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St Paul’s School Governor Information Evening September 2010 Lorraine Couves.

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1 St Paul’s School Governor Information Evening September 2010 Lorraine Couves

2 Introduction Lorraine Couves: – Current chair of governors (since 2006) – Governor since 2002 – Former PTA member and chair (1999-2002) – I have 3 children who have all attended St Paul’s – Claire joined the nursery in 1995 and my youngest daughter left in 2008. – So in total a fifteen year history with this school.

3 Governor communication Until 2005 the Governors held an annual meeting to formally report to parents. In general this was poorly attended In 2005 this requirement was replaced by online reporting through the school profile So tonight is an opportunity to reach a new parents and give you an introduction to governance at St Pauls.

4 The Governing Body One third of governors should be parents Governors represent the largest volunteer group in the country Some thing about representing different stake holder groups?

5 Governance Governors have a range of duties and powers under various ‘Education acts’ with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. Governors are ‘corporate’ bodies – Individual governors have no right or power to act on behalf of the governing body Governors receive training to allow us to fulfil these duties

6 Specific Responsibilities at St Paul’s The governing body – Is the ‘employer’ – Is responsible for Admissions – Is responsible for financial management (FMsiS) – Is responsible for compliance with some government legislation e.g. Race equality act – Is responsible for strategic leadership

7 Strategic Leadership Governors establish a strategic framework by Setting aims & objectives for the school – The mission statement – Self-evaluation – Inspection Reports and dialogue with School improvement partners Adopting policies which support these aims Setting targets for achieving these aims Monitoring and evaluating its progress – Governors do this by acting as a ‘critical friend’ providing both challenge and support.

8 Mission Statement St. Paul's Church of England Combined School will provide its pupils with the environment, opportunities and skills necessary to prepare them to be citizens of the 21 st Century Growing in strength, wisdom and faith. In this presentation I want to give you some examples of how governors work with school to set the strategic framework which is then implemented by the school leadership team

9 Strategic Leadership Every child Matters – A national strategic framework for raising attainment in schools for ALL children. Recent developments and achievements – How the school leadership team has responded to the strategic direction

10 Every Child Matters This government agenda has been guiding schools since 2004 Key indicator in Ofsted performance Sets out 5 outcomes that are universal ambitions for all young people Children’s services (including schools need to support children in each of these areas). Treats children as individuals and requires them to have a ‘voice’.

11 Every Child Matters - 5 Outcomes Be Healthy Stay safe Enjoy and achieve Make a positive contribution Achieve economic well being These outcomes are self reinforcing and taken together will lead to children performing at the best that they are able to.

12 Be Healthy St Paul’s was a pilot ‘healthy Schools’ Healthy eating education Sport and exercise

13 Stay Safe Health and safety Site Security Behaviour and anti bullying strategy Risk assessments Curriculum Stranger danger Road safety Medicines and drugs Firework Etc..........

14 Enjoy and achieve Trying new things – finding new skills and talents Sport – encourage participation Music – energise, Albert Hall, instruments etc Drama – assemblies, plays Extracurricular activities Set Expectations To achieve the best you can Personalised learning Individual targets and assessments

15 Make a positive contribution Encourage participation School council Charity Citizenship Behaviour Leadership opportunities Red nose day

16 Achieve Economic Wellbeing Christmas bazaar Summer fete Cake sales.... these activities help our children to understand about money Mini enterprise.... And this is a first introduction to ‘business’ but covers teamwork, leadership and more

17 Mission statement St. Paul's Church of England Combined School will provide its pupils with the environment, opportunities and skills necessary to prepare them to be citizens of the 21st Century Growing in strength, wisdom and faith....this shows our commitment to St Paul’s as a faith school

18 As a church school Expectations (of us all) Kindness, support and respect for each other Respect for environment Trust Mutual understanding And most of all – partnership St Paul’s has had a difficult year but it is our grounding as a Church school which has help us to deal with these problems and emerge stronger

19 Recent Achievements A review of some of achievements and actions to date are the best way to highlight the different responsibilities of school and governors.

20 Creative Partnerships Curriculum development – Aim is to improve story telling and hence writing – Learn whilst having fun – Cross curricular (science, maths, DT, Art and more) But most importantly (and in response to our challenge from Ofsted in 2007) to continue to develop independent learning in our pupils.

21 Computing 2000: First computer classroom ~ 15 computers following extensive PTA fundraising Today: 30 computers, Interactive whiteboards, internet access into the classroom. A few glitches along the way But working well now.

22 Website No school is complete without one – Showcases the school – Aid to communication (governor pages coming soon) But we do not spend any of our valuable budget on this

23 School Buildings Our buildings are well maintained Voluntary aided; Development & maintenance fund Develops respect for your environment Children have clear boundaries and expectations More motivating environment Do any of us want to work in a poor environment? Examples Playground, nursery playground (H&S) Fences & gates (site security) Disabled toilet/wheelchair ramps (accessibility plan) Windows/doors – security, appearance and environmental Swimming pool

24 School Council Pupil voice – Encourages positive contribution – Leadership opportunities – Teachers and governors and pupils develop mutual respect Examples of change – Toilets!..... And behaviours in them – Glitches in computer room – Feedback on learning (computers, creative partnerships etc) – Uniform

25 Challenges Ahead Funding £4k was taken from last year’s committed budget 25% cuts are proposed by Government – We do not know where these are likely to hit – LA is in consultation – urge you to partake – Not everything we value in school is protected ’front-line’ service SEN Large growth in children with SEN More understanding of needs Behaviour More examples of challenging behaviour

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