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Saturated or Not? Learning Objectives:

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1 Saturated or Not? Learning Objectives:
Identify saturated & unsaturated compounds Discuss the role of fats in the diet Explain how vegetable oils can be made into biodiesel

2 Ethane

3 Dodecene

4 Hexacosane

5 Hex-2-ene


7 C6H12

8 C6H14

9 Saturated

10 Unsaturated

11 Decolourises bromine

12 Brown solution with bromine

13 Burns with a sooty flame

14 Burns with a dull flame

15 Burns with a clean flame

16 Formed when fats are hydrogenated

17 Used as monomers to make polymers

18 Fats in the diet Advantages Disadvantages
Both saturated and non saturated fats are needed for a healthy balanced diet Foods rich in fats and oils are rich in vitamin E Omega 3 and 6 oils are good for the brain, heart, and joints Cholesterol is needed to make hormones and cell membranes Lipids are useful energy storage molecules (adipose tissue) Hydrogenated fats have longer shelf life Too many saturated fats can lead to heart disease etc… Hydrogenated trans fats raise LDL levels lower HDL levels and inc risk of CHD. They cannot be metabolised so stay in blood longer Trans fatty acids are not kinky! Act like saturated fats Kosher/Halal/suitable for vegetarian/vegans Limited evidence suggested it may have a role in some cancers, liver disease, Alzheimer’s diabetes

19 Veggie Power Vegetable oil contains a lot of energy it can be used as a fuel – biodiesel. Biodiesel is a CLEAN fuel It is RENEWABLE It is CARBON NEUTRAL Helps to reduce use of crude oil The vegetable oil is chemically digested to make it a better fuel

20 Bioethanol Glucose ethanol + carbon dioxide C6H12O6 2C2H5OH + 2CO2
Produced from fermenting sugar from crops RENEWABLE and CLEAN Glucose ethanol + carbon dioxide C6H12O6 2C2H5OH + 2CO2 Ethanol is a good fuel, it burns easily in air to form CO2 and H2O yeast yeast

21 Non Renewable Ethanol Ethene + steam Ethanol + hydrogen
catalyst High pressure Ethene + steam Ethanol + hydrogen Ethene comes from CRACKING crude oil products (Remember oil is heated to 800°C with a CATALYST – long chain ALKANE broken down to smaller alkene + alkane) Ethanol produced chemically from crude oil is still cleaner as a fuel but it is NON RENEWABLE

22 Workbook pages 85-88 to be completed for

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