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Clynfyw CIC Care Farm “Meaningful Occupation in an Inspirational Environment.” Abercych, Boncath Pembrokeshire

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1 Clynfyw CIC Care Farm “Meaningful Occupation in an Inspirational Environment.” Abercych, Boncath Pembrokeshire

2 Meaningful Occupation in an Inspirational Environment.”

3 What is Care Farming? Care farming is the therapeutic use of farming practices. Care farms: –Utilise the whole or part of a farm –Provide health, social or educational care services for one or a range of vulnerable groups of people –Provide a supervised, structured programme of farming-related activities

4 Care Farming UK There are over 130 care farms around the UK There are large and small e.g.: –The Amelia Trust, Vale of Glamorgan is a 160 acre farm with the core objective of supporting and educating vulnerable and disadvantaged young people. Through fun and work based activities the young people are empowered to participate, learn new skills and develop potential. Activities include: pottery, horticulture, recording studio, animal therapy… –Lylac Ridge, Newport is a one woman organisation providing opportunities for children and young people, particularly those experiencing ‘disadvantage’, to grow emotionally and learn through interaction with animals, this is called Animal Assisted Activities

5 ‘I have come across farms that are doing this, so I am sure there is a need.’ Rupert Acre, Education Officer, and Ben Raskin, Learning Manager and Horticultural Advisor, The Soil Association

6 How can Care Farms help combat poverty? Care Farms look for different ways to reach people whether they be children, people with learning disabilities, war veterans, long term unemployed… We plan to run Open College Network accredited courses which will lead to real ‘supported employment’ opportunities. This will have a positive impact on individual and regional poverty: Economic—real job creation through a various supported micro-businesses Fuel—growing food for the local market reduces carbon foot print and well managed woodlands gives wood and charcoal fuels for heat and cooking Social—creating links and understanding between diverse groups and play a part in the rebuilding of our community Moral and Social—giving people a reason to get out of bed and be proud of what they have done that day. We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty— Mother Theresa

7 Clynfyw Care Farm Clynfyw CIC Care Farm’s activities will provide benefit to our local community and visitors from further afield by offering accessible, supported day service provision. It is the first up and running Care Farm in Dyfed. The next step in an ongoing 15 year farm diversification program. Attitude is contagious. Is yours worth catching? Steve Waugh

8 The range of activities you are offering was considered to be one that would help young people fulfill their potential whilst feeling safe and secure in their environment. Lynne Winfrindale, Portfield School, Haverfordwest

9 Clynfyw Care Farm will provide a much needed facility for disadvantaged and vulnerable people in west Wales. Jill Simpson-- Countryside Educational Visits Accreditation Scheme, Farming and Countryside Education

10 Aims of Clynfyw Care Farm Clynfyw CIC Care Farm is based around day-service provision for disabled, disadvantaged and disenfranchised people offering socially and therapeutically beneficial projects, activities and courses around the farm. We want to make people proud of their involvement on the farm. We want to offer learning and fun, but most of all EMPOWERMENT to overflow into all aspects of life Our aim is for the Care Farm to be an entirely self- funding organisation through successful tendering of local authorities’ contracts and creation of innovative micro-businesses run by users with appropriate support from the Care Farm itself

11 Poverty is the parent of Revolution—Aristotle We must work together for a peaceful level-headed transition to a better time for all.

12 Working together… While Clynfyw Care Farm is primarily a day service, the projects and ambition within can offer so much more. Working with other agencies we will help open new gateways to work whenever possible through supported employment schemes, mentoring and job placements. Many of these projects will be linked to the Open College Network (OCN) scheme, enabling service users to build self- esteem and evidence of success through a recognised qualification. We plan to link with schools’ NEETS programs to offer meaningful projects to inspire and empower We aim to help people become more employable, but also to develop themselves, establish self empowerment and to value their place in their environment and community. Poverty often deprives a man of all spirit and virtue. It is hard for an empty bag to stand upright— Benjamin Franklin

13 The Welsh Government 2011 guidelines for day service provision state: ‘Good quality service and support should reflect an individual’s needs and goals and take full account of the individual’s expressed preferences…By focussing on the individual, individual planning should encourage service flexibility and innovation; inform strategic service planning and commissioning processes and achieve better outcomes from individuals.’

14 Thinking outside the Bird Box Clynfyw is set up to be a place to inspire. It is not: –a place to kill time, –to make to bird boxes that no one really wants –learn brick laying only to knock down the wall you have learnt to build so someone else can build it again. There are over a million unemployed young people and more again on training courses which will not lead to meaningful employment. We are failing them. Everyone has the right to feel empowered and the ability to reach their potential Care Farms offer a new way to combat age-old challenges

15 We have an opportunity to be dynamic and innovative and meet the needs of many. Now is the time to think radically, act locally and change the world for our future generations

16 Planned and existing projects at Clynfyw: Pottery and art work—develop the woodland sculpture trail and tap creative talent providing a forum for selling Horticulture—to develop a user-run vegetable round, encourage healthy eating…, Wheels Around the World’—a user-managed project refurbishing disused British wheelchairs for export to the developing world—Tamil Tigers, Kenya… ‘Apple Core!’—offering a community apple press for Manordeifi Parish with teams of pickers if needed while developing an orchard and producing Clynfyw apple juice Developing a small scale pork and poultry unit… Plus a million other ideas to change the world! All projects are linked to the Open College Network to provide evidence of success and develop sense of worth

17 One in three children in the UK lives below the poverty line - that's four million children.--UNICEF - October 2010 Our research suggests child poverty could rise again, to 3.1 million children by 2020. This should be a serious worry for all sides of the political spectrum, with high levels of child poverty costing the country £25 billion a year.-- Joseph Rowntree Foundation – 2010 "Poverty has a profound impact on the health and well-being of children. It denies them their right to education and to be healthy.“ UNICEF - October 2010 "Child cruelty will not be eradicated unless child poverty is ended.“ NSPCC - 2010 Our evidence suggests that dynamic, vibrant and sustainable communities need creative people working together, assets to support their aspirations and agencies and local people collaborating to an agreed plan. All three are needed— Carnegie Trust 2010 The Role of the Care Farms in combating rural child poverty

18 Caroline Spelman, UK’s minister for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, said in July 2011: “I think if people stop to think about the food they eat, that’s produced in this country then we begin to realise that over £80bn is contributed to the economy. It is one of the reasons why the government wants to see growth in the rural economy.”

19 Clynfyw CIC Care Farm “Meaningful Occupation in an Inspirational Environment.” Abercych, Boncath Pembrokeshire

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