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Do you like the dark????.

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1 Do you like the dark????

2 Do you like the dark????

3 Do you like the dark????

4 Listen carefully to the story………………………………….

5 Why do we need light? What is life like if we don’t have the light……

6 To guide us……….

7 Lights all around us guide us………….
Can you think of any? Lets write them down together. Take it in turns to guide a blindfolded child and see how it makes you feel.

8 Without light we can feel lost….
Lights can show us the way to go… Colour in your lighthouse picture and share you thoughts on how you would feel if you were in a boat searching for the lighthouse to guide you.

9 Did you ever wonder why we light a candle at the beginning of our ‘collective worship’ and say those special words? Christians believe that before Jesus came into our world, people found life a struggle and they weren’t very nice to each other. They almost lived under a ‘cloud’ of darkness. They believe that Jesus was their ‘Salvation'. Mary was chosen to give birth to Jesus who was God’s son, so that God could live among the people and teach them how to be kind to one another and to show them that God loved them and wanted to help them. Jesus’s teachings helped the people so much that they look back and remember how he came like a guiding light to the world and in his honour they call him ‘Jesus the Light of the World’. Christians use candles and light them to show that God’s love and Jesus’s presence is all around us. Talk to the person next to you for two minutes and then let’s share our ideas.

10 Lights have meanings in different faiths.
Can you name any of these lights? Talk to the person next to you and see if you and your partner recognise any of these special candles..

11 In groups, have a go at making
The Advent Candles. Advent candles are lit on each of the four Sundays in December. The fifth one is lit on Christmas day to mark Jesus’s birth and to celebrate ‘Jesus the Light of the World’ coming to the people. Each candle has a different meaning, which originates from the first Christmas leading up to the birth of Jesus. The first candle symbolises God’s people and reminds us to have ‘Hope’ The second candle reminds Christians of how the Old Testament prophets told of Jesus’s coming and so means ‘Peace’ The fourth candle reminds us of Mary, the mother of Jesus and so it symbolises ‘Love’ The fifth is the most special candle of all. It is lit on Christmas day and is the symbol of Jesus’s birth, bringing ‘Light’ to the world. The third candle is in memory of a special prophet called ‘John the Baptist’ and means ‘Love’ In groups, have a go at making your own Advent Wreath. Share with the class remembering to talk about the meaning of each candle.

12 Why not have a go at making your very own Christingle?
A ‘Christingle’ means ‘Christ’s Light’ and is another symbol of the Christian faith which uses light to represent Jesus as the light of the world. Follow the link below to see what each part means to Christians. Why not have a go at making your very own Christingle? Share your creations with the class and think about the special meaning it holds. Christingle symbolises God’s love and helps Christians spread the word of God and give hope to others around the world.

13 Jewish people also celebrate their beliefs with lights.
The film below tells us the story of Hanukkah which is celebrated by Jewish people. Think about why the Menorah keeps burning? Is god sending a message to the Maccabees’? Invite some children to act out a part of the story of Hanukkah. Jewish people light Hanukkah candles which hold 9 candles.

14 Shabbat Candles. Two special candles………… One special day…………
Watch this……… Then this……… The two candles count as reminders to ‘Remember’ and ‘Keep’ this day special and to remember the importance of why.

15 Have we answered our big question?
Why is Light important to Christians and Jews?

16 Something to think about……
Have you ever lit a candle to remember someone or celebrate something special? How did the light make you feel? What did it mean to you? Fill in the ‘Feeling Chart’ and stick it in your book!

17 Have you ever made a wish on your birthday?
Think about how important the candlelight was to you on that occasion. Share your experiences with your class mates and teacher in a circle time discussion….

18 Let’s make our own candle holders, so we can express how important the ‘light’ symbol is in our own lives. You may wish to use yours for prayer or to make a special wish, or to remember a special event or someone who is precious to you. Write a few lines in your books to explain the meaning of your candle.

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