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Becoming a Professional Network Marketer Part II By Gediminas Grinevicius.

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1 Becoming a Professional Network Marketer Part II By Gediminas Grinevicius

2 Becoming Disillusioned Looking at network marketing profession Illusions – Illusion that workplace will take care of you – Illusion that government will bail you out – Illusion of getting something for nothing in network marketing – Illusion of getting lucky in MLM and not have to develop skills Realities – Hard work – Developing skills – Skills and becoming independent

3 Goodbye to Sponsor I just don't have the sponsor to succeed Just don't have the up-line support Someone else is responsible for your success or failure Many resources that you can tap in to If you want to succeed in this industry you need develop skills, work hard, bring passion to what you do. Tenancy/urge to blame someone for your lack of performance Blame circumstance Get mad and make something by yourself Call your sponsor and tell them that you appreciate everything they have done – but you don't NEED your sponsor to succeed.

4 Defining Moment What is the secret in network marketing – Half the people in the room will not be back – If I just come back I will be farther ahead than anybody else in the room – Continues to go – Person of my age No credibility No contacts No experience No skills Could outlast every body else Stay & Work on your skills Nobody can stop you

5 Safe is the new Risky New economy with new rules ‘’I will just wait it out and be casual’’ This is the time to be proactive – to get out there and do business Many people became open minded because of the situation Network marketing is thriving Go back to you candidate list and down-line and a lot of peoples situation now changed

6 Duplication Formula for duplication / financial independence – Lead a large group of people – To consistently do a few simple actions – Over a sustained period of time Broad base philosophy – Automate – Systematize – Scalable Plug and play / 3 rd Party / CD’s DVD’s / Websites Building a culture in your organisation of using the tools provided

7 MLM Industry $120 billion a year in sales 19 years growth out of last 20 years 67 million people involved around the world 50 billion dollars in commissions Over 100 countries involved

8 What we do? We are Network Marketing – Not network sharing – Not network selling The Big Lie: ‘’Selling big business benefits with small business strategies’’ – Small business retailer model – Big business model - Bonus cars, $50 000 a month, World travel – Sales: selling to people who don't want to buy things, manipulating people – no duplication – Marketing: educating people, giving the prospect enough information to make a right decision

9 Prosperity Mindset Open to the idea of manifesting wealth and prosperity Mind Viruses – Subconscious mind – Money is bad – Rich people are evil – It is spiritual to be poor Media / Government / Religion – Scared of free / financially independent people – No free prescription – coupon clipping

10 Dreams Stages – Kid you had dreams and everything seemed to be possible and nothing impossible – Aged 15-20 can do anything – Aged 25 get some responsibilities/forget things/start compromising – Age 30 forget all the dreams – By age 40 have totally left their dreams behind Groups – Group 1 – living their dreams and never let go of them – pass them on – People who had dreams and forgotten then through business – remember – People who totally forgotten their dreams – find something to remind you of your dreams – Group who not only forgotten their dreams but are so frustrated with their lives that they spent a lot of time tarring other peoples dreams – you were not born to crawl through life, you were born for great things

11 Secret to Success in MLM People want the lifestyle You don't get to have the lifestyle first You need to work your ‘’butt off’’ You need to build first Success stories – Jeff Roberti: 700-1000 phone calls a week for a year/earning $62 mln. in 20 years – Irena Oliver: going on train every day/earning £12k - £16k per month

12 Personal Development The energy is there YOU need to flick the switch Be avid consumer of personal development Mind is sensitive and powerful to new data Garbage in- garbage out Be selective to information – Protect your mind – Feed your mind – News/ Newspapers – what are you putting in front of your eyes and ears – Negative, fear, worry, anxiety, crisis – You create what you expect Be extra disciplined

13 Personal Development Not what you need to learn – It’s what you need to unlearn You are not selling your product or business – you sell YOU Become an asset – invest more in yourself Jesus – You come with me Who will follow you? – Community – Friends – Acquaintances – Work colleagues

14 Personal Development People come to business because of the money and product – but stay because of the people and personal development People don't want to leave the person they become – Empowered – Inspired – Motivated Personal Development is the glue because it makes the individual grow and attract more people

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