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Malek Kemmou Technology Architect, Application Platform Microsoft Middle East and Africa Overview of ASP.NET 2.0.

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1 Malek Kemmou Technology Architect, Application Platform Microsoft Middle East and Africa Overview of ASP.NET 2.0

2 New Features at a Glance Data Controls Data Controls Login Controls Login Controls Web Parts Other New Controls Other New Controls Master Pages Themes and Skins Themes and Skins Localization Compilation Membership Role Management Role Management Profiles Configuration Site Maps Site Maps Health Monitoring Health Monitoring Other Services Other Services Controls Page Framework Services and APIs

3 What's New in Data Access Data source controls –Declarative 2-way data binding Data controls –GridView - Like the DataGrid, only better –DetailsView - Companion to GridView SQL cache dependencies –Key cached items to database entities Simplified data binding expressions

4 Data Binding

5 What's New for UIs Master pages –"Visual inheritance" for Web pages –Applied declaratively or programmatically Themes and skins –Theme controls, pages, and entire sites –Applied declaratively or programmatically New controls (more than 50 in all) –Menus, TreeViews, Wizards, and more

6 Theming a Page BeforeAfter

7 Master Pages

8 What's New in Security Membership service –Service for managing users and credentials –Provider-based for flexible data storage Login controls –Controls for logging in, creating new users, recovering lost passwords, and more Role Management service –Combine forms authentication and role- based authorization without writing code!

9 Membership and Logins

10 Profiles Store per-user data persistently –Strongly typed access (unlike session state) –On-demand lookup (unlike session state) –Long-lived (unlike session state) –Supports authenticated and anonymous users Accessed through dynamically compiled HttpProfileBase derivatives (HttpProfile) Provider-based for flexible data storage

11 Defining a Profile

12 Persisting Data with Profiles

13 Site Navigation Navigation UIs are tedious to implement –Especially if they rely on client-side script New controls simplify site navigation –TreeView and Menu - Navigation UI –SiteMapDataSource - XML site maps –SiteMapPath - "Bread crumb" control Public API provides foundation for controls Provider-based for flexibility

14 Data-Driven Site Navigation

15 Providers New model for storing and managing state –Makes storage adaptable to different media Used by many key ASP.NET services –Membership service –Role Management service and more Built-in providers make ASP.NET state storage very flexible Custom providers make it infinitely flexible

16 The Provider Model Membership API Membership Data Access Other Data Stores Controls Login LoginStatus LoginView AccessMembershipProvider Other Membership Providers Other Membership Providers Membership Providers Membership MembershipUser SqlMembershipProvider SQL Server Other Login Controls Other Login Controls

17 Configuration Administrative tools –ASP.NET MMC snap-in –Web Site Administration Tool (Webadmin.axd) Configuration API –Read/write access to configuration settings –Simplified custom configuration sections Instrumentation –Perf counters, health monitoring, and more

18 Web Parts Framework for building portal-style apps –Patterned after SharePoint Portal Server –System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts Rich UIs with minimal code –Edit page layout using drag-and-drop –Edit appearance and behavior and more Seamless personalization Intercommunication ("connections")

19 Web Parts

20 What's New in Mobility Unified Control Architecture –Adapters enable pages and controls to render markup for different device types –WML adapters provided by third parties Device filters <asp:Label Text="Hello, world" RunAt="server" Nokia:Text="Hello, Nokia" Up:Text="Hello, OpenWave" /> Nokia browsers OpenWave browsers

21 What's New in Localization Auto-culture handling –Declarative mapping of Accept-Language headers to relevant thread properties Simplified resource handling –Declarative mapping of control properties to resources using expressions –Strongly typed programmatic resource loading and more

22 Code-Behind 2.0 Hello.aspx

23 Code-Behind 2.0 Hello.aspx

24 Code-Behind 2.0, Cont. using System; partial class MyPage_aspx { void OnTest (object sender, EventArgs e) { Output.Text = "Hello, " + Input.Text; } Hello.aspx.cs

25 Cross-Page Posting Pages can now post back to other pages Relevant properties: –control.PostBackUrl - Identifies postback target –Page.PreviousPage - Returns reference to page that originated a cross-page postback –PreviousPage.IsCrossPagePostBack - Reveals whether a cross-page postback occurred @ PreviousPageType directive provides strongly typed access to previous page

26 Posting Back to Another Page

27 Get the beta Fill out the form, and youll get the DVD (no cost, not even shipping!!!)

28 Questions

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