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1 Destinations Interactive Requirements, Process and Timetable.

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1 1 Destinations Interactive Requirements, Process and Timetable

2 2 Academic Structure Allows for different academic structures and nomenclature But must have Single parent cascading structure Not all levels need to be used

3 3 University College 1College 2 Faculty AFaculty B Department iDepartment iiDepartment iii Course aCourse bCourse cCourse d Graduate 95Graduate 96Graduate 97Graduate 98Graduate 99  One course  One department  One faculty  One college

4 4 Data DLHE data submitted to HESA Additional survey data Supplementary graduate data (Registry) Course data

5 5 Additional Survey Data COURSENAME New course name if in further study (Q20) INSTNAME New institution name if in further study (Q22)

6 6 Supplementary Graduate Data Field Number Field Name TypeLengthDescription 68 CAMPIDT01HESA campus identifier 69 OWNSTUT20*University student identifier 70 SURNAMET40*Student surname 71 FNAMEST40*Student forenames 72 INITT04*Student initials 73 TITLET04*Student title 74 GENDERT01Student gender 75 PCODET08Postcode of permanent address 76 BIRTHDTEDate10Student date of birth 77 DOMICILET02Location of permanent address 78 ETHNICT02A valid HESA ethnicity code 79 DISABLET02A valid HESA disability code

7 7 Supplementary Graduate Data cont... Field Number Field Name TypeLengthDescription 80 NATIONT02Nationality 81 COURSEIDT30*University course code 82 DEPTT30*University department 83 FACULTYT30*University faculty 84 Blank --Please insert a null field 85 QUALT03Qualification awarded 86 FEEELIGT01Fee eligibility 87 CLASST02Qualification class 88 MODET02HESA mode of study(stud.record) 89 TTCIDT01Type of the teacher training 90 Blank --Please insert a null field 91 ENDDATE Date10The date the student left

8 8 Course Data Field NumberField Name TypeLengthDescription 1INSTIDText (T)04HESA institution identifier 2CAMPIDT01HESA campus identifier 3COURSEIDT30*University course code 4CTITLET80*University course name 5SBJCA1T04 JACS2 code (course subject field) 6SBJCA1P T03 % of total course for this subject area. Valid entry is 3 numeric characters, e.g. 100=100%, 050=50%, 075=75% 7SBJCA2T04 JACS2 code (course subject field) 8SBJCA2P T03% of total course for this subject area. 9SBJCA3T04 JACS2 code (course subject field) 10SBJCA3P T03% of total course for this subject area. 11Blank --Please insert a null field 12DEPTT30*University department 13FACULTYT30*University faculty

9 9 OPTIONAL - DLHE Non-Respondents It is potentially useful to include non-respondents as they can be included in analyses which do not depend on a DLHE response e.g. analyses of graduate numbers by subject area, by degree class, by ethnicity etc. OPTIONAL – Personal data It is not necessary to include the personal data from Specification B (e.g. SURNAME, FNAMES) and a null value should be entered if this data is not provided.

10 10 Customisation A degree of customisation – look and feel Logo Horizontal banner Vertical banner Colour scheme Positioning Choice of front page reports Static text Level of access

11 11

12 12

13 13

14 14

15 15

16 16 Access Generic group access NOT individual Username/password Decision on: Level of access? University/college/faculty/ department/course Which advanced reports?

17 17 The Process Confirm License Agreement and SLA Data Specification – from DLHE and Registry Customisation, skinning and static text Data validation and upload Quality testing Site Release receipt of good data  site release 2 weeks or less second+ year 2 months or less in first year s

18 18 License Agreement Data security Data Protection Start date and duration

19 19 Our obligations Provide site as described Updates and enhancements Support Your obligations Nominate contacts Data provision Decision on group access License Agreement

20 20 SLA Summary of requirements and obligations Data protection details Payment details

21 21 Data validation and upload Customisation Logins Quality testing Site release Sign off (start date) The Process cont...

22 22 Post Release Feedback and adjustments Additional DLHE years Advanced reports Support User forum?

23 23 Thank You Commercial Development Team, The Careers Group, University of London, Stewart House, 32 Russell Square, London, WC1B 5DN e: t: 020 7863 6070

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