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10 to 15 Year Golf Course Development Plan. There are currently 3 greens that have been upgraded to/close to USGA specification (1st, 4th, 17th) and 2.

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1 10 to 15 Year Golf Course Development Plan

2 There are currently 3 greens that have been upgraded to/close to USGA specification (1st, 4th, 17th) and 2 greens of good enough quality to require no significant investment in the foreseeable future (13 th and 18 th ) leaving thirteen holes on which the Course, overall, would be enhance by the Greens being upgraded.

3 On all 18 holes, we will also be looking to improve and enhance Competition, Mens and Ladies Tees, Bunkers and many other features such as ponds, paths, encroaching trees and vegetation.

4 1 st Hole New bunker on the left side of fairway.


6 2 nd Hole Time scale 2011 Extend present men’s teeing area from 90sqm to 180sqm,build tee up, remove trees from rear of tee. Improve ladies tee. Remove present bunkers and reposition further down the fairway. Remove all hanging branches from right side of tee. Lift green, redesign and add drainage system. Remove mounding from both sides of the brook. Install 2 new greenside bunkers.


8 2 nd green construction photographs









17 2 nd Green WDGC ~ USGA construction detail The following is the 2004 revision of the USGA Recommendations for the advised method of Putting Green Construction. For more than 40 years the USGA recommendations for green construction have been the most widely used method of green construction throughout the United States and in many other parts of the world. When built and maintained properly, USGA greens have provided consistently good results for golf courses over a period of many years. These guidelines are periodically reviewed and updated as a result of scientific research and as new techniques and materials are proven reliable. This diagram specifically represents the USGA Green Section's recommendations for green construction, adapted for use by West Derby Golf Club and should be viewed with other diagrams available.

18 3 rd Hole Time scale 2012 Extend men’s tee, Build new ladies tee, Build a pond on the left side of fairway [lined] were the Trees have been taken out with a ditch up to main drain left of green. Lift green, redesign and add drainage system, new surround built and turfed. Bunker 1 – 175 yds from back tee Bunker 3 – 215 yds from back tee


20 4 th Hole Extend men’s tee forward. Build a new ladies tee. Add a new bunker 250 yds from tee on left hand side of fairway Remove bank in front of the ditch to slope down.


22 5 th Hole Time scale 2014 Remove trees behind the tee and build a new tee 25-30 yards back. Lift and redesign the green with a drainage system added. A new bunker to be built on the left side of fairway 190 yds from tee.


24 6 th Hole Time scale 2013 Extend comp tee 15 yards [back], remove 3/ 4 trees behind tee. Extend yellow tee. Improve ladies tee. Reposition the first bunker on the right side of fairway. Bring pond into play by extending into the fairway 10 to 15 yards. Lift green, design, add drainage system and bunkers. Add new bunker 260 yds on right hand side of fairway Enlarge left hand fairway bunker.


26 7 th Hole Time scale 2015 Remove hanging branches from left side of tee. Extend tee forward. Remove trees behind green. Open pond up left side of the new green. Build a new green 30 yards behind existing green, but leave present green in play until completion.


28 8 th Hole Time scale 2017 Build a competition tee adjacent to the ladies tee to give the option of playing a strong par 4 Hole to remain as a par 5 option. Extend present tee back to the fence. Lift and reshape green add drainage system. Discuss bunker positions


30 9 th Hole Time scale 2016 Bring back tee into play. Erect new fence on right side of tee. Lift, redesign new green with a drainage system

31 10 th Hole Time scale 2018 Extend present tee forward. Remove middle mound in fairway. Add a new bunker left of fairway 20 yards past the right hand side bunker. Lift, redesign green and add drainage system.


33 11 th Hole Time Scale 2020 Extend men’s and Ladies’ tee area forward. Add a bunker on the left hand side 260 yards from tee. Redesign green to US spec. With drainage system and new bunkers


35 12 th Hole Time scale 2021 Extend the tee forward and improve Ladies’ tee. Build a pond short of the green

36 13 th Hole Remove brash behind comp tee. Add a new competition tee 20 yards back. Add a new bunker on the left short of the trees at 250 yds from tee.


38 14 th Hole Time scale 2022 Extend tee back [5 car parking spaces] 10 yds. Lift present green, shape and add drainage system. Take green behind the left hand bunker.


40 15 th Hole Time scale 2023 Extend Men’s & Ladies’ tees Redesign green to US spec with new bunkers

41 16 th Hole Time scale 2019 Extend tee forward and 5 yds back. Re-build Ladies’ tee Add new bunker to the left of fairway at 270 yds. Lift green, redesign and add drainage system.


43 17th Extend rear and front of tee. Improve Ladies’ tee. Add 2 new fairway bunkers, one at 230 yds on left & one at 250 yds on the right of fairway.


45 18 th Hole Remove trees from behind comp tee. Extend present tee back 15 yds. Improve Ladies’ tee Take out left fairway bunker. Extend existing bunker to the left of the fairway so that it cuts into the fairway more, this is 187 yds from back tee. Add a new fairway bunker to the right 250 yds.


47 Putting Green & Surround Lift all turf around the putting green, level the area and turf. Remove all brash from right side of putting green, leaving the pine tree in. Put up hand rail green side of brook.

48 10 th, 17 th & 18 th areas Remove all brash, select and remove a number of existing trees and level area so that it can be maintained. Remove out of bounds posts.

49 Practice Nets Netting & mats to be replaced. Landscape area around practice nets.

50 Temporary Green Remove brash area from behind the 1 st temporary green to enable practicing from the fence to the green.

51 The timescale for the overall project - allowing for at least one hole to be completely upgraded in some years and providing for capital expenditure on major items of machinery replacement - would be 12 years commencing 2011/2012 with completion in 2022/2023

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