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1 Welcome to SchoolNet Global. 2 Agenda What is Schoolnet Global? –Significance –Aims –Contribution –Achievements to date –Plans for future –Examples.

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1 1 Welcome to SchoolNet Global

2 2 Agenda What is Schoolnet Global? –Significance –Aims –Contribution –Achievements to date –Plans for future –Examples of children’s pages What is it’s value to Sponsors? –Marketing, PR –Media interest –Examples of coverage What is the scope for sponsorship? –Costs –How will the money be used?

3 3 What is SchoolNet Global? Children go into the community –guided by their teachers They research, learn and write about –their lives and interests –people and places around them They publish their thoughts and discoveries –in their own words and pictures –to the whole world on the Internet Children create a vast treasure chest of their own pages from which… –they can learn about each other’s lives

4 4 Why is SchoolNet Global significant? The world’s biggest children’s contributory website –500,000 children have been involved –17,500 schools have been involved –53,000 pages published Longest established, with pages from 1999 A unique historic record

5 5 What are SchoolNet’s aims? To contribute to world peace by… spreading understanding between people of different cultures and backgrounds… –whether they live around the world or around the corner through alignment with –Unesco –Unicef –Citizenship studies –School curriculum work To contribute to children’s education

6 6 What is SchoolNet’s contribution? How does it help children? Builds self respect by valuing pupils' interests and discoveries Builds respect for others by valuing friends, family and community Enables them to learn about people around the world Builds understanding of other generations and cultures Helps children develop citizenship, language and communication skills, critical analysis, research and interpretation skills, ICT skills and helps with all school subjects

7 7 What is SchoolNet’s contribution? How does it help schools? Educationally valuable investigations for kids to do in class, at home and in the community Related to national curricula requirements Helps teachers deliver citizenship, language and communication skills, critical analysis, research and interpretation skills, ICT skills and all school subjects Simple way for kids to publish in safety to world audience Brings credit to children, teachers and the school

8 8 What is SchoolNet’s contribution? How does it help the community? Children learn to value people and places in the community Improves intercultural understanding and respect for elders Children are practicing good citizenship

9 9 Achievements - Awards for IM and Sponsors For Intuitive Media BAFTA Award 2002 – Best Online Learning, BETT Award 2002 - Best Online Education EMMA Award 2001 - Best E-Learning IVCA Industry Award 2001 for Visual Communications For SchoolNet Global 2 x Hollis Awards in 2000 - Best Sponsorship Relations, Best Sponsored Education Project Guinness World Record 2000 - world’s biggest children’s website New Statesman New Media Award 2000 - Technical Innovation & Engagement Design Council Millennium Product 2000 – Top Innovative Design BETT Award 1999 - Best Online Education

10 10 Achievements - Reach Children, Teachers, Parents, Politicians 500,000 children involved in contributing 1,000,000 parents of contributing children 17,500 contributing schools 36,000 teachers directly involved 224 interviews with Members of Parliament (e.g. Estelle Morris, David Blunkett) Interviews with celebrities (e.g. Liz Hurley, Gary Lineker, Barbera Windsor, Ken Livingston) Millions of site visitors (100,000 page views - even in August 2002) Huge media exposure Approved and supported by UK government DfES, British Council

11 11 What plans for future? Going global, with… –Unesco, British Council, ChildNet Regional and local SchoolNets Website re-engineering Website expansion –School Pages section with Millennium Schools –Global Education section –Research section DfES-funded research on benefits for children

12 12 Example Children’s Pages

13 13

14 14

15 15

16 16

17 17

18 18

19 19

20 20

21 21

22 22

23 23

24 24

25 25

26 26

27 27

28 28

29 29

30 30

31 31

32 32

33 33

34 34

35 35 SchoolNet Global for Sponsors

36 36 What is the project’s value to Sponsors? SchoolNet Global is designed specifically to optimise value for sponsors In the fields of… Marketing PR and Corporate communications

37 37 What value to sponsor? Marketing Tesco report that their schools-based Cause Related Marketing brought them: –enhanced corporate profile in the community –improved customer loyalty –recognition as an innovative retailer –increased sales –influence and goodwill with Government

38 38 What value to sponsor? PR & Communication gains Through SchoolNet Global, sponsors can directly influence: –Children –Teachers –Parents Through their association with the project, Sponsors can create goodwill with: –Education sector –General public –Government

39 39 Are the media interested in SchoolNet Global? Media coverage achieved for SchoolNet Global, for example… in the month of November 1999 MEDIUMOUTLETREACH National TVLondon ITV, Tonight 1,000,000 CBBC Newsround 2,000,000 National RadioRadio 1 newsbeat 900,000 Local TV & RadioBBB TV South 550,000 West Country TV 152,000 Meridian TV 152,000 BBC Radio Solent 397,000 BBC Three Counties 175,000 Gloucester Radio 62,000 National PressThe Sun 17 Nov 3,716,368 Daily Telegraph 17 Nov 1,044,188 Daily Telegraph 22 Nov1,044,188 Independent (front ) 23 Nov 223,564 Independent 25 Nov 223,564 The Mirror 29 Nov 2,341,123 Local PressNewcastle, East Anglia, Ulster, Liverpool, Dorset, Norwich, Burton, Southend 389,051 Total viewers, listeners and readers reached 32,911,861

40 40 Media Coverage Becks is voted favourite for next king in survey of SchoolNet pupils.

41 41 Media Coverage Barbera Windsor, Liz Hurley, Gary Lineker and other celebs reveal all - to SchoolNet pupils, in the Daily Mirror (centre page spread).

42 42 Media Coverage Exclusive! Alistair Campbell’ first press interview ever was with SNG children and made front page in the Independent. SchoolNet kids have interviewed over 200 politicians.

43 43 Media Coverage Times Education Supplement editorial - one of many articles promoting SchoolNet to the teaching profession, in the education press.

44 44 Media Coverage Home Computer introduces SchoolNet to the family computing community.

45 45 Media Coverage Millennium Dome - The Learning Zone brings hands-on experience of SchoolNet to millions of visitors from UK and overseas.

46 46 Media Coverage Amid parental concerns over Internet safety, Carol Vorderman, in The Mirror. picks SchoolNet as her exemplar safe site.

47 47 Media Coverage The Sun - SchoolNet kids taking part in the New Inventors project invent a new supermarket trolley.

48 48 What is the scope for sponsorship? SchoolNet project –Global - worldwide –Country (e.g. UK, Singapore, USA) –Provincial, regional or local (e.g. Arkansas, Edinburgh, Kent) Investigations (ethically promoting sponsor’s causes) –Existing –New (custom designed) –Children’s surveys Events –Competitions –Kids conferences –Special visits (UK and overseas) –Political and celebrity interviews And you can use what you sponsor! –Children’s aggregate data for market research –Children’s stories for PR –Photo opportunities from events

49 49 How will sponsorship fees be used? Operating, promoting and developing the project in UK and overseas. Project Operations –Central services: website, servers, bandwidth, registration, validation, safety, telephone help lines, project management & administration Project promotion & support –Central promotion initiatives –Central School & LEA Support Team –Regional Teacher Advisers / Promoters –Recruitment of overseas children, teachers, government, partners Project Development –Curriculum updates & enhancement –Website updates & enhancement –New project features School Pages Global Curriculum Pages Research Initiatives

50 50 Intuitive Media Limited Sterndale House, Litton, Derbyshire, UK, SK17 8QU. Tel: 01 298 872 651,

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