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Alex Fenton – MACT Input / Output :: Pop Art Factory ::

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1 Alex Fenton – MACT Input / Output :: Pop Art Factory ::

2 Introduction What is it? Why was it built? Demo of Pop Art Factory How was it made? Beta Testing Future developments Conclusions

3 What is it? A website which allows you to upload your own pictures and create pop art style images from them. An animated gallery showing saved artworks from all users A forum that allows discussion and sharing of artworks and files

4 Why was it built? “The pop artist not only depicted mass products but he also wanted to mass produce his own works of pop art.” “Consequently he founded The Factory in 1962. It was an art studio where he employed in a rather chaotic way "art workers" to mass produce mainly prints and posters”

5 Why was it built? "Once it has been invented, it is already in the process of destruction. Today, styles and genres change so fast that no artist can keep up with them. ” - Jonathan Miller

6 Why was it built? "The thing that I like most about doing this kind of art on the Amiga is that it looks like my work ” - Andy Warhol (1986 interview for magazine Amigaworld)

7 Why was it built? " Oh yeah, [the computer] would save a lot of time. I wouldn't have had to do all these portraits all at once. I would have just picked out the colors I wanted and sent them out, and then picked the one I wanted.” - Andy Warhol

8 Why was it built? Create a 21 st century, virtual pop art factory in cyber-space Allows people to quickly create and mass produce artwork Speed and immediate nature of the web allows it to be current

9 Demo of Pop Art Factory


11 How was it made? Software / Languages Used Adobe Dreamweaver MySQL (Underlying database) Adobe Photoshop (Template and additional graphics) Pop Art Studio 3.0 (logo) Larry's Paint (Java Paint applet) Verot class.upload.php (Image upload code library) Flashmo (Flash Carousels) Languages used: HTML / XML / PHP / SQL / Javascript / Java / Actionscript

12 How? Technical Architecture PHP / SQL HTML / FLASH MYSQL DATABASE SCREEN

13 Testing Alpha tested with 3 people Beta tested with 40 people 235 artworks 55 artworks saved 3619 images created Feedback

14 Beta Testing - feedback “I'm yellow.. I'm red, I look funny, I've got funny glasses on.” -Summer Fenton aged 2.5 “I’m not sure how to start” – Heidi Ho

15 Beta Testing - feedback “Excellent idea overall, though I'd like to see some more parameters to get even more different things happening. I'm just being picky though mate, top drawer!” – Marcus T

16 Beta Testing - feedback “As an amateur Photographer Its quite cool do stuff like that with my images” – Fraggers “Like it, it's a good way of letting everyone have a try at some image editing without the complications of a big prog like Photoshop, which takes a long time to learn to any great degree. Nice idea.” - andisnewsyncro

17 Future Developments Young people / Schools? Further usability testing/dev More development on montage? More options? Bolt on e-commerce? Facebook application?

18 Conclusions Site and interface designed for a particular target audience A little quirky in parts Quantity of people that used it, enjoyed it and used it to make presents Several people suggest turning it into a business Possibility of installation at Beatherder festival

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