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Even bigger and better experience and prizes!. Tempted? Find out more!

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1 Even bigger and better experience and prizes!

2 Tempted? Find out more!

3 What is it all about? Celebrity chef James Martin is leading the challenge and is hoping to inspire you to get cooking and show off your skills and knowledge about food. There are amazing prizes to be won too…

4 What's involved? We want you to design an ORIGINAL recipe that uses either beef or lamb mince.

5 Anything else? There will be entries from all over England. The country will be split into regions. Your entry will be judged and students from these regions will be invited to one of six regional cook- off locations.

6 What happens if I am selected? You will go to the regional cook-off and prepare, cook and serve your original recipe for the judges. James Martin and the judges will taste and mark your dish. Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

7 What are the prizes? Regional Winners 1st Place A Mini tablet for you! £200 cooking equipment vouchers for your school/ Chefs whites/ certificate 2nd Place £100 cooking equipment vouchers for you/ Chefs whites/ certificate 3rd Place £50 cooking equipment vouchers for you/ Chefs whites/ certificate

8 National Champion A once in a lifetime day in London with celebrity chef James Martin, with a potential behind-the-scenes trip to the TV show Saturday Kitchen and a chance to experience cooking in two top London restaurants.

9 The Challenge …more information

10 Create a main dish using beef or lamb mince with a salad or vegetable accompaniment. Your original recipe must:  include 200g of quality beef or lamb mince  include at least 2 portions of vegetables and/or side salad  serve 2 people  be within a budget of £10

11 Judging criteria The recipes will be marked from 5 (outstanding) to 1 (poor) on the following: Recipe originality Overall nutritional value and healthy eating Budget Working time plan Ingredients list Recipe method

12 You must …  Keep track of all ingredients you use (with quantities) on the template provided  Record your recipe method  Include a working time plan  Use the budget template to keep within the £10 cost limit  Ensure your dish is well presented

13 The challenge What happens at the cook- off?

14 Battle it out in the regional cook-off!  You will cook and serve your original recipe to James Martin and our panel of experts for the ultimate taste test  James and the Make it with Mince team will be on hand to assist  You will be allocated a cooking area and given one hour to prepare, cook and serve your dish

15 Dishes will be scored from 5 (outstanding) to 1 (poor)on the following : Cooking skills and the way you work Dish originality Taste Presentation Following judging 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be presented by James Martin Judging criteria

16 The National Champion  The student who scores the highest mark from the regional cook-off winners will be crowned the National Champion  The National Champion will be invited to London to spend the day with James Martin, the potential to go behind-the- scenes at Saturday Kitchen and to learn about working in the catering industry

17 Enjoy the challenge and good luck!

18 A quick quiz

19 5 key questions about mince QMince is a good source of haem iron, B vitamins, zinc and what other nutrient? QWhere should you store mince? QApproximately how much raw mince should you allow per person for a main meal? QWhat type of pan should you use to cook mince? QHow do you know when mince is cooked? AVitamin D. AIn the coldest part of the fridge. A100g. AA very hot frying pan. AIt will be brown on both sides and the meat juices should run clear.

20 5 Questions about the Red Tractor logo QWhat does the Red Tractor logo represent? QHow many farmers and producers are there in the scheme? QWhat does the flag in the logo represent? QName three types of product that carry the Red Tractor logo QWhere would you find Red Tractor beef and lamb? AThe Red Tractor logo is symbol of quality food that is affordable and safe to eat. AOver 78,000. AThe flag in the logo represents the meat’s country of origin. AAny of three of the following :beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, milk, cheese, cream, cereals, vegetables, sugar, flour, fruit and salads. AIn your local supermarket. For further information relating Red Tractor specifications log on to

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