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The Scottish Ferries Review Islay 31March 2009 Welcome.

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1 The Scottish Ferries Review Islay 31March 2009 Welcome

2 Introductions: Judith Ainsley, Scottish Government Bob Watson, Scottish Government Guy Platten, Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd Dave Duthie, HITRANS Robert Pollock, Argyll & Bute Council Moya Ingram, Argyll & Bute Council

3 Consultation Seminars around the country Public meetings 1 st round Data collection Formal 3 month public consultation Roadshow

4 The Scottish Ferries Review Overview

5 Commitment in the National Transport Strategy (2006) Ministerial commitment following the TICCC Inquiry into Scottish Ferry Services Long term to 2022 in line with the Strategic Transport Projects Review

6 Scope of the Review: Internal Scottish ferries only All publicly funded ferries included – Scottish Government and local authority funded No potential domestic routes will be excluded Take account of commercial operators too Passengers, cars, commercial vehicles and freight

7 What will the Review do? Inform the production of a long term Ferries Strategy Feed into next spending review Influence how ferry services are procured next time round Identify an investment plan for vessels, ports and harbours Identify policies to be taken forward to deliver the long term Strategy

8 Working Objectives Contribute to increasing the productivity, competitiveness and consequently, the wealth of businesses and people on our island and remote rural communities. Contribute to a reduction in regional disparity and more balanced growth across Scotland. Contribute to improved access to employment, education, business, leisure, health and tourism.

9 Working Objectives Contribute to sustainable population growth in our islands and remote rural communities. Contribute to the Government’s climate change policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – including a 50% reduction by 2030 and an 80% reduction by 2050. Make the minimum possible impact on the local and global environment.

10 Working Objectives Support improved safety of journeys and enhance the personal safety of those using the services, including staff. Support the use of sustainable, modern, efficient ferry services responsive to local needs and appropriate to the requirements of those using them. Be cost effective, providing value for money for public investment.

11 The Review will consider: Economic impacts of ferries Ports and harbours Vessels Accessibility of ports, harbours and vessels Methods of delivery and operation Competition and procurement Freight

12 The Review will consider Services and routes Alternatives to ferries Integration Fares Funding Cost and affordability Environmental impacts

13 Timetable Work packages deliver – Summer 09 Write draft strategy and public consultation document – end Summer 09 Public consultation – Autumn 09 Final Strategy - end of year

14 Exclusions Detailed work on timetabling Detailed costing work Detailed work to consider fixed link alternatives Detailed work on integration A decision on whether there should be a Ferry Regulator

15 Have your say Tell us your views today Stakeholder group Public consultation Road shows

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