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11 PE and Sport Strategy for Young People Extending Activities Workstrand: Induction for SASSOT Steering Group 10 th March 2008.

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1 11 PE and Sport Strategy for Young People Extending Activities Workstrand: Induction for SASSOT Steering Group 10 th March 2008

2 2 Background to the 5-Hour Offer 13 July 2007 announcement by the Prime Minister – additional £100m Links to existing PE and Sport Strategy for Young People (formerly PESSCL) workstrands – Club Links, Step into Sport etc. Funding distributed as follows: £60m DCSF : FESCOs linked to SSPs Competition Managers linked to SSPs Top up grants to SSPs for coaching Multi sport clubs for children with special needs linked to SSPs National School Sport Week £36m DCMS Extending Activities: Funding to support clubs to attract “semi sporty” types – a different type of young person

3 3 The New PSA Context PSA 22 – Deliver a successful Olympic games and paralympic games with a sustainable legacy and get more children and young people taking part in high quality P.E. and sport. “…the Government wants more opportunities for 5-19 year olds to participate in a further 3 hours per week of sporting activities through attractive provision designed to stimulate and increase take-up and sustain participation.” PSA 12 – Improve the health and wellbeing of Children and Young People. PSA 14 – Increase the number of children on the path to success

4 4 Extending Activities... Where it Fits Extending Activities

5 What is Extending Activities? The Headlines Part of the “5 hour offer”: One of the workstrands emerging from the additional £100m announced in July 2007 Delivered through a CSP led plan, with the involvement and ownership of local delivery organisations: SSPs, LAs, CSNs and other partners The Extending Activities plan provides the opportunity for CSPs to join up different programmes and funding streams into one cohesive plan National target by 2011: 900,000 young people aged 5-19 from the ‘semi-sporty’ population take up an additional 2 hours ‘Semi sporty’ population – estimated to be 50% of young people – currently doing 2-3 hours per week Term-time programmes, delivered out of school hours in club / community settings Focus on new or enhanced high quality, attractive provision designed to increase take up and sustain participation, and ensure effective signposting is in place Focus on the 11 to 19 age range, especially KS2/3 transition and 14-19 age range 5

6 6 Definition of Sport A broad definition of sport that includes activities outside of Sport England’s support structure that are relevant and compelling to children and young people. These include dance, aerobics and climbing. It does not include activities such as walking or cycling to school.

7 7 Overall Targets The workstrand will aim to get 900,000 Children and Young People taking part in attractive and sustainable sporting activities over the delivery period 2008 to 2011. CSP targets are based on 741 children and young people per School Sport Partnership per year...BUT CSPs and partners will determine how their area target will be divided geographically There will be a focus on the 11 to 19 age range

8 8 Extending Activities Workstrand Evaluation Framework Recruit Working with partners to recruit targeted young people 1.5 million Engage Registration and attendance KPI Participants KPI Throughput 1.25 million Basic Evaluation - all projects measuring 3 KPIs Focused Evaluation - for sample of projects: understanding process and sustained impact Retain Young people attend a minimum of 60% of sessions KPI Retain 900,000 Sustain and grow Young people continue to participate regularly KPI Sustain 0.75 m Excel Talented young people identified and set on ‘performance pathway’ KPI Excel

9 Basic Evaluation Measuring engagement and retention - 3 KPIs (CSPs) Basis for measurement – minimum of 8 weekly sessions (max of 10) of 1-2 hours per session during term time KPI 1 ‘Participants’ – number of young people registered for a block of sessions and taking part in at least one KPI 2 ‘Throughput’ – number of ‘attendances’ over a block of sessions, i.e. if 6 young people each attend 10 sessions, Participants = 6, Throughput = 60 KPI 3 ‘Retain’ – number of young people attending at least 60% of the sessions

10 Focused evaluation Measuring sustained impact and talent development beyond the end of the sessions (sample by external consultants) KPI 4 ‘Sustain and Grow’- number of young people that continue to take part regularly in sport (exact definition tbc) KPI 5 ‘Excel’ – number of young people identified as talented and set on performance pathways An impact study with a difference! Bringing projects to life Provide high quality and regular evidence 9 CSPs (6 trailblazer & 3 phase 2 CSPs) to be selected

11 Delivery Plan template – front sheet

12 Delivery Plan template

13 13 Phase 2 CSP Timetable: Critical Dates Immediately – application process for capacity funding Phase 2 CSPs begin planning process: Feb/ March Submissions deadline for delivery plan submission: 23rd May Assessment of Phase 2 plans: w/c 26th May and 2nd June Refine plans and resubmit if necessary: 20th June DCMS / SE / YST review of selected plans: 23rd June All plans signed off by Regional officers: 8 July Phase 2 plans go live: 1st Sept Phase 2 6 week reviews, week commencing the 13th October 08.

14 14 Questions for Decision How should the capacity funding be used to have most impact? How do we split the delivery funding and KPIs? Topslicing? Do we just allocate funding for Year One, or Years One to Three at this point? How will we co-ordinate applications from each LA / SSP area? What information do we need on application forms? How will applications be assessed / prioritised? How will we communicate the above information to Partners?

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