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Health Improvement Public Health, Year 4, MMS Yr 4 PH Paediatrics 1.

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1 Health Improvement Public Health, Year 4, MMS Yr 4 PH Paediatrics 1

2 What is Health? "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease" World Health Organisation 1948

3 Dahlgreen and Whitehead Model Yr 4 PH Paediatrics 3

4 How does Health Improvement fit? Faculty of Public Health - it's one of the three domains of public health and includes: Health Improvement SurveillanceInequalitiesEducationHousingEmployment Family / Community Lifestyles

5 Ladder of intervention Do nothing / monitor Provide information, inform and educate Guide choice through incentives: financial or otherwise Guide choice through disincentives: use financial or other disincentives to guide choice Restrict choice: regulate to restrict the options available Eliminate choice: regulate to eliminate choice Guide choice through changing the default: make healthier choices easier Enable choice: enable people to change their behaviours Greater levels of intervention

6 6 Yr 4 PH Paediatrics Individualistic

7 Social Marketing 7 Yr 4 PH Paediatrics Consider these four questions 1 Do I really understand my target audience and see things from their perspective? 2 Am I clear about what I would like my target audience to do? 3 For my target audience, do the benefits of doing what I would like them to do outweigh the costs or barriers to doing it? 4 Am I using a combination of activities in order to encourage people to achieve the desired action?

8 The nudge theory Yr 4 PH Paediatrics 8

9 TASK- are these any good? PEP 9

10 10 Yr 4 PH Paediatrics Community

11 What is an asset based approach? “A health asset is any factor or resource which enhances the ability of individuals, communities and populations to maintain and sustain health and wellbeing and to help to reduce health inequalities. These assets can operate at the level of the individual, family or community and population as protective and promoting factors to buffer against life’s stresses” Morgan and Ziglio, 2007 Yr 4 PH Paediatrics 11

12 12 Yr 4 PH Paediatrics Societal

13 For example childhood immunisation Immunisation is the most important way of protecting people from vaccine preventable diseases. Yr 4 PH Paediatrics 13

14 Social Determinants of Health Yr 4 PH Paediatrics 14

15 Corporate Determinants of Health Corporate activities can affect health in many ways: Living wage Health and Safety Policies Unhealthy products Marketing to unsuitable audiences Balance of profit, planet and people Waste removal Yr 4 PH Paediatrics 15

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