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Homeland Security Ships and Ports © All Copyright GT Aviation 2004 G.T Consulting.

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1 Homeland Security Ships and Ports © All Copyright GT Aviation 2004 G.T Consulting

2 Homeland Security Ships and Ports As the aircraft sector continues to raise its guard, major ship and port installations will become the next target for the terrorist? G.T Consulting

3 International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) adopted at the ISPS at the Diplomatic Conference on Marine Safety of Life at Sea in 2002. Part A – Mandated requirements (effective from July 2004) Part B – Guidance provisions G.T Consulting

4 ISPS Code Objectives Establish International framework Establish roles and responsibilities Ensure early and efficient cooperation Provide a methodology for security (assessments and plans) Ensure confidence G.T Consulting

5 ISPS Code Requirements Gather, assess and exchange information Maintenance of communication protocols Prevention of unauthorised access Prevention of weapons and explosives Provision of alert and alarm Provision of a security plan Provision of training, drills and exercises G.T Consulting

6 ISPS Code Application Passenger Ships (over 500 gross tons) Cargo ships including high speed craft Mobile offshore drilling units Port facilities G.T Consulting

7 ISPS Code Obligations Produce a security plan Statement of authority for security and safety (within the ship or facility) Engage the support of contracting Governments when necessary Security officer to be provided with necessary support, training and facilities G.T Consulting

8 Security Levels Level 1 – Normal Operations Level 2 – Heightened risk of incident Level 3 – Exceptional risk of imminent incident G.T Consulting

9 Vulnerability Assessment Evaluate potential consequences for: Loss of life Loss of assets Loss of trade Economic implications Political implications G.T Consulting

10 Potential Threat Targets Pier structures Breakwater structures and harbour entrances Ferry ramps Ships hulls; Cruise Liners Ferries Bulk Carriers Passenger Terminal buildings Ship containers G.T Consulting

11 Layered Security Layer 1- Local intruder detection & security Layer 2 -Cargo, passenger & ship inspections Layer 3 - Network Centric surveillance Layer 4 - International Collaboration SL3 SL2-3 SL2 SL1 G.T Consulting

12 Timeline 9/11 20012002200320042005 1/7 Twin towers USA ISPS Code implemented MSC agreed new port security measures 11/11 OMO adopted new security Provisions 12/1210/30 US Homeland Security Director appointed US Homeland Security office set up in Washington DC 1/27 US provision for $600m for anti terrorism 3/7 US MSST’s 500 boats procured 3/31 US pledges $179B in port security grants 12/10 UK commitment to spend?

13 Summary Maritime security is the next line of defence in the anti terror arena ? Early warning through surveillance Deterrence through implementation Rapid insertion and integration of technology crucial to success Driven by US intelligence and initiatives Commitment to spend is likely soon G.T Consulting

14 Questions G.T Consulting

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