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Rossett School. In today’s session we will be answering the following questions: Who? What? When? Why ? Where? How?

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1 Psychology @ Rossett School

2 In today’s session we will be answering the following questions: Who? What? When? Why ? Where? How?

3 Who??? Miss Reed Five Years of Edexcel Psychology Newly appointed Head of Psychology and Sociology at Rossett School Miss Rhodes Three Years of Edexcel Psychology Teacher of Psychology at Rossett School Mr Blackburn Four Years of Psychology and Sociology Newly appointed Teacher of Psychology and Sociology at Rossett School

4 So... What is Psychology? On the whiteboards in front of you, write a one sentence definition of what you think psychology is...... You have thirty seconds

5 What is Psychology? Definition: The Science of Behaviour

6 Group Task Card Sort Task Sort the questions in to the subject, which addresses them. Three Headings: Three Headings: Biological Sciences and Medicine Psychology Social Sciences and Philosophy

7 What is Psychology? Clinical Cognitive (Memory or Intelligence) Developmental Evolutionary Forensic Health Neuropsychology Occupational Social

8 What Will I Study? Social and Cognitive Psychology Obedience and Prejudice Memory and Forgetting Understanding the Individual Psychodynamic Approach Biological Approach Learning (Behaviourist Approach)

9 When will the exams or coursework take place? Exam 1 June  Social and Cognitive Exam 2 June  Understanding the Individual No coursework Multiple Choice questions, Short answer questions, stimulus questions, one essay

10 Why Should I Study Psychology? Fascinating, Engaging and Applicable Subject Content Transferrable Skills – Oral Communication – Written Communication – Team Work – Problem Solving – ICT Conduct Research Project

11 Where Will an A-Level in Psychology Take Me? Degree level studies Postgraduate jobs including: Health and social care Marketing and PR Management and human resources Education Public sector work Many Universities accept Psychology as one of the science A-levels.

12 How Will the Lessons Be Taught? Group Work Lecture Style Lessons In-Class Experiments ICT Lessons Individual Presentations Independent Reserch Pair Work Creative Activities Visits to Higher Education Institutes, (where possible)

13 How Will the Lessons Be Taught? You will influence the style of teaching that takes place. You will provide feedback on the activities you have participated in, through the Student Voice Homework will typically be to read relevant sections of the textbook, create revision materials or to complete practice exam questions. Purposeful Relevant Must Be Complete

14 So... What is Psychology? At the beginning of the session, you wrote a definition. Now try to re-write your definition!

15 Any Questions???

16 Getting Ahead for September

17 REMEMBER Sixth Form is your opportunity to CHANGE TO IMPRESS Enjoy your Summer holidays... But use the 6 weeks of freedom to get ahead

18 Beg, Borrow or Buy Textbook You MUST buy the following book ISBN 9780340966839 Second hand is fine It is optional, but STRONGLY ADVISABLE that you also buy the other book ISBN 9781846902611

19 Beg, Borrow or Buy Files You must have a lever arch file for each teacher Plastic Wallets Dividers Stationery Highlighters Paper and Pens!!! (obvious???) Have these ready for your first lesson

20 Beg, Borrow or Buy iPads Downloading the following apps would be advisable Edexcel Past Papers PsychRevise 3D Brain Psychology Terms TED And all the usual (Edmodo, Showme, Educreations, Qrafter. Sock Puppets???)

21 Getting Ahead for September Unit 1 Social and Cognitive Psychology 50/50 Miss Rhodes - Social Miss Reed - Cognitive

22 What do you already know? Social vs. Cognitive Whiteboards What do Social Psychologist investigate? What do Cognitive Psychologists investigate? 6 items for each

23 Getting Ahead Get going... 2 x A3 sheets Textbooks iPad The more you do, the easier September will be Sheets expected in first lesson of Yr 12

24 Any Questions???


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