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An Introduction to Assure TM Antimicrobial Hand Mousse.

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1 An Introduction to Assure TM Antimicrobial Hand Mousse

2 Presentation overview What is Assure hand mousse? What does Assure hand mousse do? How to use Assure mousse Key Features and benefits Does it work? Summary

3 What is Assure? Assure hand sanitising mousse is a water based, alcohol free hand sanitiser *Assure contains Active technology* 3 biocides (2 x quats + PHMB) Polymer backbone Available in 3 product offerings; 50ml individual / personal size 600ml free standing pump dispenser 800ml wall mounted dispenser

4 What is Assure? *Assure contains Active technology* Combines 3 biocides (2 x quats + PHMB) with a polymer backbone Assure AzoMaxActive

5 What does Assure do? Offers healthcare professionals a truly alcohol free alternative to hand hygiene Assure is soft and gentle to the skin, which helps to prevent dry, cracked and sore hands Using skin friendly hand hygiene products increases concordance with hand hygiene protocols and helps to reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections

6 How to use Assure Hand hygiene is recognised as an essential element in the fight against healthcare associated infections Assure can be used in situations where hand washing facilities are not present and / or after hand washing Assure mousse is used in an identical way to existing alcohol hand rubs Synergy health recommend using the following six-step hand hygiene protocol

7 How to use Assure To sanitise your hands, dispense a ‘golf ball’ sized volume of Assure hand mousse into the palm of your hand and perform the following actions; STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3

8 How to use Assure STEP 4 STEP 5 STEP 6

9 Key features and benefits of Assure mousse Underpinned by clinically proven Active technology Alcohol free No damage to healthcare environment (paintwork / fixtures / fittings etc) No flammability issues No drying / cracking of the skin – improved staff concordance with hand hygiene protocols No incentive to ingest (alcohol hand rubs have been ingested by dementia patients / elderly and confused patients / alcohol dependent patients) No risk of encouraging C diff spore formation Always evaluates well with customers – skin friendly

10 Does Assure work? Assure passes EN1500 test for hand hygiene products (matches performance criteria of the test standard - 60% alcohol hand rub) IPS 2009 Conference Poster – Dr Ken Baird Hands were washed, sanitised and dried Clean hands were seeded with 1ml of E. coli (1x10 8 ) Spread over palms and fingers using sterile spreader Hands then cleaned using 70% alcohol or Assure mousse L hand pressed into agar @ 3 minutes; R hand @ 20 minutes ‘based on the results of this test a water based hand sanitiser may offer performance advantages over existing alcohol gels’

11 Does Assure work? IPS 2009 Conference Poster – Suzanne Morris (ICN - Care UK) Morris wanted to move away from alcohol based hand rubs Identified Assure as potential alcohol free alternative Pilot evaluation of the Assure mousse in 7 care homes Evaluation lasted 16 weeks Evaluation outcomes included Product feedback / staff acceptance Staff concordance with hand hygiene protocols Comparison of HCAI incidence across care homes (pre and post pilot study) ‘care home managers reported very positive feedback on the Assure mousse’ HCAI incidence dropped due to a combination of education / training / product acceptance and availability

12 Does Assure work? - Baird and Morris IPS 2009 posters

13 Summary Assure is a water based, alcohol free hand sanitiser Simple to use Skin friendly Overcomes the problems commonly associated with alcohol hand rubs Supported by laboratory test data and in-use clinical evaluations

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