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Spent Fuel Management & Nuclear Materials (SFM&NM) Working Group April 2014 SIXEP CONTINGENCY PLANT (SCP) Simon Wilcock – SCP Project Manager 2

3 What we will cover What is SIXEP ? Why is it Important ?
Why Do We Need a Contingency Plant ? What Options Have We Considered ? What is the Preferred Option ? What is the Project Status ?

4 What is SIXEP ? Site Ion Exchange Effluent Plant (SIXEP) was built to extract radioactivity from Pond Water prior to discharge of effluent to Irish Sea. Brought into operation in 1985 the plant has been very successful in removing activity from effluent streams very reliably Current main feeds are in support of MOP and FGMSP Pond Water Purge. Water Treatment Plant with extra steps - Process uses Sand Filtration and IX Media.

5 Why is SIXEP Important ? Pivotal part of the Overall Site Effluent Strategy. Needs to operate to 2050. Without sea discharge treatment capability, delivery of the Magnox Operational Programme, AGR programme and high hazard and risk reduction activities would be severely impacted. High Hazard & Risk Reduction Activities would cease (FGMSP & MSSS), resulting in extended retrievals programmes and time at risk.

6 Why Do We Need a Contingency Plant ?
SIXEP was designed in the mid-70’s and brought online 28 years ago. SIXEP is a unique, ageing single line facility. By 2050 the plant will have been in operation for 65 years. It is considered crucial that provision is made for the inclusion of a SIXEP Contingency Plant to mitigate the risk and consequential impacts should SIXEP become unavailable.

7 What Options have been Considered ?
Do Nothing? Contingency Options Low Scope Medium Scope High Scope SIXEP 2 (Full Replacement) Based upon the balance of cost and risk a decision was made to build the Medium Scope Contingency Option.

8 Current Status Project delivery team in place.
Initial Business Case completed. Project Concept Started. Key Milestones: Project Concept Stage May 15 Preliminary Design Apr 16 Detailed Design Mar 19 Construction Jun 23 Active Commissioning Nov 24

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