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1. Stock Market Data 2. Economic Data PointsMonthly Change % FTSE 1005841.74+1.11% CAC 403406.53-2.94% DAX7291.21+1.73% S&P 5001453.59+1.58% Nasdaq2782.33-1.65%

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Presentation on theme: "1. Stock Market Data 2. Economic Data PointsMonthly Change % FTSE 1005841.74+1.11% CAC 403406.53-2.94% DAX7291.21+1.73% S&P 5001453.59+1.58% Nasdaq2782.33-1.65%"— Presentation transcript:


2 1. Stock Market Data 2. Economic Data

3 PointsMonthly Change % FTSE 1005841.74+1.11% CAC 403406.53-2.94% DAX7291.21+1.73% S&P 5001453.59+1.58% Nasdaq2782.33-1.65%

4 PriceDaily Change % Brent Crude Oil$111.930.08% Gold$1,775.70-0.29% Silver$34.005-1.64% Copper$372.150-1.50%

5 ActualForecastPrevious GDP Q2-0.5% Unemployment8.1%8.0% Inflation (CPI)2.5% 2.6% PMI Manufacturing48.449.049.6 PMI Services52.253.053.7 Interest Rates0.5% Quantitative Easing375 BN

6 DataActualForecastPrevious GDP Q21.6% Unemployment Rate (change) 7.8%8.2%8.1% Inflation (CPI)1.7% 1.4% ISM Manufacturing Index 51.549.749.6 ISM Non-Manufacturing55.153.453.7 Interest Rate0.25% Consumer Confidence70.363.161.3

7 ActualForecastPrevious GDP Q2-0.5%-0.4% Unemployment11.4% CPI2.6% PMI Manufacturing46.146.0 PMI Services46.146.0 Interest Rate0.75% German ZEW Survey-18.2-20-25.5 German Unemployment 6.80% Retail Sales-1.30%-1.90%-1.40%

8 SectorChange Industrial Metals17.79% Forestry & Paper9.99% Industrial Engineering 8.76% Banks8.00% Industrial Transportation 5.33% Construction & Materials 5.30% General Financial 5.19% General Industrials 4.90% Electricity4.74% Electronic & Electrical Equipment 4.27% Best Performing Worst Performing SectorChange Personal Goods-17.76% Food & Drug Retailers -6.65% Chemicals-0.95% Household Goods -0.65% Oil & Gas Producers -0.44% Gas, Water & Multiutilities -0.09% Beverages0.06% Health Care Equipment & Services 0.18% Real Estate0.45% Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology 0.48%

9 Best Performing Worst Performing UK ShareChange Trinity Mirror65.00% Centaur36.46% Ferrexpo33.87% Aquarius Platinum 30.89% Supergroup29.63% Wilmington Group 27.58% Optos26.84% St.Ives24.68% Speedy Hire24.23% Bwin.Party23.96% UK ShareChange CPP Group-67.18% Bumi-36.36% Volex-28.40% Promethean-27.27% Lamprell-24.88% Burberry-21.65% Invista-21.37% Firstgroup-19.96% Glencore International -14.46%

10  “The Zulu Principle” Jim Slater“  How to make money in stocks” William J. O’Neil  “Come into my trading room” Alexander Elder  “How to make money trading” Lex Van Dam


12  If you’re new to investment clubs you might think it’s odd that a department in such a society can have such a general name as ‘Finance’. Surely everything that investment clubs do is about finance?  However, Finance focuses on providing accurate financial information, high quality advice and financial analysis.  Some basic tasks include…  General Accounting.  Producing the society’s financial statements.  Analysing the portfolio’s performance in terms of profit/loss.  Audit of accounts.

13  Being part of the finance team, you will be required to produce work on a weekly basis, in order to be able to contribute to an extensive financial report for the end of month meetings.  We will announce a date for the finance team to meet, prior to the end of month meeting so data can be collated and speakers can be assigned for the end of month presentation. This will be announced a few weeks in advance of the MGM.  For those aspiring for a career within finance, this is the perfect medium for you to produce a ‘portfolio’ of real evidence to show potential employers, putting you ahead of the rest.  You must have an eye for detail and a willingness to learn, what you put in is what you will get out!


15  Responsibilities:  Effective implementation of investment strategy.  Collation of data from finance team.  Giving a balanced recommendation on how to invest.  Execution of trades.

16  Europe’s leading airline with 55 million passengers.  Strong performance over the last year has seen a large rise in share value.  Earnings per share in 2011 were at an 85% increase.

17  £20,000 budget to spend on share  Starting share price: 385.38p  Stamp duty = £100  Commission = £12  January 2012 value = 5160 shares worth £19885.61  October 2012 value = 5160 shares worth £31966.20  Profit = £12,081 / 60.75% increase!

18  Outperforms travel and leisure sector

19  Could not afford to implement recovery plan  Debts were unsustainable  Share price fell rapidly and have now ceased trading resulting in losses for shareholders  Contrast with healthy position of

20 Massively outperformed by competitor


22   RESEARCH FIRST!!  Once you’ve chosen your stock, it’s time to buy.

23  Easy process:


25 An analyst must be aware of current developments in the field in which he or she specializes in to build a detailed overview of your sector. This information can be gained via major news channels, articles, public records and filings by companies. The quality of this research will be a major factor in achieving greater clarity when it comes to building a wide and varied portfolio. Keeping up with current evens Research  BBC/Sky news  Bloomberg  The Economist  Financial Times  City A.M.     /finance/markets /finance/markets 

26  Tesco’s 10.5% fall in profit Consider one example of Tesco’s rival, Sainsbury who experienced a 1.9% rise in like-for-like sales. Are the cracks being to show for Tesco? There is pressure to lower prices, how will this affect the market?  The fall of JJB Sports This has led to the expansion of Sports Direct as they have gained some JJB stores and the remaining shares. Possible Buy opportunity?  U turn on the West Coast Mainline Bid by First Group First Group shares fall by 12%? How will this effect Stage Coach(49%) stakeholders in Virgin Trains?  Power Shortage Risk by 2015 Announced by the regulator Ofgem, What does this mean for the big energy companies? Will there be a price war and when these companies must spend money to expand when dealing with this problem how will this affect the return to investors.

27 Halfords Group Plc (HFD)  Cycle sales raced ahead 14.7 per cent because of good weather and the success of Bradley Wiggins in the Tour de France and Team GB in the Olympics. The Groups profits where up to around £40.0m-£42.0m reflecting the strong Q2 sales performance and out performing predictions.

28 A surprising rise in profits show that Halfords really did utilize the summer Olympics and Tour de France to their full advantage. It had an overall rise in bike sales and if we look closer we see a boost in sales also for Halfords' premium bicycle ranges. Halfords also is growing its car maintenance arm and its Autocentres car-servicing business by investing heavy in marketing. Investors will be keeping a close eye on this new venture by Halfords along with its fundamental bicycle sales which they will hope post Olympic initiatives such as Sky Ride should stave of those winter blues. RatiosP/EDividend Yield %Operating Margin % Company 11.285.8810.40 Sector 13.523.63-258.48 Analysts Thoughts


30  Free Trading Event on the 23 rd of October In Queens Square in the City Centre.  There is also a Student week available in Investec at the end of July, however, best getting applications in as soon as possible as places fill up very quickly. See me at the end if you’re interested.  Here is a list of events available in the October that concerns all forms of business….  10th – Access Finance for Business- All day session with some of Liverpool's top investors-  £15 (LCC)  12 th - Business and the Environment by Luciana Berg MP - £15 (LCC)  18 th - Exporting Works - Breakfast Networking  Free (LFC Stadium)

31  This will take place on the 2 nd November where everyone, if interested, will meet at studio 2 on Parr Street, (Behind Heebies) at 10pm.  Leaving there at around half 11 if you want to meet with us at this point to Maya Bar. This is an underground bar based under Lucha Libre Restaurant off Bold street.  After this, we’ll finish up Chameleon (Next to Maya) where we can play the Stock Market with shots.  Hope to see everyone there as it will be a very good night and a good chance to break the ice with everyone.

32  When?  Monday October 29 th 5:30pm  Where?  Redmonds Building, Clarence Street.

33  Hoody link on Facebook page, order your hoody individually for collection at the Student Union. Shop Closes on 14 th Oct.  £17.75  Can all please hand in their application forms and membership fees to Tom and Emma after the presentation.  Thank you!

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