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by Kiera Denham & Keira. Bradbury

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1 by Kiera Denham & Keira. Bradbury
Large Creatures by Kiera Denham & Keira. Bradbury

2 Contents Dolphin Monkey Kangaroo Elephant Great White Shark

3 Dolphin Dolphins belong to the large family of whales, which is divided into two main groups.

4 Monkey Monkeys belong to the group of mammals called primates that also includes lemurs, apes, and humans. They feed on plants, fruits, and even meat. There are two kinds of monkeys: New World monkeys and Old World monkeys.

5 Kangaroo Kangaroos are marsupials. Marsupials include 270 species of poached animals. Most of them live in remote parts of Asia, Australia, and South America.

6 Elephant Elephants are the largest of all land animals. They appeared 50 million years ago.

7 Great white shark Sharks, unlike bony fishes, have skeletons made of a strong and flexible cartilage. Sharks are found worldwide

8 Thank you for looking at
Large creatures by Keira Bradbury & Kiera Denham

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