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I-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 ebooks and other internet opportunities Michael Collins 12/10/20141.

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1 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 ebooks and other internet opportunities Michael Collins 12/10/20141

2 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Internet opportunities SOME KEY QUESTIONS ? Digitisation – what does this REALLY mean for publishing processes? i.e. What content? The book, the whole book and nothing but the book? Digital marketing – how does this relate to digitisation? i.e. Do we have the skill sets and how do you do ‘viral’? Distribution – what will happen here? i.e. How will our content get to our customers? Social networks – are they relevant to publishers? i.e. Who are our customers and where else do they gather? Customer Service – never mind the product, what about the service? 12/10/20142

3 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 So what are ebooks? Not just an electronic version of an extant printed work Electronic (digital media) versions of various forms of content that may or may not be also available in a printed version. Designed to be read on screen – PC, dedicated e-reader, mobile phone, PDA etc. Interactive content that includes hyperlinks and multimedia PDF files? Books for people from Yorkshire?  joke 12/10/20143

4 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 The inventor of the ebook 12/10/20144

5 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 ebooks – nothing new here! Project Gutenberg ( ) First conceived by Michael S Hart in 1971 when fewer than 100 people had access to the internet The oldest digital library in the world holding more than 24,000 public domain items, all freely available Over 3 million ebooks downloaded each month just from the digital archive at “I LOVE it when I get an email from someone reading a PG eBook in Urdu on a cell phone in the Serengeti Plain in Africa!” “In principle, there’s no format we won’t publish, but, in practice, we prefer formats that are open and editable and NOT burdened with copy protection (a.k.a. DRM) restrictions.” “Closed formats, by contrast, will almost certainly be unreadable in just a few decades, when the companies now promoting them disappear, or lose interest, or decide to stop supporting them because they want to sell a replacement.” INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL HART: 12/10/20145

6 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 12/10/20146

7 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Public domain download site 12/10/20147 YouTube demo at:

8 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 One leading source of proprietary ebooks 12/10/20148 130,000 popular, professional and academic ebooks from leading publishers Website: Press release on CUP’s ebook library service, Cambridge eBook Collections:

9 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Kindle Sony eReaderBookeen How are people reading ebooks ? iLiad ereader Nokia 770 Also on Personal Computers and mobile phones Going to sell Sony Reader Selling iRex iLiad (£399) BE Book Readius PLUS earlier Readers and Devices

10 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Some of the ebook devices iRex iLiad Holland-based firm launched the first e-reader in the UK in May, sold exclusively in Borders. Uses Linux operating systems which allows third-party development. Supports wi-fi. Formats: XHTML,.pdfs, Mobipocket. Retail price: £399 Sony Reader Launched in the US in 2006 and a 2.0 version will be available in 200 Waterstone’s stores from September this year. Titles can be purchased from Sony's Connect website which has about 40,000 titles. Can play MP3 files. Formats: BBeB Book, Adobe pdf, Jpegs, can support Microsoft Word with conversion. Retail price: $299 Amazon Kindle Released last November in the US to much fanfare. Features include wireless connectivity which enables downloads direct to the Kindle without a computer. Currently about 125,000 Kindle titles available from UK launch TBA. Formats: Kindle (.azw), can also read non-DRM Mobipocket files. Retail price: $399 12/10/201410

11 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 More devices.... Cybook Gen 3 French firm Bokeen's device launched in the US and France in October 2007. Stores up to 1,000 books and the company promises a 100-day battery life for the casual reader. Formats: Mobipocket, PalmDoc, HTML,.txt,.pdf. Retail price: $350 Readius Polymer Vision Spin-off of Dutch electronics giant Philips says it will launch its mobile phone/e-book reader in the UK later this year. The device, the size of a normal mobile phone, has a five-inch "rollable screen". Formats: TBA. Retail: TBA Not forgetting of course the different Readers for different hardware, Windows PC, Mac, Windows PCs, Palm OS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile etc etc: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Reader, MobiPocket eBook Reader, StarEbook Reader, Foxit Reader and the Ybook (paperback emulator) etc. 12/10/201411

12 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Some of the formats epub (.epub) Pushed by the International Digital Publishing Forum, the digital publishing trade body, the XML-based.epub's main strengths are its easy conversion for use on a variety of devices and its ability to "reflow" —to resize according to a device's screen size. Penguin, HarperCollins and Random House are among the trade publishers who have recently signed on. The Sony Reader is widely tipped to be.epub-compatible when it launches in the UK later this year. Mobipocket (.mobi) Founded in 2000, Mobipocket has become the leading format for mobile devices such as PDAs and Blackberry. The company was snapped up by Amazon in 2005. Kindle (.azw) The Kindle format is essentially a slightly modified Mobipocket wrapped with proprietary DRM and is the only format that can be downloaded from Amazon. Mobi DRM-free files can be read on the device. BBeB Sony's DRM-encrypted proprietary format for its Sony Reader. 12/10/201412

13 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 More formats Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Common on the web because of its ability to be read by a number of different computer types. Pdfs are less effective for e-book readers because they are designed to show standard paper sizes and thus cannot reflow to different screen sizes. Two.pdf formats — one for Acrobat Reader and one for Adobe eReader, have led to confusion. Microsoft Reader (.lit) Only readable on the proprietary Microsoft Reader programme (Windows only), installed on most Pocket PC handheld devices. An add- on, Convert LIT, allows you to change files to an.epub format. eReader (.pbd) Designed mainly for handheld devices such as the Palm and Pocket PC, can also be used on any Windows or Macintosh operating systems. Does not support Blackberry or iPhones. 12/10/201413

14 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 IDPF’s.epub format THE BIG QUESTION: Will.epub be the format to end the ebook format wars? IDPF = International Digital Publishing Forum (formerly Open eBook Forum) An XML-based file, which allows publishers to relatively easily (£300 for the first switch) convert a number of different formats and wrap with DRM programming. Being adopted by Penguin, Random House, HarperCollins and Pan Macmillan Openly supported by the Association of American Publishers 12/10/201414

15 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Stop press.... 12/10/201415 Waterstones to take pre-orders for the new Sony eBook Reader from today!!

16 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Amazon’s wireless Kindle is also (almost) here... 12/10/201416 Users can download content from Amazon in the proprietary Kindle format (AZW), or load unprotected Mobipocket (PRC, MOBI) or plain text content. Amazon offers an email-based service that will convert HTML, DOC (Microsoft Word), PDF, JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP documents to AZW. The Kindle also supports audio in the form of MP3s and Audible 2, 3, and 4 audiobooks, which must be transferred to the Kindle over USB or on an SD card. Self service digitisation platform for publishers The Kindle allows the user to increase type size In the US taking on the must-have aura of Apple’s iPod??

17 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 But...there are restrictions (of course) Some of its weaknesses: An inability to show good quality images. It only displays a few shades of grey, and no color. (also applies to other readers) For text or reference book users it is much more difficult to jump about, mark places, add comments, highlight bits, etc with an ebook than a physical book With a single eBook reader, you can only show one book at a time. Unlike on an internet browser on a computer, you can't have multiple windows open at the same time and quickly jump from window to window in a single instantaneous keystroke. Only supports proprietary Amazon DRM protected ebooks – Word and PDF documents can be converted via an email srvice. See the full review at: 12/10/201417

18 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Battle of the eBook Readers & formats ‘...the Kindle and the Sony e-reader.... do not speak the same language: they require content in different format, and buying either one will not, a priori, grant access to the universe of digitised content, but a proprietary subset of it. In my personal view this is in the interests neither of the consumer, nor the creator, nor the publisher. From ‘Towards a Digital Agenda’, a speech delivered by Simon Juden, CEO of the Publishers Association at its 2008 AGM ‘One of the failures thus far with eBooks is the publishers have been presenting a multiplicity of formats. We feel that if publishers and retailers get behind one single standard we can present the offer to customers much more clearly.” Jeremy Ettinghausen, Digital Publishing Director, Penguin 12/10/201418

19 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Caveat emptor iRex iLiad was the first ebook reader to be launched in the UK. Would you buy one next week? “Currently the iLiad supports the following formats: PDF, XHTML, TXT, JPG, PNG, BMP.” iRex website sells most books in Mobipocket and Adobe.pdf formats, both of which can be read by the iLiad. It also offers titles in Microsoft Reader, which iLiad does not support. Oops... sells some titles in up to 12 different formats, many of which iLiad does not support. Oh dear... CONCLUSION: I think I’ll wait thanks. Right now there are too many devices, too many different formats and standards, too many functionality shortcomings and too many different types of DRM (protection measures). 12/10/201419

20 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 I spent a month with an iLiad 12/10/201420 “I am reluctantly impressed with my ebook. Meanwhile, my advice to the makers is to refine the page-turning just a little more, offer a battered blue cloth-bound wallet and, above all, make it smell - just a little musty, please.... But it's clear enough that after all the waiting and the over-hyping, the eBook is arriving. Before long you are going to see them being carried nonchalantly around. And after that, some of you, at least, are going to buy one.” Journalist and political commentator Andrew Marr on a month with an iLiad:

21 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 The trend is definitely upward 12/10/2014 21 US Trade Wholesale ebook Sales 2002-2008 Based on data from 12-15 trade publishers

22 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 How things have changed in the last 6 months 12/10/201422 NOV 2007: Kindle: The Holy Grail or the last gasp of eBooks? JUNE 2008 : Looks Like a Million To Me: How I Realized that Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s E-Reader Were Exceeding Sales Estimates

23 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Some key ebook impacts Digital rights issues Reduced royalties for authors Fear of pirating and the DRM controversy Globalisation as publishers can supply globally without selling rights to other countries. Pros and cons to this: e.g. reduced local marketing initiatives Disintermediation of publishers? e.g. Amazon/BookSurge. Ease of direct access for authors to the market Changes in the supply chain and impact on traditional book players – printers, distributors, bookshops Cannibalisation of existing markets – buying in different ways but not necessarily buying more 12/10/201423

24 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 The ‘not be under-estimated’ DRM issue and Consumer resistance to ebooks 12/10/201424 Are you buying a crippled license to intellectual property when you download, or are you buying an honest-to-God book?

25 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 The official industry view on DRM “We need to make sure our content isn’t stolen and published on the internet by thieves... overprotective technical protection mechanisms.... exacerbate this theft, as frustrated consumers, prevented from doing what they thought they had the right to do, seek ways to circumvent the protections placed around content. Licensing must be intuitive, simple and well communicated, at the user level.. Technical protection measures must be very straightforward or the user will eventually circumvent them.” From ‘Towards a Digital Agenda’, a speech delivered by Simon Juden, CEO of the Publishers Association, at its 2008 AGM 12/10/201425

26 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 The ongoing Digital Rights issue Matters of principle and practice – perceptions of value ‘Giving it all away’ v Protecting publishers’ business models online Still a huge issue but not just a ‘technical protection measure’ No industry standard - too many different DRM applications on ebook formats so no ‘interoperability’ Unreasonable restrictions in other sectors like music have set an uncomfortable precedent for publishers O’REILLY TOOLS OF CHANGE FOR PUBLISHING PRESENTATION: DRM, Digital Content, and the Consumer Experience: Lessons Learned from the Music Industry 12/10/201426

27 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Case study – O’Reilly Media Safari Books Online - online-publishing joint venture with Pearson The e-reference library for programmers and IT professionals O’Reilly’s third largest reseller after Amazon and Barnes & Noble, generating more revenue than the entire ebook download business Subscription based access to thousands of computer and business books for an early adopter audience - professional content Moving from a ‘limited bookshelf’ model to ‘all you can eat’ because ‘people consume about the same’ and this favours the ‘long tail’ ‘Making electronic copies available at a fair price’ – no DRM LATEST NEWS: ‘Select O’Reilly Books soon on Kindle, and as DRM-free Digital bundles (including ePub)’ so ‘most customers should be able to read the books with most current ebook software and devices’. 12/10/201427

28 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Case study - free ebooks and print sales 12/10/201428 Seth Godin: Bestselling author of Permission Marketing In July 2000 he initially released the follow up Unleashing the Idea Virus as a free PDF download from his website etc In doing so he was the first NYT business bestselling author to release a book in its entirety as a free ebook online. Do You Zoom hardback published September 2000 Hyperion paperback published October 2001 Now published commercially in ten languages. No. 4 bestseller in Japan No. 5 on the Amazon bestseller list Available as an audio download

29 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 The No1 most downloaded ebook in History!? 12/10/201429

30 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Case study - Random House’s infectious free ebook On 27 March 2008 RH’s Crown imprint released Scott Siegler’s novel Infected as a free pdf download for a time-limited period of 4 days before it went on sale in stores on 31 March. It then withdrew the free download RESULT: 45,000 downloads Infected went to No. 1 on Amazon Horror List Infected went from No. 2,000 + to No. 150 in overall book sales The Infected microsite became Crown’s top site: See the article on the Long Tail blog at 12/10/201430

31 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Print-on-Demand update The Dell model It’s a no-brainer, wherever possible Digital typesetting and printing Lightning Source Has printed 50 million books for 6,500 publishers US publisher association award for four colour printing See May 29 press release at: Amazon BookSurge In the US: Let BookSurge print your books, or else.... In the UK: No plans for BookSurge in the UK See article at: 12/10/201431

32 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Case study: Print on Demand in situ 12/10/201432 ‘What Gutenberg’s press did for Europe in the 15th century, digitization and the Espresso Book Machine will do for the world tomorrow’. It can print and bind a 300-page book in the time it takes to make a (proper rather than instant!) cup of coffee

33 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Espresso - an ATM for printed books A logical extension of print-on-demand at large production facilities A cheap point of sale machine placed in bookshops, libraries, universities (and homes???) with access to an unlimited catalogue of titles over the Internet First trialled at the World Bank’s InfoShop in Washington in 2006 Brought to market by Jason Epstein, for 40 year editorial director at Random House, ‘inventor’ of the paperback book and founder of On Demand Books YouTube demo at: April 2008: Partnership agreement with Lightning Source provides access to scanning facilities and copyrighted material With the Espresso book distribution in the future would simply require an internet connection STOP PRESS: 60 BLACKWELLS STORES TO TAKE ESPRESSO MACHINES 12/10/201433

34 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 How printed books will be ‘distributed’ in the future? 12/10/201434

35 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 40,000 audiobooks available at 12/10/201435

36 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Latest audiobooks news... 12/10/201436 To DRM or Not to DRM – STILL the dividing question....

37 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 This week’s story on the publishing blogs 12/10/201437 pan-macmillan-exec-sara-lloyd-denies-that-publishers-were-cluelessly-asleep/

38 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Read ebooks on your iPhone and iPod 12/10/201438 See the video at:

39 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Blogs – one born every half second! 12/10/201439

40 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Case study – Creating books from blogs 12/10/201440 The blog that became a book published by Little, Brown and Company, which sold more than 100,000 copies and ended up winning the inaugural blog-celebrating Blooker Prize. Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen’ An active and popular blog in 2002-3: 7.500 hits per day “If, when my book is published, I sell twenty-five copies, I will count myself lucky (though my publisher surely won’t).” But didn’t having the blog help sell the book?

41 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 The Julie & Julia story “Julie & Julia is the story of Julie Powell's attempt to revitalize her marriage, restore her ambition, and save her soul by cooking all 524 recipes in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume I, in a period of 365 days.” Julie Powell received a 2004 James Beard Award for food journalism. Book published 28 September 2005 Six figure sales before winning the first Blooker Prize in 2006 16,000 views of YouTube cartoon video added 12 May 2006 Due to be released as a film in 2009 “A great book is not a blog shovelled on to paper. Julie and Julia successfully makes the transition and grows as it goes.” Paul Jones, Blooker Prize judge and director of the iBiblio digital library 12/10/201441

42 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Blogs as Virtual Communities Research survey on the Julie/Julia blog at: Highly ‘successful’ blog Dependant on the author’s own postings Not sustainable after the cooking project ended Fans subsequent attempt to create an interactive virtual community failed However, more than 500 people bothered to respond to the survey post: 81% were women of average age 38. 12/10/201442

43 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 The Blooker Prize for blooks Launched by Bob Young to promote the self-publishing, print on demand site and to honour “a hybrid literary form at the cutting edge of both literature and technology”. 89 entries on the long list in 2006. 110 entries in 2007 including ‘a big increase in the number of entries from traditional publishers’. See BBC article at: 12/10/201443

44 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Self publishing on Lulu 12/10/201444

45 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Case study – Self-Publishing / ‘Flicktion’ 12/10/201445 The Doorbells of Florence’ by Andrew Losowsky Winner of the 2007 Blooker Prize A Flickr collection of photographs of doorbells and short storiesFlickr inspired by them, self-published on See Times Online at: “For some publishers, such innovation is evidence that the death of the book at the hands of the internet has been much exaggerated. Quite the reverse: blooks could bring fresh life to the industry. Not only can publishers use the internet to find new authors, but they can use it as a marketing tool — using the ready-made audience.” See the blog review : “The Doorbells of Florence is….. a spectacular achievement, to say the least.”

46 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Case study – ‘Stuff 250,000 readers like’ 'Le Cool - A Weird and Wonderful Guide to Barcelona‘, the guide book that grew out of a free weekly email edited by Blooker Prize winner Andrew Losowsky: The offline review: “Any old guide can list hotels and landmarks and decent restaurants. Le cool will not only send you to the most authentic tapas bar, but it will also tell you which bar stool to occupy.” The New York Times The online review: Cool Hunting is a daily update on ideas and products in the intersection of art, design, culture and technology, and features weekly videos that get an inside look at the people who create them. Money can buy you a lot of things, but it can’t buy you coverage on Cool Hunting. All of our content is editorially based using the standard of “stuff we like.” Published since February 2003 as a personal catalog and reference tool, the site today attracts and inspires more than 250,000 regular readers from around the world. 12/10/201446

47 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Case study – Radical author on the loose 12/10/201447 QUESTION: Why does Cory Doctorow, science fiction writer and Blooker Prize judge, give away his ebooks? ANSWER: “Obscurity is a far greater threat to authors and creative artists than piracy!” Tim O’Reilly RESULT: The first-ever Creative Commons-licensed novel to get on the New York Times Bestseller list! Download free from: Buy for £6.52 from:

48 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Getting creative with copyright 12/10/201448 Not just © but and

49 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Case study - Man Booker Prize BOOKER PRIZE 2007 SHORTLIST Darkmans by Nicola Barker (Fourth Estate) The Gathering by Anne Enright (Jonathan Cape) The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid (Hamish Hamilton) Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones (John Murray) On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan (Jonathan Cape) Animal’s People by Indra Sinha (Simon & Schuster) Of the six authors shortlisted in 2007, including the eventual winner Anne Enright, only one - Ian McEwan – had their own web presence So what happened when people went online to find out about Anne Enright and her winning book ‘The Gathering’? They found a few press reports and not much more... 12/10/201449

50 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Where was ‘The Gathering’ online? 12/10/201450 Ian McEwan Anne Enright There was nothing available online to meet the surge of interest in Anne Enright so it evaporates.....

51 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Are our customers online? The internet introduces people to books according to their interest by connecting them via topical sites and communities including: At established community sites for regular readers: LoveReadingLoveReading or Librarything or Shelfari or GoodReadsLibrarythingShelfariGoodReads On Facebook which now has over 100 applications relating to books including iRead More books are sold online than any other product Nearly two out of three consumers also conduct research online then purchase offline 12/10/201451

52 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Why publishers should market online Publishing’s core audience of heavy book purchasers are: aged between 35 & 64 more likely to be women more likely to be in the upper demographic. people who prefer holidays off the beaten track, are food conscious, believe cannabis should be legalised, watch ‘Have I Got News for You and read The Guardian. FACT: 82% of this group are active internet users 55% are heavy users three times as likely as the average UK adult to buy books online Source: ‘The Deal’ – the London Book Fair’s official magazine 12/10/201452

53 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Where is publishing actually marketing? QUESTION: If most of its important potential customers are spending purchasing time online where is publishing spending its money? ANSWER: Setting in-store deals to one side, UK publishing spent £33 million on above the line advertising. Only 2.4% of this i.e. £800k was spent online. In contrast, in 2006 UK business spent £2.06 billion on online advertising, i.e just over half the total spent on TV advertising. Source: ‘The Deal’ – the London Book Fair’s official magazine 12/10/201453

54 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Have you read ‘The Shack’? 12/10/201454

55 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Thinking outside the box / book OPPORTUNITIES for publishers prepared to think outside the book: Understand what interests your readers / customers Provide interactive tools and communicate around book content Be active within the digital spaces where readers can discuss and interact with your content – get involved in these digital conversations Review your publishing process and evaluate whether the content / editorial material you generate can be re-purposed 12/10/201455

56 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Case Study – Collaborative Print Publishing 12/10/201456 Published by Snowbooks ( UK ‘Independent Trade Publisher of the Year’ and British Book Industry Innovation award winner Edited and compiled in-house by Anna Torborg of Snowbooks, publisher & blogging crafter Bestseller, promoted in Barnes and Noble for eight straight months Global appeal with contributors from countries worldwide Beautifully presented

57 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 The Crafter’s Companion 12/10/201457

58 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 The crafting community / market 17 crafters who run their own crafting blogs contributed ideas for the book: patterns, tips, thoughts about what inspires them and images of their work and working space The online crafting community – hundreds of thousands of women worldwide share and support each other as they document and showcase their crafting The book is an extension, a documentation of the community – not forced upon it by outsiders “We didn’t have to market it – the market came to us.” 12/10/201458

59 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Selling through the 17 authors’ blogs 12/10/201459

60 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Viral marketing 12/10/201460 “You absolutely must read Anna Torborg's new book,. Let me tell you why…”

61 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Making it easy / natural to buy “We created a Paypal button which the authors could put on their blogs and made the code available so blog readers could share it. Pretty soon, many crafting blogs displayed the button. We sold US$ 5000 worth of pre-orders in a week through this button...... because we offered the community what it wanted.” Emma Barnes, managing director Snowbooks and ex B & Q buyer and Deloitte and Touche retail management consultant 12/10/201461

62 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Sharing the experience 12/10/201462

63 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Creating a community website 12/10/201463 /

64 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Compare with Amazon 12/10/201464

65 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Which site do you go to first? 12/10/201465

66 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Stop press.... 12/10/201466

67 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Knit an iPhone at Craftzine! 12/10/201467

68 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Case study - Calling all doodlers..? 12/10/201468

69 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Case Study – Find your community..? 12/10/201469

70 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Healthy Eating? 12/10/201470

71 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Case study – Cultural profiles 12/10/201471 In today’s rapidly changing cultural and political landscape, international cultural collaboration assumes an ever more important role. The Visiting Arts Cultural Profiles project aims to address the most widely cited obstacle to engagement in intercultural collaboration, which is the lack of authoritative, up to date and targeted information. Supporting the international arts community with authoritative information and facilitating international networking and exchange

72 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Case study – From product to service 12/10/201472 From just books & books and a searchable, online research service all generated from one dynamic database

73 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Commercial benefits & opportunities Costs are saved by streamlining operational processes – using an authoring and editing system based on a centralized XML database repository avoids duplication of effort, increases consistency of content, and joins up management information and operational control. It reduces costs by streamlining editorial, management and production processes, for output to both print and web. Opportunities are increased for using and re-using content – there can be more profit from products, more products from the same content, less cost of developing and testing new ideas and products, and a faster time to market. So Print on Demand turns into Print What You Want !! “The system is dynamically linked to automated typesetting which in turn can be linked to print on demand. This enables us to control production of POD books. In the future, we expect subscribers to GMB’s online services to build their own books from selections of content within the database and print off just what they want.” Peter Chadwick, CEO GMB Publishing Ltd 12/10/201473

74 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Case Study – Book and Web 12/10/201474 “This book is less expensive than every other market book / writer's handbook I could find AND it has this special web site that provides all the entries from the book online, in addition to a bunch of others that they couldn't fit into the book. “ Review on Amazon

75 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 From print product to online service Because the XML based system can automatically associate user with content the whole process of creating, editing, publishing and updating information is transformed. Organisations and individuals listed in the directory will be able to update their own entries – via an editorially controlled mechanism of course. Both users and entrants will be able to use this online resource as a community space to seek advice, exchange ideas and create new opportunities for collaborative projects. 12/10/201475

76 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Harnessing social media (1) 5 Facts: You are no longer in control There are fewer destination websites - if you build it, they won’t necessarily come. You need to be where people want you to be. Don’t make assumptions: people on online communities are not who you think they are (i.e. hoodie-wearing yoof) The future is niche - i.e. the much mooted and predicted proliferation of niche social networking sites that will provide an alternative to the generic Facebooks and MySpaces. Get the content right and the rest will follow 12/10/201476 Source: Jon Reed at Publishing Talk:

77 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Harnessing social media (2) 3 Opportunities: Engage existing social networks Socialize your existing online marketing Create a new, niche community. Source: Jon Reed at Publishing Talk: / / Why not visit Snowbooks on Second Life at: ? 12/10/201477

78 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Develop a Social Media Strategy (1) Audit your existing social media: How many of your authors have blogs? Are you linking to them? Define your goals: Increased sales? Brand recognition/differentiation? Market research? Community development? Plan AND CHOOSE your media: Websites? Blogs? Audio? Video? Podcasts? Be a facilitator NOT an enforcer: Start the conversation; set up blogging tools for your authors, help them record podcasts, Get them on Facebook or MySpace. Be authentic: Social media IS NOT a campaign or a tactic – it’s a COMMITMENT 12/10/201478

79 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Develop a Social Media Strategy (2) Find your community Go googling and find where your market is online Engage your audience Create compelling content and share it with people who will value it Be visible Make your online content easy to find and recommend with social bookmarking links like ‘Digg this’ and ‘add to’ Measure your results. Track your listener numbers, video downloads and group members. Use calls to action and unique landing pages. Track click-throughs, blog mentions and comments, do surveys, check your webstats. NB Employ / retain people who can do all of this as it takes time and skill. 12/10/201479

80 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Internet opportunities SOME KEY QUESTIONS ? Digitisation – what does this REALLY mean for publishing processes? i.e. What content? The book, the whole book and nothing but the book? Digital marketing – how does this relate to digitisation? i.e. Do we have the skill sets and how do you do ‘viral’? Distribution – what will happen here? i.e. How will our content get to our customers? Social networks – are they relevant to publishers? i.e. Who are our customers and where else do they gather? Customer Service – never mind the product, what about the customer and the service? 12/10/201480

81 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 ‘Next Generation Publishing’ How we can help you ‘think outside the book’ Research and new product development process: 5/6 ideas Research – gather information by surveying existing users / watching other experiments Review existing publishing processes Proof of concept based on real data Marketing Sales Feedback 12/10/201481

82 i-Publishing Consultants Ltd ©2008 Thank you T. +44 (0)208 947 9510 M. +44 (0)7779 60 28 65 Skype: michaelcollins_uk 12/10/201482 This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported Licence. Click here for more informationhere

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