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IP-guard IP-guard Contents Brief Introduction 1 14 Modules of IP-guard 2 Solutions 3 Components and Basic System Architecture 4.

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1 IP-guard

2 IP-guard Contents Brief Introduction 1 14 Modules of IP-guard 2 Solutions 3 Components and Basic System Architecture 4

3 IP-guard Data Disclosure Removable storage device, , P2P Application, printing … Data-Stealing spyware, illegal intrusion, hacker… Security Risks system vulnerability, virus attack, malicious deletion or modification Creative design, VIP customer information, sensitive financial data … Security Challenges form Computerized Corporation

4 IP-guard Drawbacks of Information Technology Play games · Trade Stocks · Chat Online Browse Web Pages · Print Personal Stuffs Online Movies · Radio · Download Music Cannot Track Computer Assets Changes Administrator Faces Heavy Workload Cannot Troubleshoot Remote Computer

5 IP-guard The significance of Protecting Intranet Security To resist external risks To prevent internal breaches Anti-virus Software Firewall Intranet Security Management Hacker Malware Virus Intranet Security Management Corporation

6 IP-guard The Core Values of IP-guard Protect data security; Safeguard intellectual property. Protect data security; Safeguard intellectual property. Adjust employee behavior; Improve work efficiency. Adjust employee behavior; Improve work efficiency. Centrally manage system; Keep system stable. Centrally manage system; Keep system stable. Effective and Comprehensive Management

7 IP-guard Contents Brief Introduction 1 14 Modules of IP-guard 2 Solutions 3 Components and Basic System Architecture 4

8 IP-guard 14 Modules of IP-guard IP-guard Be composed freely; Be selected optionally. Basic Management Document Management Print Management Device Management Removable Storage Management Management Instant Messaging Management Application Management Website Management Bandwidth Management Network Management Screen Monitoring Remote Maintenance IT Asset Management

9 IP-guard Basic Management Module Basic and essential module of IP-guard. It’s a mandatory module. Basic Events Log  Record computer startup, logon, logoff, shutdown to check when do your employee start working and what time do they leave their workstations Basic Control  Remotely lock, log off, restart and turn off agent computers to manage computers or stop illegal operations Basic Policy  Block users from randomly modify system setting in order to prevent accidental and intentional destruction and improve system security.

10 IP-guard Basic Management Module - Basic Policy Basic Policy  Control Panel Computers Management  System  Network  IP/Mac Binding  ActiveX  Others

11 IP-guard Document Management Module Control and monitor document actions to safeguard intellectual property Document Control  Effectively control document actions to prevent unauthorized actions, malicious modification and deletion. Document Backup  Back up documents before they are modified or deleted to make sure the security of important documents Document Logging  Record document actions in detail  Record document actions of any computer on shared documents

12 IP-guard Document Management Module Document Management Module – Document Policy Document Control  By file name  By operation type  By disk type  By application

13 IP-guard Print Management Monitor file printing to prevent data leakage Print Control  Control printing permission to prevent data leakage  Reasonably assign print resource to stop wasting print resource Print Logging  Record print actions in detail for administrator to evaluate the effective usage of print resource Print Backup  Back up the image of printed file

14 IP-guard Print Management - Print Control Print Control  By printer type  By application  By Printer name

15 IP-guard Device Management Control and monitor the usage of various devices to prevent data leakage Device Control  Bl ock external devices from connecting to the intranet to protect data security and stop data breaches  Detailed and specific control

16 IP-guard Device Management - List of Controlled Device  Storage Devices Floppy, CDROM, Burning Device, Tape, Removable Storage Device  Communications Devices COM, LTP, Bluetooth, Infrared, SCSI Controller, etc.  Dialup Dial-up Connection  USB Devices USB hard disk, USB CDROME 、 USB LAN Adapter, USB Image Device, etc.  Network Devices Wireless LAN Adapter, Virtual LAN Adapter, PnP Adapter (USB, PCAMCIA)  Others Audio device, Virtual LAN Adapter  Any added new devices

17 IP-guard Removable Storage Management Authorize and encrypt removable storage device to protect your valuable data anywhere at anytime. Permission Control  Strictly control file in motion to protect data Automatic Encryption & Decryption  Automatically encrypt data when files are written to any removable storage device to enhance the security level of data in motion Whole Disk Encryption  Format corporate removable storage device as encrypted removable storage device.  Automatically encrypt and decrypt data stored on the encrypted removable storage device within the corporate environment. * NOTE: Encrypted removable storage device only can be used within the corporate environment

18 IP-guard Management Control and monitor incoming and outgoing s to prevent data leakage Control  Block sending specified POP3/SMTP s or Exchanges s out of the organization via to prevent data leakage Logging  Fully record sender, recipient, subject, text and attachment  Support POP3/SMTP , Exchange , webmail, and Lotus

19 IP-guard Instant Messaging Management Control and monitor instant messaging to safeguard data security and improve work efficiency IM Logging  Completely record instant messages, participants, time to prevent data leaking out via IM applications File Transfer Control  Block sending files out of the corporation over limited size or with limited file names File Backup  Back up transferred file

20 IP-guard Application Management Control and monitor application usage to improve work efficiency Application Statistics  Gather statistics by category, name, detail and group to let you know your employee’s work performance Application Control  Filter non-work related applications to make your employees concentrate on work business  Block malicious application to protect computer security Application Log  Record application start, stop, window switch to track the application activity of staff

21 IP-guard Application Management – Application Statistics Application Statistics  Gather statistics by category  Gather statistics by name  Gather statistics by detail  Gather statistics by group

22 IP-guard Website Management Record staff’s web browsing activities; limit web site access right to regulate staff’s online activity Website Statistics  Gather statistics by different ways to let you know your staff’s web browsing activity Website Management  Filter non-work related websites during a specified time period  Block malicious and inappropriate websites Website Log  Record the URL, caption, and time of the visited websites to track what your staff were browsing during office hours

23 IP-guard Website Management – Website Statistics Website Statistics  Gather statistics by category  Gather statistics by detail  Gather statistics by group

24 IP-guard Bandwidth Management Limit and control bandwidth to avoid any bandwidth abuse Traffic Statistics  Gather statistics by different ways to assist administrator to analyze traffic consumption Bandwidth Control  Limit bandwidth by IP address or port to help administrator reasonably assign various bandwidth to different users  Limit BT download, online video watching to make sure that you have sufficient bandwidth for business use

25 IP-guard Bandwidth Management -Traffic Statistics

26 IP-guard Network Management Prevent unauthorized external computers from accessing internal network Network Control  Offer firewall function and block unauthorized computer from communication with internal computers in order to protect intranet security Network Intrusion Detection  Scan the whole network to immediately stop unauthorized computers from connecting to the internal network so as to safeguard information security

27 IP-guard Screen Monitoring Record and replay screen snapshot to let you know what your employees do step by step Screen Monitoring  View the real-time desktop screen of any computer  Monitor computers with multi displays  Centrally monitor multi computers at one time Screen Record  Completely record screen history for your latter review  Set different intervals to capture screen snapshot when different application are being used so as to pay attention to risky applications  Can save a lot of screen snapshots due to effective compression  Screen history can be exported to wmv format.

28 IP-guard Remote Maintenance Support remote maintenance so as to let you shorten the downtime and quickly solve the system problem Remote Troubleshooting  Check the real-time running processes of client computers  Remotely analyze the running status, system fault and device status of client computers Remote Control  Perform remote assistance or demonstrate operational instruction Remote File Transfer  Remotely transfer files from remote computers to local computer, and from local computer to remote computers in order to quickly gather fault samples to diagnose the problem and update files

29 IP-guard Remote Maintenance - Maintenance Centrally view the running status of any remote computer through IP-guard console

30 IP-guard IT Asset Management Easily manage IT asset to reduce management cost Asset Information  Automatically collect software and hardware information and provide asset inventory to facilitate administrator’s management  Offer non-IT asset management function Asset Change  Record software and hardware changes in detail  Instant alert on asset changes

31 IP-guard IT Asset Management Vulnerability Management  Automatically scan system vulnerability of agent computer and provide easy-to-read report and solutions Patch Management  Check Microsoft for new patches at regular intervals  Automatically download and deploy new patches to agent computers Software Deployment  Deploy files and programs with ease  Support breakpoint transmission to facilitate background installation and interactive installation

32 IP-guard Contents Brief Introduction 1 14 Modules of IP-guard 2 Solutions 3 Components and Basic System Architecture 4

33 IP-guard Data Loss Prevention Solution Instant Messaging Management ManagementDocumentManagement Data Security Management Screen Monitoring NetworkManagement DeviceManagement PrintManagement Removable Management Storage Management

34 IP-guard Post-Control In-Control Pre-Control When unpermitted actions trigger the policies, actions will be immediately blocked so as to protect data security. Based on business and management needs to set specific policies All activities on computer are recorded in logs and in other formats. Data Loss Prevention Solution

35 IP-guard Pre-Control Based on business and management needs to set specific policies Data Loss Prevention Solution

36 IP-guard General Control Document Management Print Management Management Instant Messaging Management Device Management Offline Control Policies are still effective when computers are offline in order to always protect data security. Document Backup * Back up original files before they are modified or deleted * Back up files before they are sent out of the company Transparent Removable Storage Encryption and Document Encryption Active defense. Maximumly safeguard data security. In-Control When unpermitted actions trigger the policies, actions will be immediately blocked so as to protect data security. Data Loss Prevention Solution

37 IP-guard Post-Control All activities on computer are recorded in logs and in other formats. Record document actions Record printed files Record print actions Back up transferred files Instant message logging Record content and attachment Record both incoming and outgoing s Real-time screen snapshot screen snapshot history Record the usage of removable storage device Data Loss Prevention Solution

38 IP-guard Customer Benefits Avoid lawsuit and data leakage risks Raise the core competitive power of enterprise Improve the reputation of enterprise

39 IP-guard Employee Activity Management Solution Activity Management Bandwidth Management Control bandwidth usage Gather statistics on traffic consumption Website Management Filter unwanted websites Gather statistics on websites visited Record websites visited Application Management Control application usage Gather statistics on application usage Record application activity Device Management Control device usage Screen Monitoring Real-time screen snapshot Screen snapshot history Network Management Control network communications Detect intrusion

40 IP-guard Manage employee’s online and computer activity Employee Activity Management

41 IP-guard Powerful Control Function This solution not only can allow or block specified employees from using specified application, , removable media and other things, but also can control employees’ activity by customized group during different time periods. Instant Warning Message Optionally do NOT compulsively block users using gaming applications, browsing shopping websites, sending private s, and much more. But when they are doing non-work related things, warning messages can be automatically sent to users. Warning messages help them comply with the company policy. Employee Activity Management

42 IP-guard Customer Benefits Adjust employees’ work behavior to improve work efficiency Avoid network abuse and network choking to make sure that there is enough bandwidth to support the smooth development of key business

43 IP-guard Systems Management Solution System Management IT Asset Management Software & hardware Management Patch Management Vulnerability Management Software Deployment Remote Control Remote Troubleshooting Remote Control Remote File Transfer

44 IP-guard Customer Benefits Make quick response to system faults Get a grip on your IT inventory Maintain system stability and enforce system security Greatly improve system administrators’ work efficiency

45 IP-guard Contents Brief Introduction 1 14 Modules of IP-guard 2 Solutions 3 Components and Basic System Architecture 4

46 IP-guard Components of IP-guard Server Console Agent Collect data Execute policy Store data Manage policy View data Set policy Perform real-time maintenance

47 IP-guard System Architecture

48 IP-guard System Requirements Components Requirements Database SQL Server 2000 SP4, MSDE SP4, SQL Server 2005 SP1, SQL Server 2005 Express SP1 Agent OS SupportedMicrosoft Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, Me, and 98 Recommended CPU: Pentium® 4 RAM: 512MB Free disk space: 1GB Server OS SupportedMicrosoft Windows Vista, 2003 SP1, XP SP2, and 2000 SP4 Recommended CPU: Dual Core or Quad Core RAM: 2GB Free space: 60GB Console OS SupportedMicrosoft Windows Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000 Recommended CPU: Pentium 4 RAM: 512MB Free space: 1GB

49 IP-guard Installation Server Installation  Generally, sever is installed on a server-class computer with high performance and a lot of free disk space. The server computer should use the Operating System which IP-guard server is supported. Agent Installation  Agents are installed on the computers you want to monitor or manage. * Manually direct installation * Remote Installation * Logon Script Installation Console Installation  Consoles are installed on manager and supervisor’s computers.

50 IP-guard Conclusion 1 What is IP-guard ? 2 How IP-guard can help corporations ? 3 Why choose IP-guard ?


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