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CALLUM WILSON The realities of life as a GP Partner.

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1 CALLUM WILSON The realities of life as a GP Partner

2 How did I get into partnership? Previous training practice Maternity locum for 7 months Increasing workload Additional Partner Incremental increase in profit share Non-property owning

3 Negotiation Important to be happy with what you are being offered Take time to ensure you feel you can fit in Accept reasonable additional duties Get a accounts reviewed by accountant and estimate approximate income Ensure happy with partnership agreement - BMA

4 My current role 8 sessions Fixed Monday afternoon on-call and 1 in 3 Fridays (Plus holiday cover) All day off on Wednesday 8 weeks annual leave + B/H Extended hours – 7am start on Thursday 3pm Finish on Friday if not on-call

5 Responsibilities Lead for Medical Students Involved in Training FY2s and Registrars Minor surgery Dermoscopy QOF – CKD Monthly partners meetings Productive general practice

6 Changes from locum period Different dynamic with staff Longer working hours Shorter session lengths Reduced paperwork initially Reduced concerns re holiday/paternity/sickness/study leave More choice in working pattern

7 Advantages Increased salary Feel you have a role in running of practice Learning about business from other partners Stable employment Be your own boss – to a degree Greater understanding of bigger picture Feeling of belonging – job for life?

8 Disadvantages Increasing workload Responsibilities – practice / staff / patients Additional time needed for business discussions ? Job for life Salary not fixed – up and down Cover for illness etc

9 Changing role Commissioning CQC Reduction in QOF income Increase in fees and pension contributions Weekend working Named clinicians Funding crisis

10 Future Uncertain ? May have to wear red uniforms Ageing workforce – lots retiring Salaried GPs may become the norm Speaking to senior GPs – tends to happen in cycles like this so future may be bright! GPs well placed to adapt

11 Questions?

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