: Form is:

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1 Thrill Is Gone This is a standard minor blues: Form is:
||: Im | | | | IVm | | Im | | bVI|V7| Im | : || Song is in the key of Bm: ||: Bm | | | | Em | | Bm | | G|F#7| Bm | : || We will start with an outline of the beginning solo which is also the introduction to the song.

2 Start by listening to the record



5 (e) The first 4 measures are all in Bm. If you look closely you will see that most of the notes are chord tones. If you think of the chord as a Bm7 then all but the 3 E’s are chord tones. This entire section is played in 7th position. Not even one note is out of that position. The scale used for this is the B minor pentatonic scale in the E from. Make sure that you learn that scale.


7 Start at 10th position At this point play in 7th position.
The melody on the G to F#7 is really exciting. But for the G it is the 5th of the chord to the 6th to the 5th back to the 3rd of the chord. F#7 is the 7th to the 6th back to the 7th. Again chord tones. Then the Bm Uses the 3rd and the root. The double stop at the end is the root and 5th. Chord tones all the way. While not adventuresome it is very melodic this way and works well in this song. Lot’s to think about with this.

8 Thrill Is Gone Parts This whole first section is a Bm7 arpeggio except for a couple of notes






14 Bending Notes This could be a whole course but we will start with the basics. On the first 2 strings you always bend the strings upward towards the sky. On the bottom 2 strings you must bend them downward. Typically the middle 2 strings are also bent up but could be bent either way if you are only bending one note and not holding another note. There are a variety of bends that need to be accomplished.

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