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In the forefront of the battle against emerging infectious diseases Avraham Shimon Marilus CEO Dorit Arad CSO and Founder.

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1 In the forefront of the battle against emerging infectious diseases Avraham Shimon Marilus CEO Dorit Arad CSO and Founder

2 Mission Be ready to  Rapidly detect  Prevent the spread  Provide better treatment for infectious diseases particularly those that impose world pandemics threat

3 MND’s Platform Novel (Based on viral enzyme detection) Rapid (only 3 minutes detection) Detection of live viruses For pandemic causing viruses to prevent their spread For existing viruses to provide a better care

4 MND diagnostics Founded in2004 as an incubator company Established a collaboration with BMD (Biomedical Diagnostic, France) Recently completed first round of $4.7 million financing from Swiss investors Achieved proof of concept on the detection of enterovirus meningitis in CSF samples Manpower: 10 persons. Situated in Science Park Nes-Ziona.

5 Business Development The BDC Group Prof Max Herzberg Prof. Christian Policard Ms. Nicole Rieunier- Burle Clinical Studies David Greenberg M.D., Medical director, Soroka Hospital, Israel. Prof. Dana Wolf, Hadassah Hospital, Israel Mr. Avraham Marilus CEO and Chairman Dr. Dorit Arad – CSO and founder Dr. Ouriel Faktor VP R&D Prof. Max Herzberg - Director The MND Team Development Team Yaniv Nevo Ph.D Assaf Ezra Ofer Nusbaum Ph.D Gilad Wainreb

6 The Technology: Specific Enzymatic Based assay (I) (II) + Peptide color reaction viral enzyme Quenched tag Specificsequence Detectorpeptide (III)

7 Advantages New IP – new niche in the crowded diagnostics arena Detecting virus in their active stage, unlike RT-PCR and immunoassays Rapid detection relative to PCR (minutes relative to hours) proprietary molecules Detection procedure is simple Inexpensive Could be adjusted to hand-held field usage (airports and public places)

8 Business Model MND QPT Technology BMD Multiplex MeningitisPartner – Avian Flu (poultry) MND single test Meningitis Partner – emerging pandemic kit for outbreak control MND CMV MND Avian Flu (Humans) Combination of product development, licensing and partnering leverages MND’s IP and knowhow to its fullest

9 Current clinical Development

10 Meningitis Rapid Detection Kit The need for DetectionThe need for Detection Each year in the United States 10 million to 15 million illnesses are attributed to Enterovirus 300,000 Lumbar Punctures are performed in the US every year. This number will grow when there will be a fast detection tool to diagnose the disease. Current Gold Standard The “gold standard” for Enterovirus detection is Tissue culture which takes 3 days. RT-PCR takes 5-24 hours Current Development StatusCurrent Development Status Proof of concept completed in 2007 Pre-clinical studies planned for Q3 2008 Over 100 clinical CSF samples tested successfully

11 Market Opportunities 1. Persistent viruses (Meningitis, Enterovirus, CMV and Rhinovirus) 2. Emerging viruses (Avian Flu, SARS). Group A CMV Enteroviruses Hepatitis A Polio Rhino Virus Avian flu Influenza A,B SARS Group B Caliciviruses EBV Hepatitis C Hepatitis E Herpes A, B West Nile HIV Group C Adeno Virus Para Influenza 1,2,3 Group D RSV

12 12 IP & knowhow  Innovative MND’s intellectual property includes three pending patents on the detection method, compositions of matters for a wide range of viruses including HCV and detection of avian influenza.  Knowhow Unique molecular design techniques (QCT) enable the creation of effective molecules, specific to each disease agent, for treatment and detection. Experience in the development of rapid testing formats Creating leverage through MND’s novel IP

13 13 Company Goals 2008-2010  Launch Meningitis Rapid Detection Kit to market in 2009.  Advance MND platform and pipeline products for the detection of: Avian Influenza, CMV, HCV and Foot and Mouth disease.  Complete co-development of a Multiplex Detection Kit with BMD (BioMedical Diagnostics, France).  Establish strategic partnerships with leading Pharma.

14 Summary  MND technology has the potential to become a gold standard for Rapid detection, in non-lab conditions, of active infectious viruses such as: ENV, RHV, CMV, HCV, MFV, Inf.  MND broad technology can be expanded for development of Cancer markers and Blood coagulations diseases, and enrich the company pipeline.  MND relevant market segments - $13.3B (~34%) of the annual $40B IVD market.  We expect to launch our first product for meningitis detection in a year in third quarter of 2009.

15 Thank you!

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