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EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS PROJECT Use right and left arrows; Esc when done.

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1 EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS PROJECT Use right and left arrows; Esc when done

2 LEARNING OBJECTIVES To know the differences between a CV and application form To learn what should and shouldn’t be included in a CV To assess some common mistakes in CV writing To be more confident in completing an application form and preparing your own CV for a job (Employability Project)

3 Curriculum Vitae (CV) Produced by the applicant Layout and contents chosen by applicant Word processed by applicant Application Form Printed by the business, filled in by the applicant Layout and contents chosen by employer Completed online or on file provided by employer CVS AND APPLICATION FORMS

4 What is a CV?

5 WHAT’S IN A CV? Contact Details Personal Profile Your Education and Training Your Work Experience Your Hobbies and Interests References

6 THE PERSONAL PROFILE This paragraph gives a description of what you are like and the relevant SKILLS and QUALITIES you can bring to a business.

7 Have you got the X factor?

8 Discuss What is a quality? What is a skill?

9 WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SKILL AND A QUALITY? A skill is something you can learn or something you are naturally good at that you can use in your work. Can you think of an example? Carpentry Languages Painting Writing Electrics

10 THINK OF A GOOD QUALITY FOR THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU AND TELL THEM! A quality is a more personal attribute which can describe the kind of person you are. Can you think of an example? Kind Responsible Creative Thoughtful

11 Jennifer has IT skills and is computer literate. Her other skills include being able to write documents and analyse data. She shows a sense of responsibility towards her work. She is always punctual and able to stick to deadlines. She is kind and generous and always willing to help someone in need. What are Jennifer's skills? List Jennifer's qualities.

12 …..BUT WHY SHOULD WE HIRE YOU? What skills and qualities can you offer?

13 YOUR CV… What skills and qualities do YOU have? Write down as many skills as you can and how/why you gained them. Feel free to chat with your friends about what you came up with…..they may recognise that they have those skills too!!! Remember – you should apply for jobs which best suit your skills and qualities and tailor your CV to each job application

14 TASK: PROFILE BLUNDERS 1 Correct any mistakes and identify anything that the writer shouldn’t say about themselves and why. I am a hardworking and punctuous person who always tries to complete tasks on thyme. I have experience using computers and i can work as part of a teem. I am good at solving problems but I can be moody at times if I am tired. My goal is to become a Mechanics and I would like to gain some experience in this area.

15 TASK: PROFILE BLUNDERS 2 Correct any mistakes and identify anything that the writer shouldn’t say about themselves and why. I like challenging work that makes me push myslef 2b better I have a good work history and am good @ finding mistakes in my own work. I an a great listener and feel comfortably when meeting new ppl. I like to work on my own because I can get angry if people don’t share my opinion

16 TASK: PROFILE BLUNDERS 3 Correct any mistakes and identify anything that the writer shouldn’t say about themselves and why. I have no experience in work or college. I done OK in school, but left early because I didn’t like the teachers there. I seen this job advertised in the paper and thought I wud apply cos I’m good at typing on the PC/laptop. I can work well on me own but I am also good at working with other people. I want to become a Police Officer because I like being in control of other people

17 TASK: WRITE A PERSONAL PROFILE FOR YOU Using these tips start to think about your own personal profile What do you do best? What are you good at? What are your goals?

18 YOUR EDUCATION AND TRAINING In this section you detail your time spent at each school, college or training provider, what you did there, and any qualifications you gained. Example Dunfermline High School08/2007- 05/2013 Standard Grades Intermediates Highers Bronze Award Duke of Edinburgh Member of the school council

19 YOUR WORK EXPERIENCE Here you detail any relevant experience you have for the role you are applying for. This can include any work experience you did in year 10 and any other full or part time work you have had Example Greggs Bakers, Inverkeithing Weekend Sales Assistant04/2011 - present Preparing Sandwiches and baked goods High standard of customer service Received CLEAPSS and HACCP training

20 HOBBIES AND INTERESTS This should be a paragraph, written in continuous prose, about your varied hobbies and interests and what drives you in life It should sell positive qualities, such as commitment and team work, through the hobbies and interests that you have Some examples of things you may want to include: Duke of Edinburgh Awards Playing for a particular sports team at school or for a local club Volunteering work

21 HOBBIES AND INTERESTS Example “I play football for a Sunday league team that I have played in around four years. I also have a keen interest for hillwalking and camping, which I have cultured in my involvement with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. This has also opened volunteering opportunities during school holidays including my recent post at the youth club in Rosyth. I also enjoy reading murder mystery books and have an interest in photography”

22 REFERENCES Two references are usually given Name, address, contact number They should NOT be family references They could be: Head teacher Boss at a previous/current job Teacher Always inform your references that they are on your CV so that they can expect contact from prospective employers

23 TASK Put the statements under the correct headings

24 SUMMARY Watch this video and make notes on the key points


26 DATES FOR YOUR DIARY Drop-in Sessions

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