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 Need suggestions about stocks?  If anybody would like to give presentation on stocks or ideas? (See Jonny Murphy after)  Guest Speakers from Investec.

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2  Need suggestions about stocks?  If anybody would like to give presentation on stocks or ideas? (See Jonny Murphy after)  Guest Speakers from Investec

3 PointsMonthly Change % FTSE 1005,789.453.24% CAC 403,706.021.63% DAX7,715.531.32% S&P 5001,472.053.05% Nasdaq3,125.633.71%

4 PriceMonthly Change % WTI (Oil)$87.61-0.76% Gold$1662.98-2.13% Silver$34.20-0.03% Copper$353.75-0.04%

5  Fiscal Cliff: Spending Cuts and Taxes delayed for two months.

6  UK Services Sector Shrinks for the first time in two years.  PMI Services at 48.9 – Lowest reading since April ‘09.  UK Triple Dip?  Good Economist to follow for financial markets: Chris Williamson @WilliamsonChris

7  Retail Sector Slow over Christmas  British Retail Consortium reported an “underwhelming” festive season.  On a like for like basis sales only gained 0.3% on the previous year.  However, online sales grew 17.8% on last year.

8 Best Performing Worst Performing UK ShareChange 9.84% 8.89% 8.72% 8.22% UK ShareChange Eurasian-20.61% BG Group-18.75% Pennon Group -16.78% Randgold Resources -11.59% Kazakhmys-9.07% Melrose-8.98% Anglo American -8.78% Vodafone-8.26% G4S-6.60% United Utilities -6.16%



11 Fantasy Portfolio (£100,000)

12 Fantasy Portfolio: 31 st Oct – 23 rd Nov

13 League Standings: 31 st Oct – 23 rd Nov Here is a table to show the top 20 most active members at the LSU TRADING Competition, a fantasy trading league in *Currently, VNMX is at the top of the league with £104,698 total stock tradings *He is followed by MTStrander with £102,762 and Adam Abbas with £101,266 * KEEP TRADING! remember, the competition will run until April 1 st 2012.


15 The BIG five facts about student loans Go for the biggest 0% overdraft deal possible Never go over your overdraft limit Beware, your credit will be scored DON’T base your choice on the closest branch or ATM After graduating, switch to a top graduate account

16 Who offers the best student bank account?

17 Individual Virtual Fantasy Fund League! Halifax Santander The Co-op Bank Overdrafts: Guaranteed 0% Y1: £1,400 Y2: £1,700 Y3: £2,000 But does not offer a graduate account Overdraft: Y1: £1,500 Y2:£1,500 Y3:£1,500 £50 sign up bonus Overdrawn? Pay £5 per day! Overdraft: Up to £3000 over 3 years Arranged overdraft cost 7.2% and not guaranteed

18 Three types of Tax: - Stamp Duty - Capital Gains Tax (CGT) - Income Tax

19 - Levied against the value of shares bought in one ‘paper transaction’ - Transactions up to the value of £1,000 are exempt, HMRC doesn’t even need to know - Transactions above the value of £1,000 are subject to the current rate of 0.5% - Typically dealt with by the broker when entering a trade - If you’re given paper shares you don’t pay stamp duty

20 - Tax paid when you make a profit on shares - Any losses you make can be deducted from the profit to reduce this amount - Current ‘Annual Exempt Amount’ is £10,600, profits up to this value are exempt from CGT - Above this amount profits of up to £35,000 are subject to 18% CGT, profits above £35,000 are subject to 28% CGT - The Annual Exempt Amount is re-calculated annually and typically increases in line with CPI - All CGT must be paid by January 31st of each year

21 Share Profit/Loss (£) CRE 10,000 AMY 8,000 DAV -2,000 16,000 <- Total Profit or loss Subtract the Annual Exempt Amount from this: 16,000 -10,600 5,400

22 If this figure is still positive it is liable to CGT 5,400 (<35,000) subject to 18% CGT (5,400/100)*18 = 972 CGT of £972 on a profit of £16,000

23 - Only applicable if you receive income via stock dividends (Major shareholders, members of co- operatives, board members, high ranking executives etc.) - Normal rules of income tax apply



26  Mulberry  31 st October – Present  Purchase Price - 990.00p  Current Price – 1055.00p  We have an overall profit of £652.60 at this point.  WHY?


28  Handbag group Mulberry has seen its shares plunge 28% this year as fears over future growth mount as the financial crisis hits top- end buyers. 23 rd October’s profit warning gave the shares low confidence after the company announced that it expected group revenue growth to be below market expectations and said profits would be lower than last year.

29  However it is important to consider future growth – the shares have taken a serious hit this year but represent good value.  We believe we have bought at a low end and the price will undoubtedly rise and the company grows in the future.

30  Kazakhmys  31 st October – Present  Purchase Price – 736.00p  Current Price – 680.50p  We have an overall loss of £749.25 at this point.  WHY?



33  Here we see a large fall in copper prices – this directly effects our stock as they are a copper producer.  This may be due to a fall in equity confidence from the Presidential elections and slowed growth figures from China dragging mining stocks.


35  We have finally been given the green light to trade with real money…  We are going to put various stocks forward for your vote.  You will also have a vote on a sector and one stock within this sector to invest in.

36  easyJet – Travel & Leisure sector.  WHY?  Good growth figures year on year  Performed better than expected over the last year  Well known brand

37 44% increase in 6 months.

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