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Bringing the best of British education to Moscow

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1 Bringing the best of British education to Moscow
The English International School MOSCOW SOUTH-WEST

2 A proven track record Part of the highly successful Orbital Education Group which has schools worldwide English International School first arrived in Moscow in 2006 South-West will be the third English International School to open in Moscow British teachers deliver an enhanced curriculum EIS Schools - part of the worldwide international education community through membership of the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Council of British International Schools (COBIS)


4 Attracting experienced staff
Founding Principal Christopher FitzGerald has : previously started new schools in the UK and Italy been a Head for almost twenty years in the UK and around the world taught and led schools described as amongst the best in the world on 4 different continents is a highly experienced Accreditation Team Chair, and Accreditation Report Reader, for the Council of International Schools (CIS)

5 Attracting the right staff
Our founding teachers are all qualified teachers with experience in their home countries and overseas All our class teachers are qualified for the positions they are going to be in Our founding teachers are all excited about being part of a new school and having the opportunity to build a new community All our founding teachers are passionate about being amongst the best

6 Our enhanced curriculum
Based on the National Curriculum of England Subjects will include English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities (History, Geography & PSHE – personal, social and health education), Physical Education, Art, Music, Information Technology and Russian Our school day will include opportunities for drama, reading, structured and unstructured play. We will encourage children to ask questions and challenge what they read and hear


8 Our approach to learning
EIS Moscow South-West students will be taught that it is all right to make mistakes from which you can learn We will encourage children to adopt good learning habits such as preparation and follow-up, regular reading, safe internet surfing and how to take constructive criticism so they can move forward Our environment will be a positive one where everyone’s efforts and achievements will be valued and where self-esteem is cultivated

9 Differentiation Differentiation will be at the heart of our teaching and learning. This means we will look at each child as an individual as well as part of the group Our teachers will aim to ensure that the needs of each child are met during the school day by ensuring that the tasks set are appropriate for the children We will review regularly, in a variety of ways, how much progress each child is making and share this information with parents

10 Partnership with parents
We see the partnership we have with parents as being vital to the success of our children and ultimately the school We will encourage parents to talk to us about their concerns and worries – sooner rather than later. We will do the same Teachers will have regular formal meetings with parents, but will always be happy to see them at other mutually convenient times We want to work with parents and have parents supporting us so that our students can achieve the best results they can In our first year of operation we will set-up a Parents’ Group


12 Every student will be valued
The Principal and his team will encourage children to give their opinions about the school and its routines During the first year of operation a Student Council will be created and the children will have the opportunity to shape this new community Children will be free to express their worries and concerns to any member of staff The children’s voices will be heard – and their views will always be considered

13 A happy and pleasant environment
We believe that Moscow South-West makes an excellent school because : Our classrooms are light, bright and airy We have an excellent garden and playground which we plan to improve further We have all the facilities we need to make a positive impact on our students’ learning from the first day of operation We will continually review and upgrade what we have to ensure that we remain an excellent environment

14 Caring for our students
Our Behaviour Management will be based on positive principles within a framework guided by ‘Golden Rules’. We will have a ‘Star of the Week’ system for each class and celebrate success for every child at different times of the term We will encourage children with rewards for making good choices and consequences for poor ones We will not tolerate bullying in whatever form and will work with students, and their parents where necessary, to ensure all our children feel safe and secure at school Our medical room will be equipped to deal with minor accidents and illnesses


16 Our students Our students will come from a number of different countries We will value the differences between our children, by encouraging them to enquire about different nationalities and cultures, and to respect everyone no matter where they are from or what they believe We will look for occasions when we can celebrate the diversity of our students as we build and consolidate our international community. We will encourage our children to be proud of their own nationality, their families, our school and themselves

17 When things go wrong… We are committed to being the best, but we are only human - as are our students - and sometimes things will go wrong When something goes wrong, we will work with you to find out how this happened, to resolve the problem and try to ensure that it does not happen again We may not always tell parents what they want to hear but we will always be as open, objective and accurate as we can to ensure that everyone moves forward. Our priority will always be the child

18 "We are delighted that the building renovation on this well located school is now almost complete. Parents will now be able to see what an excellent environment we have created to provide the quality British education that our English International School (EIS) is famed for. Our new - but greatly experienced – Principal, Christopher FitzGerald, is waiting to greet you". Chairman of Orbital Education – Kevin McNeany, with the Director Elena Derzhitskaya, on a recent visit to Moscow South-West

19 Twitter @EIS_MoscowSW

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