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A Vibrant and Sustainable Sector

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1 A Vibrant and Sustainable Sector
RICS Members, Policy, Influencing and Press Tim Wainwright – Parliamentary Affairs Officer

2 RICS UK External Affairs
RICS Royal Charter “Promote the usefulness of the profession for the public advantage in the UK and in any other part of the world.” RICS Corporate Objective Recognition by markets and governments of RICS through standards, qualifications, regulation and thought leadership Member benefit Government use of RICS standards, guidance and member expertise raises the status of RICS standards and increase work opportunities for members. A more sustainable land, property and construction sector results in more work. Role of UK External Affairs Raising the profile of RICS standards and expertise across Westminster, Whitehall, the media and the sector to ensure these are embedded in policy and legislation

3 The RICS UK External Affairs Virtuous Circle

4 Briefing Ministers, civil servants and MPs Consultation submissions
Real Life Action Briefing Ministers, civil servants and MPs Consultation submissions Using the media to gain influence Social Media Party Conference Professional Groups and Policy Panels Briefing Ministers Greg Clark ahead of the draft NPPF publication Iain Wright on the issues facing the construction sector, particularly SMEs PPSs MPs on constituency issues – eg neighbourhood planning and flooding Civil Servants on small business lease, TIFs, delivering increased investment in housing and infrastructure Consultation submissions RICS responds to relevant consulations both in writing and by briefing civil servants with expertise from the membership Media Not just about HMS – eg articles and blogs on public sector asset management, solar panels, case studies on issues around not getting a HCR, FM articles, Guardian sustainability blog. All based on expertise of the membership Twitter/linkedin: Used to gather views from members – eg residential policy, NPPF, SME’s. Also used to communicate with stakeholders – eg MPs and other organisations Party Conference Raises profile of member expertise with senior politicians Professional Groups and Policy Panels All can apply. Have invited civil servants to attend – eg Planning Policy Panel during NPPF/Localism Bill

5 What has this achieved? Recognition of standards
RICS New Rules of Measurement Launch RICS Public Sector Asset Management Guidelines RICS guidance embedded in Pubco Framework RICS VIPs and Guidance Notes recognised by Government as key to the success of the Green Deal in the Behaviour Change and Energy Use paper Thought Leadership RICS member acts as Special Adviser to a Select Committee inquiry Private briefings for Select Committee inquiries Private briefings to senior officials on RICS research So how does the theory and practice relate to the RICS Corporate Goals of Recognition by markets and governments of RICS through standards, qualifications, regulation and thought leadership Provide our customers with leading edge products, services and information. Be recognised as a leader in responsible business practices Make RICS more agile, to take advantage of new opportunities. NRM Government’s Chief Construction Adviser recognised that chartered surveyors are key to delivering a more consistent approach to measurement of projects end to end and therefore more efficient projects PSAMG Endorsed by DCLG, Cabinet Office and devolved Governments. Chartered surveyors central to delivering savings on the public estate as well as ensuring good practice is spread beyond the profession and the importance of efficient property management communicated at a senior level Pubcos After a long campaign by RICS PA and PGs, RICS guidance embedded in the Government’s new Industry Pubco Framework and rent assessments for new FRI leases must be signed off by an RICS-qualified individual.  Green Deal RICS VIPs and Guidance will be key in communicating the Green Deal and other energy improvements to consumers. Thought Leadership David McCullogh advised the CLG building regs inquiry Research – eg DEC research, TIFs etc

6 What difference do members make?
Members expressed concern via local offices and online that RICS was not influencing Government to develop a sustainable residential market RICS undertook a residential policy consultation making clear and practical recommendations to Government RICS welcomes comments on the document at Member communication, particularly via linkedin raised particular issues being experienced by SME members, particularly in the construction sector RICS is undertaking a consultation with members in construction SMEs to make recommendations to Government Highlighted in RICS Budget Submission RICS is a member of the Government’s LEAN Procurement Group RICS members met with Iain Wright MP, Shadow Construction Minister You said, we did

7 What difference do members make?
RICS wants to hear from members how the NPPF is operating in practice RICS will write to Greg Clark MP in the Autumn highlighting the issues you have raised and the solutions RICS can offer Government Contribute by ing us with your experiences. RICS gave members the opportunity to explain their practical experience to civil servants writing neighbourhood planning regulations, accompanying the Localism Act RICS member contribution praised by Government – a follow up event planned Members consistently highlight the need to reduce VAT to 5% on repair and maintainance to improve stock and deliver business RICS is an active member of the cross-sector Cut The VAT coalition Peter Aldous MP wrote to George Osborne on RICS’ behalf ahead of the Budget Recommendation of RICS Budget submission RICS working cross sector to gather evidence to attempt to reverse the removal of 0% VAT on alterations in the Budget Members expressed contact that changes in the Energy Bill introducing minimum standards by 2018 were unclear and would create market uncertainty RICS wrote to the Minister expressing these concerns RICS will be contributing views when the exemptions are consulted on in 2012

8 What can RICS do for you? Your understanding of the marketplace is critical in driving RICS UK External Affairs priorities What are the barriers to getting involved in shaping RICS UK External Affairs priorities How can the barriers be overcome Time must be recognised as an issue – we aren’t expecting members to do everything. Focus must be on issues that are key to members and that are key in delivering a vibrant sustainable land, property and construction sector and therefore work.

9 What issues are you experiencing in your business?
Discussion What issues are you experiencing in your business? What needs to change? (policy, legislation, guidance?) What are your top three issues? What’s the benefit for your business and the land, property and construction sector? What will success in these areas look like? For Matrics events

10 What next? RICS will communicate Action Points to this group and the UK membership following these meetings RICS will communicate progress via UK News, Professional Groups News, linkedin, twitter Keep in touch!

11 Contact details Mary Thorogood – Parliamentary Affairs Manager
Tim Wainwright – Parliamentary Affairs Officer COL

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