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Carex Hands up for Hygiene Microbes

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1 Carex Hands up for Hygiene Microbes
Secondary Interactive Whiteboard Lesson Plan Support

2 Lesson Objectives: To understand the features of some microbes. To understand the effects of microbes on the body. To understand the importance of good hygiene.

3 Microbes Microbes and micro-organisms are tiny living organisms
that are so small they are invisible to the naked eye. You need a microscope to see them. There are three main types of microbes: Bacteria Viruses Fungi

4 Microbes Microbes can be both helpful to humans and harmful. Can
you think of ways in which microbes can be useful and ways in which they can be harmful? Helpful Harmful

5 Microbes Helpful Harmful .
Microbes (bacteria) will grow in milk to make it ‘go off’. This is used in the yoghurt making process. Cheese is also another product made due to the use of microbes in industry. Another type of microbe (fungi) are used to make Quorn which is a commonly used meat substitute. Yeast is a microbe which respires to give off carbon dioxide. This is used in baking bread and in beer making. Harmful Microbes can cause disease these are known as pathogens, the scientific name for a germ. The type of the disease and its severity depends on the microbe. Diseases caused by microbes range from flu, athletes foot, chicken pox and food poisoning to cholera and typhoid. .

6 Bacteria A bacterium (that’s one bacteria) is a simple creature made of just one cell. Many bacteria have a long spinning tail that helps them move. Bacteria are often no more than one thousandth of a millimetre long and come in different forms. Bacteria can cause diseases such as food poisoning, cholera and typhoid. Bacteria can multiply at incredibly fast speeds Bacillus Rod Shaped Coccus Spherical

7 Viruses Viruses are the smallest of all microbes.
Viruses are non living microbes but they are not cells – they consist of a protein coating and a strand of genes. Viruses need a living host cell to allow them to reproduce and survive. Viruses cause the common cold and flu. Viruses also cause things such as verrucas, cold sores and warts.

8 Fungi There are many types of fungi including moulds, rusts, yeasts and mushrooms. Fungi can live in water, in soil or on a damp surface. Fungi can live for hundreds of years. Mould Yeast – spores Yeast - hyphae

9 Growing Bacteria Water - Bacteria can’t grow without it.
Food - Any amount of material containing carbon. Temperature - Optimum temperature 37ºC. Time – Bacteria keeps on multiplying, the longer the time, the more will grow.

10 How do Microbes Spread? The spreading of microbes and disease is known as transmission. Microbes can be transmitted in a number of ways. Air – a cough or sneeze can release millions of microbes into the air which can then infect another person. Water – dirty water can transmit a number of diseases such as cholera. Animals – an animal such as a mosquito can carry disease from person to person and from water. Malaria is one such disease which can be passed this way. Contact – many microbes can be passed from person to person through direct or indirect contact. Direct contact by hand or indirect by touching a contaminated area and picking up the microbes.

11 How can we avoid bacteria and viruses spreading?

12 Stopping Infection Washing hands with antibacterial hand wash and water. Cleaning surfaces correctly. Catching coughs and sneezes in a tissue. Drinking clean water. Protecting ourselves from insects and wild animals. Did you know that washing your hands correctly is the best way to avoid transmitting microbes?

13 Germ Kill and Hand Washing
Take a look at this video showing how antibacterial hand wash can kill germs through hand washing. Germ kill video clip to appear here

14 Correct hand washing video to appear here
Watch this video to see how to correctly wash your hands for at least 15 seconds. Correct hand washing video to appear here

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