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Shipperless & Unregistered Workgroup Tuesday 6 th May 2014.

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1 Shipperless & Unregistered Workgroup Tuesday 6 th May 2014

2 Agenda  Introduction  Previous Actions  Statistical Information  Overall Industry Volumes  Shipperless and Unregistered Sites Project Update  Withdrawn Sites with Live MPRNs with No Meter Attached  DN New Supply Leaflet  GDNs Updates  A.O.B.

3 Previous Actions

4 Outstanding Actions Ref.Date RaisedDescriptionActionStatus 15001/07/13 All Shippers to provide contact details for Networks to use to provide pre-notifications of GSR site visits or end user letters. Update – 01/11/13 Some Shippers have provided contact details as requested but many are yet to respond. Update – 29/01/14 Some Shippers are still yet to respond. Reminders will be issued via Xoserve’s Customer Engagement Team. All ShippersOngoing 15729/01/14 Xoserve to provide Networks with statistics on the number of MPRN Creation Requests Submitted by Shippers in 2013. Update – 01/05/14 – high level figures provided to Networks. XoserveOpen 15829/01/14 Networks to consider the request from DW to engage with Shippers and to create MPRNs at their request. NetworksOpen 15929/01/14 Networks, Shippers and OFGEM to consider the issue of the 350,000 Withdrawn Sites with no Asset Attached. Report back at next S&U WG Meeting. Networks, Shippers and OFGEM Open 16029/01/14 Xoserve to clarify which Shipper would be pursued if a meter was found on a withdrawn site which purportedly had been removed by a previous Shipper and the site had subsequently been confirmed and withdrawn by other Shipper (s). XoserveOpen

5 Statistical Information

6 Statistical Information February 2014 Unregistered SitesJan-14Feb-14 TotalWith ShippersRemainingTotalWith ShippersRemaining Shipper Activity23332301030 Orphaned TOTAL14,6841,67313,01114,3080 With Meter5,908--5,5810 Shipperless Sites - Shipper (PTS) GSR1,1925246681,1840 GSS402--940 Shipperless Sites - Industry (SSP)4,8912,2282,6634,7090 No Activity8150 8970 Legitimately Unregistered38,759--38,7640 Meter Point created less than 12 months 32,040--36,2920 TOTAL21,8154,42817,38721,2010

7 Shipperless and Unregistered Sites Clearance Project Update

8 S&U Site Clearance Project - The Story So Far Xoserve produced a “Base-line” Dataset in November This was issued to the industry for portfolio comparisons Xoserve issued the first batch of End User Letters in March Xoserve have so far, issued letters to Shipperless Sites and are currently in the middle of issuing letters to Unregistered Sites. Xoserve has issued records to Shippers and Networks where appropriate. Xoserve continues to complete desktop investigations

9 Update on Shipperless Sites Outcome Number of Records % Site Confirmed752.25% Set to DE110.33% Passed to Network57217.19% Passed to Shipper491.47% Possible Duplicate1404.21% To be set to EX60.18% Further Investigation by Xoserve Required1685.05% No Response230669.31% Total3327100.00% 15 duplicate records were found in the original dataset.

10 Update on Unregistered Batch 1 Outcome Number of Records % Site Confirmed40.08% Set to DE00.00% Passed to Network3196.60% Passed to Shipper270.56% Possible Duplicate350.72% To be set to EX30.06% Further Investigation by Xoserve Required2114.37% No Response423487.61% Total4833100.00%

11 Lettering Schedule Shipperless Sites LettersBoth Letters Have Been Issued Unregistered Sites LettersDispatch Week Commencing Batch 1Both Letters Have Been Issued Batch 2 Letter 1Letter 1 Has Been Issued Batch 2 Letter 212/05/2014 Batch 3 Letter 102/06/2014 Batch 3 Letter 216/06/2014

12 Going Forward Xoserve will continue to process responses. Xoserve will continue to issue records to Shippers and Networks to investigate and process accordingly Xoserve will investigate and process records as appropriate. It is hoped that the majority of returns will have been received from End Users by the end of June 2014. Activity by Xoserve, Shippers and Networks will continue beyond this date. The Project is scheduled to be completed by the end of October 2014.

13 Withdrawn Sites with Live MPRNs with no Meter Attached

14 Background In January, Xoserve made the S&U Workgroup aware of the existence of a number of Shipperless Sites on UK-Link that are not necessarily included in the S&U process. The group discussed the issue and agreed to contemplate what, if any action was required to address these records which fall outside the definition of a “Shipperless Site”: “Shipperless Meter Point – A Supply Point that has no current registered Shipper but previously had one, and for which it has been established that gas is being consumed through a meter.”

15 DN Unregistered Sites Leaflet


17 DN Unregistered Sites Leaflet

18 GDN Updates

19 AOB  Any other business?  Thanks for your attendance your contribution & support  Have a safe journey home!

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