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12.01.2014 Seite 1 Seite 1 International Services Global Business Development Health Sector Network Health and Social Protection Africa 22.February 2010.

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1 12.01.2014 Seite 1 Seite 1 International Services Global Business Development Health Sector Network Health and Social Protection Africa 22.February 2010 MOMBASA 12.01.2014

2 12.01.2014 Seite 2 Seite 2 Framework for GTZ IS business Specific area of intervention according to Generalvertrag Implementing concepts and expertise of german TC for fair prices All projects authorized by BMZ (§3-Genehmigung) IS is integral part of GTZ Separation between IS and GnB for tax purposes (wirtschaftlicher Geschäftsbetrieb) Establishement of GTZ International Services in 2002 Charakteristica of IS business clients are in country Commissioning, liquidity and before all financial result are existential Not based on Selbstkostenerstattungsprinzip Acquisition of contracts in international competition need for highly efficient financial and risk management

3 12.01.2014 Seite 3 Seite 3 Advanteges of IS business for BMZ and German Government Is offers international clients the concepts and expertise of German TC German Know-how is used by EU programs as well as by multilateral and bilateral funders German Know-how benefits for designing and implementing projects of partner countries GTZ IS involves as a principle in fair partnerships German, international and local privat sector enterprises GTZ is, thus, becomes an intersting instrument of the German Government for the implementation of the Koalitionsvertrag: Visibility of German Tc Efficiency of multilateral and EU-TC Linking economic and development cooperation TC commissioned by anchor and Schwellen- countries Reinforcement of kex sectors e.g.: health

4 12.01.2014 Seite 4 Seite 4 Contribution of IS to GTZ business goals Implemetation of Längerfristige Unternehmensplanung (LUP) Pillar II: Extensuon of Drittgeschäft Conceptual, strategic and financial contribution Enhancement of competitiveness of GTZ Evolution and contribution of International Services Part of GTZ-Umsatz 20 % (2002: 13 %) Contracts on hand since 2002: ca. 2,1 Mrd. Euro > 330 experts in 250 projects in over 90 countries Development of additional areas of competence Enhancement of business processes, e.g. project-, finance- and risk management Additional know-how on needs in partner countries and on goals in donor instruments IS owes its success directly to the brand GTZ Clients ask for GTZ as a brand : Many IS contracts evolve from GnB projects

5 12.01.2014 Seite 5 Seite 5 Strategy IS+5: Growth by quality Focus on development of clusters: since July 2008 Three main markets Six themes Regional concentration Brand GTZ Bigger volumes Earnings potential

6 12.01.2014 Seite 6 Seite 6 GTZ IS+5: Markets Towards the development of 3 market segments Importance of political direct acquisition Access to political decision makers National development markets International (development-) cooperation Private Development markets

7 12.01.2014 Seite 7 Seite 7 Turnover (GL) 2008 by market segments Mio. % Bi- and multilateral IZ/EZ:144,1 53,5 EU-Commission70,626,2 UN-Organisations 46,6 17,3 Ohters 26,9 10,4 National development markets:121,545,1 Government of Ethiopia92,934,5 Governments of Golf states 26,29,7 Others2,4 0,9 Privat sector and Others 3,7 1,4 269,3 100

8 12.01.2014 Seite 8 Seite 8 Forecast: business potential bi- and multilateral IZ/EZ Potential: up to 200 Mio. Euro incoming orders / year All themes, especially key sectors Depends on donors ODA-Quotes National development markets Potential: up to 250 Mio. Euro incoming orders / year Priority themes: renewable energies, construction/infrastructure, water, health, vocational training, governance Risks of shortfall, currency and inflation Privat sector and Others (foundations and enterprises) Potential: up to 50 Mio. Euro incoming orders / year Themes: renewable energies, CSR, sustainability Further business development needed

9 12.01.2014 Seite 9 Seite 9 concentration on six themes in priority on national markets Management of construction programmes Renewable energies (environment/ climate) Health Vocational training WaterGovernance GTZ IS+5: Themes

10 12.01.2014 Seite 10 Seite 10 Program-Management with Capacity Development GTZ IS+5: business model

11 12.01.2014 Seite 11 Seite 11 Organisation Chart Department 7 International Services 12.01.2014 Headquarter Regional Offices Gulf States Riad Office Abu Dhabi Office Supraregional & Procurement Personnel Administration Personnel Recruitment Controlling Finance Team GTZ IS Brussels 702 Gulf States & Supraregional 704 GTZ IS Ethiopia 705 Global Business Development 706 Human Resources 708 Strategy & Finance 709 Focus Regions 707 Director General Dr. Elmar Kleiner Finance Latin America Afghanistan Central & East Africa Portfolio Development South Asia Middle East, North Africa & Turkey West Africa Potential Regions Pretoria, Jakarta, Belgrad Water Infratstructure Renewable Energy Health Vocational Training Governance

12 12.01.2014 Seite 12 Seite 12 Thematic Business Development: achievements in 2009 12.01.2014 SBD Concept Rules and Roles Processes Instruments and Products thematic responsiblity and job description for senior business developers (SBD) ready (January 2009) rules for Business Developer vis à vis Thematic leader definition of roles for interaction between IS, GnB and external actors (May 2009, Decision by FK) pyramidal approach integrated in ITAMIS (FK: July 2009) first report on progress of SBD concept structure of business development plan (January 2009) pyramidal appraoch for acquisition of large business opportunities (FK: May 2009) 3 business plans finalized: Water (June 2009), Vocational Training (October 2009) and Infrastructure (draft July 2009)

13 12.01.2014 Seite 13 Seite 13 Preparation of new themes for 2010 Renewable energy Governance 12.01.2014 December 2009 2010 Health Systematic market analysis country and opportunities study in the field of hospital management and e-health Akquisition Technical dialogue Hospital management: where are we? Partnerig with e.g. EPOS SBD Health: Dr. Cornelius Oepen since November 2009 Starting with participation in WHO Meeting Role of District Hospitals in Primary Health Care Renewal (11-12 November 2009)

14 12.01.2014 Seite 14 Seite 1412.01.2014 Hospital Management as specific theme: equipment and facility management waste management new technologies (e-health, m-health, telemedicine) entry point to health systems management quality improvement, health management information systems

15 12.01.2014 Seite 15 Seite 15 Hospital services for patient centered care Core fonctions m-Health Telemedicine - General - Maternity - Surgery - Pediatrics - e-Health - Nursery - Reha Diagnostic - imaging - laboratory Chronic patients Source: The World Health Report (WHR) 2008 Facility management - equipment -power/water - waste Administration - personnel - finance Specialists - ophthalmo - ORL - dental Advisory body

16 12.01.2014 Seite 16 Seite 1612.01.2014 WHO 2010

17 12.01.2014 Seite 17 Seite 1712.01.2014 WHO 2010

18 12.01.2014 Seite 18 Seite 1812.01.2014 WHO 2010

19 12.01.2014 Seite 19 Seite 1912.01.2014 WHO 2010

20 12.01.2014 Seite 20 Seite 2012.01.2014 Market analysis (Prof. Norbert Krüger) 1.Facts and figures on 41 countries where IS status is recongnized 2.Weighing and analysis 3.List of academic institution for cooperation by country Countries with high potential: Turkey, Oman, Saudi Arabia, China, Columbia and Vietnam Countries with medium potential: Jordan, Peru, Turkmenistan and Thailand Countries with low potential: Syria, Philippines, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Angola, Mozambique and Uganda Final Ranking: 1. Jordan 2. Peru 3. Ethiopia 4. Angola

21 12.01.2014 Seite 21 Seite 2112.01.2014

22 12.01.2014 Seite 22 Seite 2212.01.2014

23 12.01.2014 Seite 23 Seite 23 Model 1: hospital chain Hospital 1 Hospital 2 Hospital 3 Hospital 4 Timeline Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y6 Y5 Y7 Y8 Capacity development Planning & construction Management Implementatio n Follo w up Lesson s learned Hands-on TA

24 12.01.2014 Seite 24 Seite 2412.01.2014 Next Steps: 1.Finalising GEP by end of February 2.Task force 3.Participation in SN Health 4. Communikation ins Haus 5. Acquisition already launched: Yemen: MoU Tunesia: private hospital Angola: hospital X Jordan: first contacts

25 12.01.2014 Seite 25 Seite 2512.01.2014 Vielen Dank für die Aufmerksamkeit … und auf gute Zusammenarbeit!

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