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Food Hygiene Information Scheme ‘Scores on the Doors’ Robert Lyle.

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1 Food Hygiene Information Scheme ‘Scores on the Doors’ Robert Lyle

2 The Drivers During 2004 - SCC made a series of recommendations to the Agency : “need to examine methods that enable consumers to make informed choices in relation to premises serving food…” “FSA should establish a working group to facilitate this by examining different methods that exist, including from outside of the UK…..” Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 Hampton Review

3 Working Group Members

4 Working Group Research u Toronto u English LA schemes – Gt. Yarmouth, Camden u Scottish LA publication of inspection reports u Danish Smiley faces scheme u FSA Consumer and business focus group research u New York City

5 The Pilot Scheme Objectives uProvide information to consumers in a way that’s simple to understand and available at the premises and on the web site uDrive up standards by encouraging businesses to comply with hygiene legislation uTo encourage those businesses that choose to adopt best practice beyond compliance uTo ensure that the public is adequately informed about the aims and nature of the scheme prior to inception

6 Working Group Output 2 categories: - Pass - Improvement Required uScheme to be based on the current risk rating factors for CIM, Hygiene and Structure with any non- compliances to be minor in nature, non-recurring and not critical to food safety. uPrinciples for a web based information system

7 The Pilots Scotland - 5 LAs 33 London Boroughs - awarding “star” ratings East Midlands City Group - various schemes - including “smiley faces”

8 Food Hygiene Information Scheme in Perth & Kinross u 600 Premises u Reduced because certain premises exempt u Had to “cleanse” database u Had to modify approach to scoring.

9 Why bother? u FSA’s Strategic plan is; u Aim to reduce incidence of food borne illness by 20%, in that, u Seeing a rating on view informs customers u Growing public awareness along with the FOIA

10 What is the purpose of the pilot? u To give the FSA evidence it needs to recommend one scheme nationwide u Pilot will also help decide if scheme is to be voluntary or required by legislation u Pilot will last two years unless scheme so successful that nationwide implementation is saught

11 How will success of pilot be measured? u Impact of scheme on hygiene standards u Compliance with Food Hygiene Leg u Consumer behaviour u LA compliance costs u Consistency between authorities u Level of business co-operation u Suggested that reduction in Category but this has highlighted need for control area

12 What if there’s a legal challenge u Advised fully legal, already had someone threaten to sue u Legal to disclose FBO’s name & address u Is consistent with FOI information

13 Why is it called FHIS u Involved in consultation with private PR Company

14 Names that didn’t quite make it! u Scores on the Doors u The Official Eye u Ice cream cones u Big door (looked like a fireplace) u Cloth u Golden haggis u Spick and span u An Inspector Calls, and u The Golden Mops

15 What it’s not u Scores on the doors u An award scheme u A way of encouraging better failure u Predominantly web based u Wholly dependant on C o P risk rating u Traffic lights, stars

16 What it is u Food Hygiene Information Scheme u Simplified information u Wholly related to compliance u Predominantly aimed at on-site information to inform choice u About transparent enforcement




20 What consumer will see From 6 November...

21 Web based information PASS ?

22 What consumers will see - web

23 Can we be sure it will work? u Similar schemes operate in US, Australia, New Zealand and across Europe u One US scheme reported a 20% reduction in food borne disease related visits to hospital

24 u Radio stations played an advert promoting the FHIS on; Radio Forth Radio Clyde Northsound Radio Tay

25 u Any Questions

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