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Institutional Presentation Accelerate Oil & Gas. Who We Are BUSINESS AREAS Towage: Largest tug fleet in South America, with 77 vessels (unrivalled market.

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1 Institutional Presentation Accelerate Oil & Gas

2 Who We Are BUSINESS AREAS Towage: Largest tug fleet in South America, with 77 vessels (unrivalled market leader) Through Offshore and Shipyard businesses (3 sites), operates a growing OSV fleet (14 OSVs/ + 24 until 2015) With 27 affiliates, the Shipping Agency has strategic synergy with our other businesses. NATIONAL PRESENCE Wilson, Sons is one of Brazil’s largest providers of integrated port and maritime logistics and supply chain solutions. With over 175 years of history, is involved in all stages of the chain of logistics services to the Oil & Gas industry: shipping agency, shipyards, onshore logistics and storage, land bases and offshore support vessels and ocean towage. Port Terminals: 3 rd largest container operator in Brazil, responsible for 13% of the volume of containerized load in the country ( 2 container terminals). Through Brasco, operates the largest Logistic Offshore Support Terminal in Brazil Bonded terminals and logistics Multi Clients terminals, adding specialized Know-how, capacity and intelligence. WS COMPANY Maritime Port and Logistics

3 Experience – Oil Companies Brasco offers extensive experience, expertise and a efficient operating model that allows the company being capable of supporting a wide range of onshore and offshore Oil & Gas Companies during any phase of its campaign to E & P with high standards of quality and safety.

4 Experience – Oil Service Companies Service Companies support is an important business in Brasco. Due to this, we developed a special team, focused on their demands. As we are present in strategic locations with a complete infrastructure, we can meet your demands Timely, with Safety and Operational Excellence.

5 Position GUAXINDIBANITERÓI NITEROI SYSTEM CAJU (BRICLOG)* CAJU RJ SYSTEM VITÓRIA/NORTHERN RJ SÃO LUIS SALVADOR To suit the specific demands of customers, Brasco is able to mobilize a full base of support to assist throughout all phases of Upstream - Exploration, Development and Production, along the Brazilian coast.  Niterói // 39,000 m²  Guaxindiba (Pipeyard) //62,000 m²  Caju (Briclog)* // 67,000 m²  Caju (Pipeyard)// 20,000 m²  São Luis // 12,000 m²  Salvador // 3,500m² Supply base under study * Acquisition process being completed.

6 Headbase – Ilha da Conceição Port The base has the necessary infrastructure to attend any offshore support base demands. BERTH 1: Length – 100m ; Draft – 8.5m ; Crane – 100ton BERTH 2: Length – 95m ; Draft – 7.0m ; Crane – 100ton BERTH 3: Length – 60m ; Draft – 5.8m ; Crane – 250ton FLUIDS AND BULK PLANTS: Halliburton and MI Swaco 1 3 2 PREPARED AREA FOR CHEMICAL PRODUCTS STORAGE POTABLE WATER TANKS COVERED STORAGE AREA UNCOVERED AREA : - Staging Area -Storage Area STERN BERTHING

7 Full Service Provider LOGISTICS SERVICESENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES Port Operation Material Handling Covered and Uncovered Warehouse, including chemical products Inventory Management Equipment Inspection Oil Spill Containment Services Tank Cleaning Waste Management Transport Pump of fresh water, fluids for drilling and well completion Container rental Procurement Office space Brasco contributes positively to the achievement of the Local Content with an average of 97%.

8 Customer Value Proposition Brasco’s Management System are anchored in four pillars of excellence: HSE, Operations, Relationship and People.

9 HSE Excellence

10 Brasco HSE Management System HSE Integration ProgramCompromisso Brasco – Security Passport Alcohol and Drugs Prevention Daily Safety Dialogue (DDS) Job Safety Environment Analysis (JSEA) Accidents /Incidents Investigations and Analysis Work Permit Observation Safety System (Stop Card) Safety Practices Index (IPS) Analysis of Accidents and Incidents BRASCO HSE Management System encompasses the main benchmark elements required by the Oil&Gas industry. Safety ToolsTrainingProceduresRecognition Leadership KPIs

11 Operational Excellence

12 Operational Efficiency WMS System (DLx) GXD 100% implemented WMS System (DLx) GXD 100% implemented Offshore Logistics Support System Key Elements and Control Tools  CCO (Operations Control Center);  Quality Assurance/Quality Control to processes;  Non Compliance Report;  Procedures and Housekeeping Audits;  Operational KPIs;  PMO and Processes Office;  Six Sigma and Optimization processes methodology to improve operations;  International companies for equipment certification (DNV, Bureau Veritas, ABS).

13 Relationship Excellence

14 Brasco has been supporting a wide range of petroleum companies in each stage of their projects. Throughout all E&P phases, we are able to offer a complete and suitable set of services, with the highest quality standards in safety and operational aspects. Brasco works in close partnership with its clients, creating an ethical and transparent environment at all different levels of the organization. 24 x 7 Operations Support “Open Doors” Culture Dedicated Forum Managerial and Operational KPI Monitoring Satisfaction Surveys Daily Customer Care

15 People

16  Brasco Training Center (CT)  “Talento a Brasco faz em Casa!” and “Trilha de Carreira” – Development and Retention Program  Leadership Development Program (including supervisors)  Integration Program for New Employees: focusing on HSE  Training partnership with customers and suppliers (eg. E-Colors)  Management Training Processes (6 Sigma, TOP) SIPAT 2012 Principles / Behaviors Training Brasco creates opportunities for its employees through an intensive investment in training and personnel qualification.

17 Index Our Core Value Who We Are Position Customer Value Proposition Briclog Acquisition

18 Brasco is in the final process of Briclog acquisition, a private terminal at Rio de Janeiro city. The company expects strong growth in the business through synergy with the existing Brasco operations, together with overall growth in the Brazilian offshore oil & gas industry.

19 David Melo Commercial Coordinator +55 21 8149-4895

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