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Welcome. 7.30pm: Bucks Fizz Reception (with the Bluecoat quartet & St Sebastian’s Children) 8.00pm: 3 course meal with wine 9.30pm: Speakers 9.45pm: “Viva.

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2 Welcome. 7.30pm: Bucks Fizz Reception (with the Bluecoat quartet & St Sebastian’s Children) 8.00pm: 3 course meal with wine 9.30pm: Speakers 9.45pm: “Viva Las Vegas” (fabulous 7 piece show band) 10.30pm: Disco 10.45pm: “Viva Las Vegas” 11.30pm: Disco (into the small hours!)

3 Menu Starter: Homemade Country Soup & bread roll Main: Sirloin beef, potatoes & vegetables Dessert: Deep based Apple pie & cream Coffee / Tea & Mints

4 Headteachers of St Seb’s. Miss Gertrude Roberts: 1909 – 1945 Mr Patrick Joseph Peters: 1945 – 1963 Mr John Kinsella: 1963 – 1974 Mr Ken Roche: 1974 – 1983 Mr Dennis Hardiman: 1983 - present

5 Miss Gertrude Roberts: 1909 - 1945 This is how we think Miss Roberts might have looked!

6 Mr Patrick Joseph Peters: 1945 - 1963

7 Mr John Kinsella: 1963 - 1974

8 Mr Ken Roche: 1974 - 1983

9 Mr Dennis Hardiman: 1983 - present

10 1909 -1919. The school of St Sebastian’s opened on Monday 3 May 1909, under the charge of Miss Gertrude Roberts. The building was known as the “Tin School” because of its roof! It was situated in Lockerby Road, next to the Church – where the Parish Club is today. The 1 st World War had an effect on the school: “Boys of Standard VII engaged in sewing chaff sacks for military purpose.” (Log book: 30 June 1916)



13 Miss Roberts found ways to keep her pupils warm on cold days: “Physical exercise and organised games given at intervals to keep children warm.” (Log book: 6 Feb 1920) The log book mentions: “Permission granted for morning session to close at 11.45am and for afternoon session to begin at 2pm, owing to visit of Her Majesty the Queen to the city.” (17 March 1921) The 1 st HMI report made on the school occurred on 2 Nov 1927: “There is evidence throughout of the hard and conscientious work of the teachers.” St Sebastian’s School moved from the “Tin School” to the L’Arche building: “The staff & school children entered into occupation of the new building.” (9 Jan 1928) 1919 - 1929



16 1929 - 1939 New technology was used to try to pass on information to pupils: “50 seniors visited Kensington Picturedrome, to see picture descriptive of Safety First Rules.” (13 May 1930) The first male teachers came to St Sebastian’s: “Mr Patrick Joseph Peters appointed 1 st Assistant & Mr James Doran appointed as an assistant Master.” (7 Jan 1937) “Whole holiday in honour of visit of their Majesties King & Queen.” (19 May 1938) St Sebastian’s children were evacuated to Penmaenmawr in Wales: “On the afternoon of Sunday Sept 3 rd 1939, 189 pupils from St Sebastian’s in Liverpool, arrived in Penmaenmawr, under the charge of their teachers and helpers.”



19 1939 - 1949 School life was kept as normal as possible, for those who remained in Liverpool: “Air raid warnings were sounded at 10am & 11.15am and the school children were marshalled in the air raid shelters until the “All clear” signal was given.” (4 Sept 1940) “The school was closed today until further notice on account of the damage caused to the school and in the vicinity, as a result of last night’s air-raid.” (18 Sept 1940) Miss Roberts retired after 35 yrs in charge. “Mr PJ Peters, late first Assistant, commenced duty as Head Teacher of the school.” (8 Jan 1945) “School closed in celebration of victory & thanksgiving. The school children visited the Casino Cinema in the morning & had a tea-party in the afternoon.” (28 Sept 1945) “Work on removal of air raid shelter completed. The room reverted to its former use as a classroom – Standard II.” (9 Jan 1946) “Mr James Doran returned to school this morning after service in the R.A.F.” (11 March 1946)



22 1949 - 1959 New methods of education such as field trips, began to enter into the Log book: “Miss Dillon accompanied 18 Senior Girls on a tour of the Liverpool Docks via the Overhead Railway.” (11 March 1953) “Commencement of the Coronation celebrations. Pupils were taken to the Casino Picturedrome in the morning. Whole school were given sweets and a Coronation mug. At 4pm, the school closed until Fri 5 June in honour of the Coronation.” (29 May1953) A HMI Report in 1955 stated: “The premises are totally inadequate for the 493 pupils, ranging in age from 5 – 15 years. There is no hall, no accomodation for housecraft or woodwork and no library.” Summer 1959 was an exciting one for some boys: “Mr Boyce & Mr Ludlow escorted 48 boys of the school to camp at St Mary’s Bay, Kent.” (24 July 1959)



25 1959 - 1969 This decade saw the Senior girls & boys leave St Sebastian’s: “Girls aged 11+ on 01.09.61 finished at the school today, prior to commencing on 07.09.61 at St Agnes’ Catholic Secondary School, Old Swan” (20 July 1961) & “The school commenced as a Junior & Infant school, the senior boys attending Cardinal Newman Secondary Modern School.” (6 Sept 1962) “Mr PJ Peters retired after 26 years service to the school, the last 18yrs & 7mths in the capacity of Headmaster.” (18 July 1963) Mr John Kinsella took over this post. The HMI report of 1966 noted: “The children of St Sebastian’s are lively, friendly & well turned out. Relations between children & staff and staff & parents are good. Under the energetic and thoughtful leadership of the Headmaster, considerable progress has been made both in outlook and in organisation.” (17 Oct 1966) “Mrs Maureen Davies appointed to staff and in charge of Reception class.” (6 Sept 1967)



28 1969 - 1979 “Mr Peter Tipping took up his appointment at the school today.” (7 Jan 1970) Miss McGuinness (Mrs Buckley) took up duties in Grade 1 (6 Sept 1972) Mr Kinsella died in hospital on Easter Sunday (14 April 1974). Miss Murray took over until Mr Ken Roche was appointed as the new Headmaster (7 Jan 1975) “Mrs Large appointed and took up duties in Junior 1.”(3 Sept 1974) “Miss Gillies (Mrs Smith) took up duties today.” (1 Dec 1975) “Phase 1 Holly Rd complex accepted as satisfactory. Keys officially passed over to Headteacher.” (12 Apr 1979) “First Garden Fete (to help school building fund) held in grounds of school.” (23 Jun 1979) “The Nursery class will start to function this week under Mrs McGann.” (4 Sept 1979)



31 1979 - 1989 Completion of Phase II: “Classes 1, 2, 3 & 4 leave Lockerby Rd for new accomodation in Holly Rd.” (27 Feb 1980) “Ceremonial Blessing & Official opening, by His Grace, the Most Rev Derek Worlock, Archbishop of Liverpool.” (4 June 1980) “Staff meeting today: Fr Kelly accepted invitation to speak to staff.” (29 Sept 1982) “Headteacher sends letter of resignation, due to early retirement, to the Chairman of Governors, Rev Fr Kelly.” (18 Apr 1983) “Governors meeting to appoint Headteacher, Mr Dennis Hardiman, from St Paschal Baylon.” (12 July 1983)



34 1989 - 1999 National Curriculum introduced (1990) Introduction of SATs at end of KS1 & KS2 (1995) School has an “outstanding” Ofsted report (July 1998) The Literacy & Numeracy Strategies were introduced (1997 &1998) School achieves Investors in People for the first time (1996) School achieves Charter Mark successfully – 1 st primary school in NW England (1997) Mr Hardiman accepts invitation to meet Prince Charles at Highgrove (1999) Mrs Davies wins “Lifetime achievement award” in the first ever teaching awards. Mrs Hilton & Mr Hardiman also win awards in their categories. (1999)



37 1999 - 2009 Whole school visit the Millenium Dome at Greenwich (May 2000) Ex-pupil, Natasha Hamilton, sings for school with her pop group, Atomic Kitten (2000) The Field of Dreams is completed & officially opened by Lord Puttnam (May 2004) School has 2 further “outstanding” Ofsted reports (April 2004 & May 2008) Mr Hardiman becomes Headteacher of St Cuthbert’s also – 1 st Federation in Liverpool (April 2006) School becomes a Centre of Excellence for Spanish (2002) School celebrates the 100 th birthday of our church (2004) Many events to celebrate the school’s 100 th birthday (2009)









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