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Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Compass & Map Training.

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2 Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Compass & Map Training

3 Principles parts of a Map

4 Where is North? For a 4 figure grid reference shade in 6896, 7094 and 6994

5 4 MAP AND COMPASS We use a 6 figure grid reference for example 697948 is a grid reference for RM.

6 5 Scale 1:25000 This means one blue square (4cm = 1Km)

7 6 Direction of Travel Arrow Parts of a Compass

8 Compass Direction-Taking a Bearing 1 2 3 4 5 7 6 8 9 10

9 Now you try! Record on the sheet provided 1 2 3 4 5 7 6 8 9 10

10 9 Hill Gradients For each gradient you cross allow 10minutes onto your walking time.

11 Determining the bearing to an object is just like finding your heading. Turn to face the object and do the steps for determining your heading. Here's a simple exercise to try... On a hike to Pathfinder, you see a strange rock formation off in the distance. Using your compass, you take a bearing to it as shown top right. Learning how to use a compass to follow a line of travel is simply pausing to take a reading occasionally while hiking. In the picture below right, you're trying to find your way to the lake in the distance to refill your water supply. In this opening in the forest, you pause to take a bearing to the lake and see that it is about 220 degrees. Ahead of you, there is no path and you drop into thick forest. You won't be able to see the lake or other landmarks for quite awhile. As you walk, you need to occasionally check your heading on the compass to ensure you are still heading 220 degrees.

12 ?v=qbWgtRyS6aM&feature=play er_embedded

13 Thank you for listening Any questions?

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