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AutoPOL Unfolder for Windows Extended unfolding capability for SolidWorks.

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1 AutoPOL Unfolder for Windows Extended unfolding capability for SolidWorks

2 Import or design a 3D model in SolidWorks. Any commands can be used to create features. It’s not limited to particular sheet metal features, also surface models can be unfolded.

3 Retrieve active part from SolidWorks into AutoPOL Unfolder or import STEP or ACIS- SAT files.

4 The AutoPOL command ”Split face” can be used to divide surfaces. This is done because this particular part will be manufactured in two pieces and welded together.

5 Activate AutoPOL ”Unfold” command. Select the surfaces to unfold and click to start the automatic unfolding calculation. Optional number of bend lines can be included.

6 The 2D flat pattern is created and shown in a separate windows.

7 Send 2D flat pattern back to SolidWorks.

8 The result is inserted in a SolidWorks drawing. Notice that information about bending angles are included. SolidWorks dimensioning and annotation tools can now be used to complete the drawing.

9 The output is controlled from a dialog box. Different settings can be made and used, depending of how the result is used in the manufacturing process.

10 This slide shows how 2D flat pattern has been imported into a bend simulation software. Here the bend lines and angles are essential.

11 This slide shows 2D geometry nested on a sheet. In this case only the contour is allowed. No bend lines or angles are included.

12 This and the next slides shows different kinds of geometry’s that can be unfolded. AutoPOL Unfolder has a very powerful unfolding capability. All single curved surfaces can be unfolded. Lofted surface.

13 Several unfoldings created from a single body 3D model.

14 Unfolding created from a 3D model that has some geometrical errors. Bend radius missing. Inner and outer bend radius has different center points. NURBS surface.

15 AutoPOL Unfolder for Windows More information at

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