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Airmanship II Air Traffic Control.

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1 Airmanship II Air Traffic Control

2 Air Traffic Control This lecture will help you to understand,
Individual Controllers and their locations

3 Air Traffic Control Has a prominent position on the airfield
Situated in the aircraft manoeuvring area

4 Aerodrome Controllers
In charge of all aircraft on the ground and in the air. Works in the control tower. Has a clear view of the whole airfield.

5 Approach Controler Control all aircraft departing the airfield and those making instrument approaches. Does not need a clear view of the airfield. Uses RADAR displays, RT and landline communications.

6 Runway Controller Lives in a red and white caravan on the airfield.
Controls vehicles and aircraft in the runway area. Can refuse aircraft access to the runway Fires a red very cartridge to prevent a landing Shows a steady red lamp to stop a take-off. Shows a steady green lamp to allow take-off.

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