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Facts of Henry VIII ‘s wives

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1 Facts of Henry VIII ‘s wives

2 Catherine of Aragon She died from a broken heart because
Henry fell in love with Anne Boleyn. There was a war in Spain so Catherine was sent to England and married Henry. She married Henry on the 11th of June in 1905 at Grey Frias. She had a daughter , then when she had a son, but he died from a still birth. She had a daughter called Mary. Before she married Henry, she married king Arthur. When Henry was 12 he loved Catherine but could not marry her until the age of 17. Henry divorced Catherine of Aragon.

3 Anne Boleyn She was Henry’s second wife. Henry married her because she looked pretty and young. They were married for 3 years. They used to send love letters to each other. She was beheaded by Henry’s guards. Henry loved Anne whilst still married to Catherine of Aragon. Anne was accused of killing her Uncle with the use of witch craft. Jane Seymour was lady-in-waiting to Anne. This means she was her maid. She had a extra finger on her left hand.

4 Jane Seymour She was lady-in-waiting to Anne Boleyn. However he noticed Jane. Henry was attracted to her kindness and that she was not as bossy as Anne. She died by giving birth. She married Henry for 1 year. Henry created Jane’s grave, therefore he truly cared for her. Jane had a park named after her called park Seymour in Wales. She suffered from dihoria. She had a coronation/ a special ceremony to celebrate her rein as queen. When she died Henry said that he was his first true wife. He mourned by wearing black for three months and did not marry for three years. Henry was buried next to Jane.

5 Anne of Cleves When Henry divorced her she did not want to leave England. Therefore, became Henry’s beloved sister. When Anne died she was buried in West Minister Abbey. She died because of cancer. She was born in Germany. Her marriage made a link between England and Germany. At the time of marring Anne there were not any women interested in Henry. At one point Henry became so upset that he died of a illness. Anne died 8 weeks before her birthday. She could not speak English because she was not well educated. She got divorced because Henry thought she looked like a horse.

6 Katherine Howard He wanted to marry someone who would be faithful. He beheaded her because she had a affair with Culpepper her cousin. She was accused of adultery. She got beheaded at the Tower of London on the 13th of February, 6 years after her cousin. She was 19 and Henry was 49 when they met. Her dad was called Edmund Howard. Her mum was called Joyce Culpepper. She was her mothers 10th child. The night before here execution she practised laying her head on the block.

7 Katherine Parr She died because of giving birth. She lived for 36 years. Henry married her on the 12th of July 1543 at Closet Hamlet care. He tried to sentence her death but was unsuccessful. After Henry died, she married Thomas Seymour. Katherine married twice at the age of 17 years old.

8 By Trinity and Alina

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