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The King's School Higher Education Presentation Tuesday 30 th April 2013

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1 The King's School Higher Education Presentation Tuesday 30 th April 2013

2 Issues to be addressed Mrs Dawn Wood Independent Careers Advice& Morrisby Coursefinder Why go to University? Which Course? Which University? Student Finance/Sponsorship/Scholarships- Mr Whales The Application process (Studying abroad) (GAP Year) (School Leaver Programmes/Apprenticeships) Q & A?

3 1.Tutor sessions on aspects of the process including familiarisation with materials on the student r-drive and APPLY “Pure Potential”; Registration for UCAS card etc 2.HE presentation to students and parents (April) 3.Talk on HE process by external speaker (Compacts) 4.Birmingham University Open Day (Friday 21 st June) 5.UCAS apply day Wed 10 th July (Durham Uni Outreach & “Push” Talk) 6.Lincs. HE Convention (Individual students/parents) 7.University Open Days/Virtual tours 8.University Summer schools; lectures etc 9.Coursefinder 2000 questionnaire (Mrs Wood) Year 12 Higher Education Programme 2013

4 Genuine desire for HE? Drifting? Response to parents, teachers, friends? Worried about costs? Does an HE course interest him deeply? NB Career intentions are useful but not vital You tend to (over?)press!!!

5 What are the advantages of HE? 1. Personal & intellectual fulfilment 2. Vocational Knowledge & understanding 3. Confidence 4. Contacts 5. Social/Sporting/Cultural 6. ‘Transferable Skills’: Competencies *Technical Capability *Brainpower *Achievement *Leadership *Communication *Numeracy *Adaptability *Computer Literacy *Economic Awareness *Teamworking BUT Degrees are NOT an ‘Open Sesame’ to a good job and… there is now a greater need than ever to consider cost v benefit too!

6 Does he enjoy studying? Do you think he can apply himself without being closely monitored by teachers and/or you? Do his teachers think he has the ability to profit from and succeed in HE? Does he “want it” enough?! How able must he be? ‘Old’ Univ degree courses 320-360+ points ‘New’ Univ degree courses 300-340+ points ‘New’ Univ HND and foundation courses 120-260+ points A* grade = 140 points; A grade =120; B =100; C = 80; D = 60 ; E = 40 (Halve the points for A/S values but NB no A* available at A/S-The A* is only available at A2 and is achieved by a student scoring a minimum of 80% on all combined units across both years and 90% on Year 13 modules) Scores tabulated in “Degree Course Offers” by Brian Heap Is he suitable material?

7 The process of choosing Only Three Decisions to make…and in this order: 1. Subject area 2. Course style/content 3. Institution Need to gather information from: Reference books (Library & SFSC) Visits/Open Days UCAS statistics ( Computer database (school intranet) Websites Staff/Parents/Friends Dawn Wood our independent careers adviser (‘Coursefinder 2000’ & Other Morrisby resources) ngcourse/stamfordtest

8 Choice of subject area There are very many subject areas, some of which will be closed to candidates who do not study particular ‘A’ levels eg: Electrical / Electronic/ Computing / Engineering courses at ‘Russell Group’ ‘ALL’ require Maths and Physics Medicine / Agriculture / Food Science at similar high ranking universities ‘ALL’ require Chemistry Most degree courses will specify one or two subjects only (either 3 or 3.5) Many degree areas require NO specific ‘A’ Levels eg Law /Accountancy / Architecture / Media Studies NB Must consider supply and demand which forces grades higher in certain subjects (statistics available) bin/hsrun/search/search/search.hjx;start=search.HsKey wordSearch.run bin/hsrun/search/search/search.hjx;start=search.HsKey :

9 Which ‘O’ would you choose? Occupational Ocean Oceanography Office Offshore Oil Older Oncology Operating Operating Department Operational Operational Research Ophthalmic Optical Optimisation Optoelectronics Optometry Oral Organic Organisational Organisms Oriental Ornamentation Ornithology Orthopaedic Orthoptics Orthotics Osteopathy Outdoor Overseas

10 Which course? The course must be special for him….but he (parents too!) must be pragmatic and consider:- Organisation of teaching? (Lectures; Seminars; Practical/lab work; Contact time; Tutorials) Assessment? (Exam and/or Modular/Continuous- Sandwich; Semesters) Size of Department? Course content? Ability to change course? Quality of faculty Record of past students’ degrees and employment Entry requirements Evidence of subsequent career path Failure rate! bin/hsrun/search/search/search.hjx;start=search.HsK eywordSearch.run bin/hsrun/search/search/search.hjx;start=search.HsK :

11 Which institution? Points to consider:- Quality - (Difficult to assess) Popularity - (Not always a reflection of quality) Accommodation -Type / Cost City site / Campus / Collegiate Distance from Grantham!!! tables/rankings league-table-2013 rankings/2012-13/world-ranking/region/europe :

12 Admissions’ procedure via UCASapply ( UCAS electronic application form) 5 choices of University £24.00 fee payable by credit/debit card NB Oct 15th Deadline for Oxbridge ; Medics; Vets Dec 15th Deadline for King’s (NOT Jan 15th) Nov Half Term is what all should be aiming for!

13 Oxbridge Must have very high academic potential 360pts+ Planning starts Easter of lower sixth Many resources available via Cambridge/Oxford websites & school intranet Most importantly…evidence your wider reading & interest Both require an October 15th Deadline as per Medics/vets AS Unit Score across three best/most relevant subjects Number of candidates Number of offers % success rate 95-100%1067066% 90-94%1653119% 86-89%13354% 85% and below7111%

14 Ucas personal statement This represents the deal breaker and requires time. Essentially candidates must convince the admissions staff that:- They are fully interested in and committed to their chosen course Have acquired the necessary academic skills and are developing them Evidence supplied via wider reading & engagement (courses; lectures; Open Days; projects…. “Passion”! Examples of effective personal statements employing all the guidelines offered in the HE Booklet available via the school network and online. Subject/course specific examples available on R:\6th Form\UCAS Beware plagiarism

15 Headmaster’s report UCAS instructions to referees ask them : 1 To give an opinion on his suitability for the course/s he has chosen 2 To indicate his intellectual qualities: his development to date, including exam performances and any factors that might have adversely affected them 3 To outline present performance 4 To assess his potential, including predicted grades at ‘A’ Level 5 To describe his personality and broader attributes 6 To state his career aspirations, if any 7 To give details of health and other circumstances that might affect his application 8 To outline his social, cultural and sporting interests & accomplishments (achievement and accomplishment record needs updating)

16 Response from universities Rejection Interview Conditional offer (Unconditional offer) Eventually…by 15th May: 2 offers to be held one CF (Firm) and one CI (Insurance) Subsequently ‘clearing house’ if rejected or ‘A’ Levels disappoint

17 Making the most of University begin thinking about future career options as soon as you start your degree get involved in plenty of extra-curricular activities try and organise work experience with different employers during uni develop as many business skills as you can research and start preparing your applications to employers early

18 Don’t Despair! Of last year’s cohort the vast majority entered University on a wide variety of courses. Of 127 students:- 93% went to university and of these:- 91% accessed their first choice establishment and course 7% accessed their second choice establishment and course 2% accessed places through clearing. And of the remainder:- 5 students have re-applied for higher education (via year 14) 2 have deferred entry (Gap Year) 6 have entered employment or employment/college

19 He must:- Know why he’s going on to university Know the alternatives Have a ‘Plan B’ (and ‘’C’!?) Research the subjects/courses/institutions Have an honest and accurate self assessment Be aware of any ‘gaps’ in his CV & be prepared to fill them Follow the information given by the school/UCAS particularly….. Sensible “Insurance” Set his own EARLY deadline for completion (Holiday task?!) Be aware of the financial implications (see R-drive & website) Have a plan for meeting his goals……. Understand that ‘getting the grades’ is part of it Execute the plan! Summary

20 Gap Year A Gap year should not simply be about slaking a personal thirst for travel or desire to leave Grantham! Who might it suit best? A student who seriously needs a break from hard academic study (has become stale)? A student who has a very high offer to meet and is anxious about making the grades? A student who needs to build up a financial buffer for university? A student who is young and/or inexperienced? A student who is very unsure about continuing to university? A student who can strengthen his application by improving grades and/or acquiring additional relevant/vocational skills and completing voluntary work? But beware……… might be more difficult picking up the academic baton afterwards! There is a Gap Year folder in the sixth form office and NCB/NOW/DL announce opportunities in sixth form assembly & post in the Sixth Form Centre. The website is a useful starting (see examples on next page!)

21 Gap Year Small scale projects can still be found, with bragging rights AND genuine cultural immersion-guaranteed. From a 10-day marine conservation trip in Thailand to an eight-month teaching placement in Tanzania, here are 10 outstanding adventures!!! Football coaching in Ghana etc Teaching in Tanzania Conservation in S. Africa Marine conservation, Thailand Vet’s assistant, Mongolia Journalism in Honduras HIV work in Nepal Youth work in Bolivia Conservation in Argentina Medical Training in India Evansville Scholarship via Harlaxton College

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