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Aucquire. Aucquire Drivers - Benefits Lower Cost You can buy more You can spend elsewhere.

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1 Aucquire

2 Aucquire

3 Drivers - Benefits

4 Lower Cost You can buy more You can spend elsewhere

5 Fast Delivery New Items = long lead times You have to find it

6 Higher Specification - Same Cost Tempting! Do you value this?

7 Risks Does not work Works but parts missing No longer supported Not available

8 The Process

9 PSiMedica Example Spend £99,000 Save £200,000 Savings Examples


11 What can you Buy? MIG 21 Concorde Parts Sake Brewery Computers Office Furniture Catering Equipment Hospital Equipment Steel Works IT Networks Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Pizza Lines Complete Printing Lines Poultry Processing Line Video Production Studio Injection Moulding Metal/Wood Working Machinery Vehicles GPS for a Truck Fleet

12 FAQs Why buy at auction? Because it costs less. See the pSiMedica example where £100k was saved by Aucquire compared to list price by spending £31k at auction! Ratio this and for £100k you can buy £322k worth of laboratory equipment. Buying at auction is risky?Can be. Depends how much money you set aside for the unexpected and how many items you are buying. Aucquire have a financial model which helps with this. What if it is not available at auction?Auctions offer the best prices but Aucquire will help you buy anywhere that Aucquire can find your requirement. Aucquire will also actively hunt i.e. contact potential sellers, who not advertising. What does Aucquire buy?Anything. Aucquire do not pretend to be the experts on your particular equipment but you probably are. It's the combination that does the trick. If necessary we can find an expert. I could do it for myself on eBay?You could, but there are many e-auctions apart from eBay and then there are all the real auctions where you can view the lots in person! There are six or more global commercial auctioneers with the option to bid in person or on the web. There several dozen commercial auctioneers in the UK. Aucquire is watching many of them. What about a warranty?Aucquire do not give warranties. Most equipment sold at auction does not come with warranties. For expensive items, in Aucquire's experience, equipment manufacturers are keen to start a relationship with the new owner, which may involve a warranty and service contract. Used equipment retailers can supply warranties. We take this into account in the bid. Why is it such good value?Because of the perceived risk but you can minimise that by inspection and by setting an appropriate maximum bid. How do you buy at auction or in the secondhand market?That's what Aucquire is here for, please contact us to discuss your requirement.

13 Auction Insights

14 Who is Aucquire? Project Manager –Up to £10m –Multi-National Teams –Beginning to End Engineer –Foods Manufacturing –Chemical –Electrical & Control Systems Networker –Old Colleagues –New Associates –2500 Outlook Contacts Auction –I buy –I sell –I run them

15 Fees

16 Contact Call Skype MSN Messenger E-mail Write

17 Aucquire

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